After introducing the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, Apple was met with an onslaught of harsh criticism for essentially “not living up to the hype.” Several rumors regarding a completely redesigned handset seemed to set the wrong expectations.

But level-headed folks saw this coming a mile away. The Cupertino company pulled the same thing with the 3GS. Why recreate something brand new every year, when the cell phone business generally revolves around two-year contracts?

But does the fact that the iPhone 4S looks strikingly similar to its predecessor mean that it’s a bad handset? Of course not. In fact, in several categories, Apple’s new smartphone will still rank at the top of its class.

Here’s 10 reasons why you’ll want to buy the iPhone 4S:

1. Performance

Sporting the same A5, dual-core processor found in Apple’s latest tablet, the iPhone 4S is 2x faster than its predecessor. And its graphics processor got an upgrade as well. The new GPU is 7x faster than the chip found in the iPhone 4. These improvements will be most noticeable in resource-intensive apps, and especially in games. Look for developers to start utilizing the A5 to produce games with much better graphics and sharper details.

2. Camera

The iPhone 4S houses a state-of-the art 8MP camera, capable of taking 3264 x 2448 photos. That’s 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4’s camera, and it allows you to print out crystal clear 8×10 photos. Other new features include an improved illumination sensor, which will improve lowlight pictures, and an infrared filter to produce more accurate colors. And with Apple’s new custom ISP (Image Signal Processor), you can go from the home screen to taking a picture, in 1.1 seconds. Now that’s fast.

3. Video Camera

Although the previous iPhone was capable of capturing HD video, it was limited to just 720 lines of resolution. The iPhone 4S is capable of shooting video in full HD, which is 1080 lines. The video camera also includes pro features like temporal noise reduction, which helps you record video in lowlight situations, and image stabilization to compensate for the shakiness that typically occurs when a camera isn’t mounted on a tripod.

4. Siri

The iPhone 4S will come pre-installed with Siri, your very own digital personal assistant. The responding-voice recognition system uses artificial intelligence and seemingly endless knowledge to answer your questions and help you with multitask. Siri can answer trivial questions, pull up restaurants and movie theaters, and even scribe emails and text messages for you. The system stands out among other voice command technologies, because it understands plain language and has access to such a large database of information.

5. AirPlay Mirroring

This feature is aimed at folks who already own an Apple TV, but it’s one of the coolest additions in the new iPhone. With AirPlay mirroring, everything you do on your iPhone can be mirrored on your TV set via an Apple TV. That means you can browse the web, type an email, and even play games on the big screen — and it’s all wireless. Game developers are already taking advantage of the new feature, creating multiplayer racing games that you can play on your TV set, while using your iPhone as the controller. AirPlay mirroring is only available on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S.

6. Improved Antenna

Apple caught a lot of heat over the iPhone 4’s antenna woes. The debacle ended up costing the company a lot of bad publicity and millions of dollars in free cases. But this time around, Apple did its homework. The iPhone 4S touts a new dual-antenna design for improved reception, and houses a new feature that switches between the two for better call quality. And if your carrier happens to support HSDPA+, your iPhone 4S will be capable of downloading data at 14.4Mbps. That’s twice as fast as the iPhone 4 and on par with other “4G” handsets.

7. Battery Life

Even with the iPhone 4S’ new A5 dual core processor, 8MP camera, and the always-ready Siri assistant, the handset still manages to hold on to its predecessor’s amazing battery life. With Apple’s new handset you can talk up to 8 hours on 3G (14 hours on 2G), you can browse the internet for up to 6 hours (9 hours on Wi-Fi), you can watch up to 10 hours of video, and listen to music for a staggering 40 hours straight. And if you’re not a heavy user, the iPhone 4S has a standby time of up to 200 hours.

8. Design

Though a lot of folks were expecting a redesigned smartphone, the iPhone 4S is still a remarkable engineering feat. A year after its introduction, the device continues to be one of the slimmest (if not the slimmest) handsets on the market — even with all of its hardware improvements. The original iPhone 4 was heralded as “beautiful” and “striking,” and the iPhone 4S continues that trend. Though its 3.5″ screen might feel small in the company of other 4″+ devices, it helps keep the new iPhone portable enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

9. Apps

The App Store doesn’t really need an introduction. Apple was first to strike it big in the mobile apps market, and it’s paid off for the company in dividends. The iOS platform is way ahead of the competition in the third party apps race. Not just in terms of quantity, but quality as well. Apple’s stringent app-approval process keeps out malicious software, and ensures (for the most part) that only quality software makes it into its ecosystem. The iPhone 4S will be able to run all of the App Store’s 500,000+ titles, as well as any new ones that come out that require Apple’s A5 processor.

10. Satisfaction

Apple’s products are synonymous with the phrase “it just works,” and the iPhone is no exception. It’s reliable, rarely (if ever) freezes or crashes, and doesn’t suffer from the fragmentation issues that plague other mobile platforms. Apple makes the hardware, and creates the software, and both work beautifully together to provide a pain-free smartphone experience. The numbers speak for themselves. Several recent reports have found that over 90% of iPhone owners are likely to buy their next handset from Apple. Expect the iPhone 4S to continue the tradition.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S start tonight in the U.S. at 12:01 PST. The handset will be available in retail stores starting October 14.

Do you plan on picking one up?

  • Francesco

    heelll yeaaaa.. for sprint even thou ma contract didnt end or even if i cant talk and surf at the same time idk… remember 4 Steve 🙂

    • gabe

      your statement could be the same if this iPhone 4s had a different design/name

    • F to the ord

      You must be a LINUX user

    • gabe

      @F to the ord I’m not. don’t even know where that is coming from

    • Rich

      You’re slightly Retarded. Not for nothing, most upgraded phones generally look the same. look at the models of the Black Berry Bold and Curve, same look. HTC’s Mytouch Slide, and the MyTouch Slide 4g, looks the fucking same. The Galaxys looked the same till they released the Galaxy S 2, And not for nothing, that shit is almost the size of a damn Dell Streak, I don’t want to hold a Tablet size phone up to my face for a phone call. And Most upgraded phones are generally, a slightly faster processor, and a higher MP camera. So yes, I do want a faster processor and higher MP camera, and apparently, so do you. Think before you type shit.

  • iphone 4s is all new, and all better, except the design

    • jo-macral

      The iPhone 4 design is stunning compared to all other smart phones on the market. Why change a good thing?

      I was looking at a new Galaxy S2, but after using one, I decided against it. Sure it has a larger screen, but the look and feel of the device put me off. It looks cheap, and feels like one of my child’s toys and would be embarrassed to actually show it to friends or be seen using it in public.

      Apple spoiled me, as my expectations are much higher now. Nobody can rival Apple in build quality, and elegance. At least not yet.

      • IndiePhoenix


      • Chris

        really ?? embarrassed to show a phone or be seen using it in public ?? how old r u ?? 13 ??
        From all the arguments I’ve read on iPhone vs that’s by far the stupidest one.

      • How old are you? You can’t spell properly..

  • Of course!

  • Juan

    i’ll pass until the next generation phone. sounds nice but it didn’t “sell itself” to me.

  • The 3.5” screen is a deal breaker. Huge bezel on top and bottom is wasted space and without hardware navigation buttons, you are forced to have software navigation taking even more screen real estate. Some may be very happy with the 3.5” screen but I expected more with the current array of other options on the market right now.

  • Frank

    Forgot to mention the new camera can take pictures with the volume rocker and that can make basic edit to pictures such as croping, rotate, sephia, b&w…

    I love the iPhone 4 design, the battery life and the size. This one is like having same one but better.

    Looking forward to renew my contract in November with this one 🙂

    • soccerkrzy

      That’s an iOS5 feature…not a 4S

      • karl

        Me too!

      • Chris

        No it’s not an iOS5 feature. It’s only available on the 4S until a jailbreaker ports it over to the 4 or lower. It will not be included when you download iOS5 on the 12th. Do work son.

      • Rich

        It’s a i OS5 feature. My 3GS does the same on it

    • Yboy403

      Actually, you’re wrong. The only 4S-only iOS 5 feature is Assistant. The volume-up shutter button and integrated photo editing mentioned above will be included with every iDevice running iOS 5—from the iPod touch 3rd gen and up.
      How do I know? I have an iPod touch 4g on iOS 5, and I have those features.
      Do work son.

  • Me

    the only people that are buying this phone are: 1. the apple fanboys like yourselfs and 2. the pleople with the “gotta have the latest thing” bug…. the phone is far supperior to the old one but not supperior to the other new phones out there.

    • Or people who don’t give a sh*t about a “redesign” when the original form is still as good as it was a year ago. Seems the only people who have the “gotta have the latest thing” bug are those “bugged” by the iPhone 4S not having a new design… then people on the bus won’t figure out it’s the new iPhone…

  • BuLuT

    You dont fucking believe these 10 reasons yourself…
    you keep lying at yourself…
    3.5″ is more portable… WTF… Why does not ONE FANBOY tell the truth and say
    Hardware is very good but apple is just using the over produced parts of the IP4 and is still chargeing the same price for that shit…

    i have a IP4 an iPad2 and a MacBook…


    • It’s about the confidence of a company in it’s design unlike other companies who releases ‘smart phones’ in all shapes and sizes like every other month and force it on the customers! Apple doesn’t do that. They creates good products that the customers all over the world love waking up with, spending their whole day with and sleeping with…

    • It’s about the confidence of a company in it’s design unlike other companies who releases ‘smart phones’ in all shapes and sizes like every other month and force it on the customers! Apple doesn’t do that. They creates good products that customers all over the world love waking up with, spending their whole day with& sleeping with…

    • Bradley


      I can slip my iPhone 4 into the watch pocket on my jeans (the smaller pocket typically right next to the front right pocket), but I can’t slip my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy S into that pocket.

      If it didn’t fit in that pocket, I would be forced to carry it around by hand as I don’t want my phone to be in my other pockets that have change, keys, or whatever in them that could scratch the phone.

      So yes, the slightly smaller screen does make it more portable.

  • sean

    That good reasoning , so i guess we are split up in a “new” group and “S new” group. while the the 3gs get the benefit of before and new, the new will be introduced to the newest. i like that, but im going to get the 4s this year and the 5 next year

  • sean

    That good reasoning , so i guess we are split up in a “new” group and “S new” group. while the the 3gs get the benefit of before and new, the new will be introduced to the newest. i li
    ke that, but im going to get the 4s this year and the 5 next year

    • sean

      Well the iphone 6 next year too

  • Sir Rufio

    Your article is misleading ! I see a lot of iphones each day with software crashing & manufacturing faults eg; home button faults, especially older 3GS models and quite a lot of 4’s as well and this is from everyday users (as opposed to jailbreakers for example).

    As for those reports its only a couple of countries that were asked and who knows where and when they asked !

  • sean

    Lmao, theyre mad , poor droid dorks, go switch out that 6month battery, and stop getting your panties in a bunch. you know why i know apple products are better, cause you see a flood of droid users flustered and upset on iblogs, while droid blogs is empty of iphone users. like i always say, eho are u tryin to conveince that your product is better, us or YOURSELVES, LMAO

  • sean


    • Sir Rufio

      U don’t know that yet lol

      • Dusean

        Apple’s resumé let’s me know it just work

  • cansforjasper

    512mb of RAM…..??? Say it ain’t so 🙁

    • Your going to put down a phone, because it can run on 512mb of ram? That’s called good software.

  • hdu gdu


  • MrA

    “But level-headed folks saw this coming a mile away.”

    But apparently not the staff of iDB.. I didn’t think you guys were really level headed at all 😉

  • Jasper

    This is the crazy one, you can criticize it, you can quote it. We just call it genius

  • Rich

    Apple just knows what people want and they know how to achieve it. The perfect balance between form and function. It’s their DNA and it has worked for them. Proof in the numbers. The new phone is more than capable, faster processor, better camera, faster downloads speeds(ATT) great battery life, and let’s not forget Siri. Which is going to shake up the industry much like the original iPhone did in ’07. All in all, I’m satisfied with the latest offering, and I will be picking one up in november when my upgrade is eligible. Already looking forward to see what the i5 will look like and hopefully we all get that beautiful 4″ retina display.

  • Daniel

    11. World phone is also a good reason

    Minor point for 1, don’t we have 1mb of ram instead of 512k or something like that?


    • Alex

      1mb of ram would make the phone explode. It has 1gb of ram.

  • Jerry

    Why does the iPhone 4s only have 512mb of ram? I find my iPhone 4 reaching down to 10mb of ram left alot of the times. This sucks!

    • fdxgncgfn

      it has 1gb

      • mo

        Stop talking out of your ass.

  • Phosphorus

    Why is everyone complaining? We got EVERYTHING besides a shitty design that won’t fit in your normal pockets anymore.

    • F to the ord


  • xCoreyx

    I still have an iPhone 3G on T-Mobile and Im moving to Sprint to get the 4S. I was sold at 1080p video camera.

  • fdxgncgfn

    Airplay, Battery, Apps, and Design should not count because they are not advantages over the iPhone 4.
    iPhone 4 airplay-yes
    battery-even better on iphone 4
    apps-exactly the same
    design-0% change.

    • The 10 reasons aren’t just for previous iPhone owners, they are for anyone in the market for a smartphone. So that should explain why battery, apps, and design are listed. They are still class-leading in many regards.

      And the 5th item is AirPlay mirroring, which the iPhone 4 is not capable of. It requires an A5 processor.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Funked

    Excellent read, thanks for posting! I can’t wait to get the iPhone 4S 😀

  • Iphone 4s (ForSteve)

    At first I thought I can wait till iPhone 5 since Siri is not necessary for me since I’m Deaf but day after the iPhone’s lets talk I found out Steve Jobs died and it broke my heart so I’m buying iPhone 4s in honor of Steve Jobs pass away.

    I Call the Iphone 4s ” Iphone ForSteve (4s)”

  • Jared

    You guys need to recheckthe battery specks. The only thing better is the 1 extra hour of 3G talk time. Which is probably a bunch of crap since not wifi or music or video is better. Also the iPhone 4 standby is 300 hours, when the 4s 200. Do some research man!

    • *Specs were taken directly off of And the article doesn’t state that the battery life is an improvement over the iPhone 4: “the handset still manages to hold on to its predecessor’s amazing battery life.” Which it does in most respects.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Ins0mnihack

      I think you need to check your “specks” are working, before reading specs.

  • Josh

    So will Siri work for iPhone 4?

    • Ins0mnihack

      No. Although there’s no good reason it shouldn’t. If Apple’s claims abour Siri requiring the extra grunt of the A5 processor to run are true, then at the very least it should work on the iPad 2, given they share the exact same processor and amount of ram. However Apple have made it very clear that Siri is for the iPhone 4S only. Which means we’re going to have to rely on clever jailbreak devs to bring it to other iDevices.

      For those stating the iPhone 4S has 1GB of ram, it doesn’t. An Apple developer tweeted that It shares the same amount of ram as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, which is 512MB. Apparently 512MB is still enough for new games, apps and multitasking, but I would have liked to have seen it get 1GB.

      • Dusean

        It’s 1GB

      • MALdito

        No he’s right, it is NOT 1GB of ram, but only 512MB.

  • gabe

    @F to the ord I’m not. don’t even know where that is coming from

  • DebTym

    if they sell unlocked iPhone 4s. I’ll buy one

  • Ehsan

    I hate the fact that we get 100 minutes less in standby time. The rest is ok, will buy it soon, unless the nexus prime will bring some nice shit on the table, ( which I think wont)

  • AvenGerMK

    its interesting to read all the complaints. 1.) if you can afford to keep up with the current tech.. by all means buy it. 2.) its not a bad iphone even if android does have these current specs out there and has had it for a while. android has been whored out and those phones are super easy to make. iphones… eehhhh with all you people and your requirements and expectations… no its not so easy. i give apple one for being able to churn out another iphone. they have had to deal with the most difficult years of innovation in the technology fields. and also balance keeping customer loyalty and happiness. yes they could have given us the market dominating iphone 5 we all wanted and will eventually get. but for right now the 4s is out. im sure you all bitched when the 3gs came out. all it had was better specs and some new features too. similar design and similar name. so calm down folks and just wait and see where all this is going. sprints now aparently in the picture and who knows… maybe the iphone will surprise you. wait for it to be released and examined by the experts of iDB and see what they have to say before you just write it off the list. it requires only time to watch something.

  • whtlime

    I believe people have looked over the best thing about the i4s. (Global device)

  • albion

    I got myself a Samsung galaxy s2, and i love it. Its beautiful and fast and smooth. And a big beautiful screen.
    So no more stupid old outdated iphone for me 🙂

  • Mattia

    I might buy it for Christmas. That iPhone is amazing. And is the actual last device Steve Jobs presented. I will think about it.

  • babe

    important reason not to buy: unjailbroken right now.
    Less important reason not to buy: unlocked one way more pricey than galaxy s2, no easy upgradable batt, no sdcard slot, microsim.



  • all that speed and high quality graphics yet same screen size its like having a really really fast car but only holds a maximum 2 gallon fuel!

  • Rabadabado

    Too bad that the Galaxy S II has most, if not all of these features to some extent. I realize that this is an apple blog and that we all love Apple (including myself) but sometimes when a company doesn’t deliver, it’s ok to admit it.

    When the G1 came out on Tmobile, I thought it was a joke, the iPhone could never be beat! However, Apple has slacked a lot this time around. 3.5 inch screen in this market? Are you kidding me?

    Just go to an AT&T store, use any phone with a 4.3 inch screen or larger and then try out the iPhone 4, it makes you realize just how SMALL the thing is. Retina display doesn’t mean anything if they real estate doesn’t show it off. If that mattered, the nobody would be getting 60 inch TVs like they do, instead they’d stick with their high def monitors.

    The Galaxy has the iPhone beat on the battery life as well. You can buy expandable batteries for the Galaxy, buy a second battery, etc. Also, the battery life is on par with the 4S.

    Reply +1 if you love Apple, but are getting the Galaxy S this time and the iPhone 5 when it comes out.

  • Man

    I dont really understand why that sirys stupid thing cannot run in my iPhone 4 and 1 gb 3D games does!! This is totally a joke and nobody believes it!! Of course I wont change my actual phone and Ill wait for next gen

  • ip4

    ok- since i keep reading misinformation and it’s driving me crazy…

    iPhone 4 AND iPhone 4S BOTH have:

    A 1GH processor, which is underclocked (you can “upclock” to make it work faster, if you j/b and find a prog to do so, but you will see slightly decreased battery life, of course).

    512 MB RAM. It sucks that Apple didn’t bring it up to 1GB on the 4S… that’s probably my only issue with the “new” phone. the physical design of the 4 is great, so i actually like that they didn’t change that part… the screen is not huge (remember, this is a cell phone, and should fit in your pocket), it has a good weight to it, and it’s sturdy, even if it’s made of glass…

    of course, you can always customize the appearance of the phone with a replacement back glass (avail in a ton of different colors for around 10-20 bucks, and they can be swapped out in literally under 1 minute by anyone (“google” iphone replacement back), or a case.

    all in all, it’s not a bad release from Apple (again, minus the non-update to RAM)… but hopefully they wait a while to rel the iphone 5 so i don’t have to get too mad about waiting 2 years to get it when it’s much better than the 4S i just pre-ordered (and yes, i have the iphone 4- the upgrade IS worth it, contrary to popular belief).

    as i close, anyone that compares ANY android offering to an iphone 4 or 4S is out of their mind. after owning and/or testing a number of varying devices, there is no better build quality, operating system or user experience than that of an iphone.

    believe that!

  • Lifeguard

    Still don’t understand why people are behind a bigger screen. I actually don’t like samsung g s2 screen it’s too huge. I mean wtf?? I have hopping apple don’t adopt that as well . Thank God . Steve Jobs did think and made the right decision..! It’s not just about buying a fone and forgetting it. Apple makes all it’s customers feel they are part of family even if the phone is years old..

  • Marcus

    4S: For Steve… No more Jailbreaks for me… In honor of the departed soul I will never Jailbreak my iPhone….

    • Scaredy Shroom

      Sure you won’t buddy.

    • MALdito

      You make it seem as if jailbreaking is a bad thing. If it wasnt for jailbraking, almost all of the new features in iOS 5 wouldnt even exsist. But since Apple r̶i̶p̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶…I mean “implemented” alot of these tweeks into iOS 5, now you can see its usefullness. And with more jailbreaking, you can probably make it even better.

  • yossi cohen

    didnt anyone hear of xiaomi mi one????
    it says iphone who and glaxy s 2 see u in the next lap!

  • Chris

    You guys are all idiots And most if it’s an ios5 feature and the 4s is awesome it’s why I bought it

  • wong tong

    This is so stupid. The iPhone is a proprietary piece of crap. The reason so many people like it is because they know nothing about electronics and are comfortable not being able to change much. I guess ignorance really is bliss.
    No expansion slots are BS. Why would you want to settle for one card?
    On the android phones, and all other quality phones, you can add a
    different card. I could have 3 different 64Gb cards if I wanted. The
    iPhone is also overpriced. You don’t pay for quality, you pay for the
    name brand. So go ahead and buy an iPhone. You’ll be wasting your money
    and it’s behind the curve in terms of technology. Apple was NEVER the
    pioneers of ANY technology. They stole most of their ideas from Xerox
    and the rest from other companies. The only thing they’re good at is marketing. Learn the facts that aren’t written by a stupid, Apple fan-boys. Wake up Apple users. Stupidity runs rampant in the world of mobile technology. Let’s try to fix that.

  • CakeyAsian

    Not to mention the 4s is also very convenient because its so thin it can even be stored in wallet, I guess some people would find the size a little too big, but seriously… How else would they fit ALL those awesome features?