Instead of running a typical story about how American companies have lost money watching the NCAA basketball tournament instead of working, The Atlantic has published a humorous analysis of how much time has been wasted on Angry Birds.

The results: lots and lots of time…


[Thanks @tuanvy512]

  • Asad

    @Alex Heath can u explain how 200,000,000 minutes/day equals to 866,666,667 hrs/yr?

    • Dylan


  • DH88

    It’s based on the number of working days in a year and not the total number of days. Here’s the math:

    200,000,000 minutes/day * (5 work days/week * 52 weeks/year)
    200,000,000 minutes/day * 260 work days/year
    5.2 X 10^10 minutes/year * .0167 hours/minutes
    =866,666,666 hours/year

    • DH88

      Just for the record, I wondered the same thing initially. It wouldn’t be right to include time in the minutes/year if not all of the time is spent potentially in a work environment.

      For even more accuracy, they should also only use 1/3 of the 866,666,666 since only 1/3 of the day is spent at work (if you assume an 8 hour work day).

      Regardless, it’s supposed to be a humorous analysis of the cost of wasting time, which it is.

  • david

    well if you dived that by 60 i think you will get 2000000000

  • Mattia

    I spend hours and hours playing angry birds, seasons, and rio. Is one of my favorite game ever played

  • beakhand

    apple store is down for 5 min already how come no one reporting

  • Ru folk

    Why there isn’t any reports of huge money loss because of sneezing and sitting at home while you’re sick?
    Because it’s pointless. And this is too,indeed. But people start to take it seriously.