Not even a day after updating RedSn0w, the Dev Team has pushed yet another update to the jailbreak tool, with the release of RedSn0w 0.9.9 beta 3. This update brings better compatibility with the iOS 5 GM.

The latest version of RedSn0w can jailbreak iOS 5 GM on all devices except the iPad 2, but remember it is a tethered jailbreak, and it can be quite inconvenient…

This newer version of RedSn0w also hides a nice perk for Windows users:

“Update #11: redsn0w has been updated to 0.9.9b3 to auto-detect iOS5 GM firmware.  Remember:  it’s still tethered for all devices except for iPhone 3GS with old bootrom.  If you don’t use redsn0w to “Just boot” at power up, all jailbreak apps  (and even some native ones like MobileSafari) will fail to launch.

If you already jailbroke the GM by pointing an older redsn0w at the beta7 IPSW, there’s no need to re-run the full jailbreak step again…just use this newer one to make the tethered boot easier 🙂

Update #11a: We’ve replaced the Windows version of 0.9.9b3 with 0.9.9b3a.  The new version fixes a caching bug that affected only Windows users — point it one more time at your iOS5GM IPSW, and from then on you won’t have to point at it again.

As a special bonus to Windows users, we’ve made it so that if you make a copy of redsn0w.exe and name it something like “justboot.exe” (anything with the word “boot” in it), it will start up in “Just Boot tethered” mode. That way you don’t have to click on any buttons at all to boot tethered! :)”

As always, you can download RedSn0w from our downloads section. Not sure how to use RedSn0w, check out our dedicated RedSn0w jailbreak page, or watch our video tutorial.

  • CrazyBraulz

    I love how they’re on top of things 🙂 thanks for the hard work Devs.

  • Spencer

    Hats of to Dev Team for their continued efforts to keep us Jailbroken.

    The thing that worries me at present is that all the small print behind all the current Jailbreak solutions says “Not iPad 2” apart from Jailbreakme of course. Surely the new iPhone 4s hardware will be locked down like the iPad 2. I honestly believe that if you upgrade your phone, you may well have a long wait before an unteathered exploit is found.

    • rdqronos

      If you’ve been reading the news at all, you’d know that Chronic Dev found 6 exploits in the iOS 5 userland that they’re gonna use for the iPhone 4S. Having userland exploits completely kills the whole “this device can’t be jailbroken because it isn’t susceptible to limera1n” deal. Also, at this rate, we should say goodbye to limera1n… it was good while it lasted, but if (and when) Apple releases the iPod Touch 5/4S/whatever, limera1n will stop working on all new generation devices.

      • Spencer

        I’m no hacker, but Userland exploits can be closed in a simple patch from Apple. Ok, you don’t have to upgrade each time a patch is pushed out, but sooner or later iOS will receive and upgrade worth having and its back to the drawing board. Unless a new bootrom-level hole is found in the newer devices then it will be cat and mouse central for the foreseeable future.

      • Burge

        Good while it lasted…limerain will always work on a 3GS / i4 all it needs is the unthether part of a jailbreak…the dev teams will use limerain until apple no longer supports these two devices..the i4s will need a different way in to jailbreak it..

  • J707

    what about hacktivating.

  • OMG

    Is that true steve job just past away?????

  • Bunthai

    Please stop mailing me

  • Rich

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs he’s smiling down from heaven and loving watching us JB our devices. I believe it’s how he wanted it. I recall rumors that he himself had his idevice JB’n

  • Kevin

    Can anyone else confirm with iOS 5 jailbreak unable to send video mms?

  • Clls

    ‘ Remember:  it’s still tethered for all devices except for iPhone 3GS with old bootrom. ‘

    Does that mean that it’s untethered for 1st gen 3GS or that it does only work on new bootrom 3GS?