So, you’re digging those 17 new watch faces included with the iPod nano’s new firmware update?

If you’ve just ordered a nano, or you already have the latest hardware refresh, that means you’ll need to upgrade the firmware to receive all of the new features Apple touted at yesterday’s media event.

In this video, we unbox a brand new iPod nano, upgrade the firmware, show off all 18 watch faces, and touch on various other new features like the enhanced Nike+ app, and new Home screen layout…

I have to say, I really like the iPod nano. It’s perfect for running and other forms of exercise, and it works similar to the iPhone and the iPod touch.

The new clock faces are just icing on the cake for an already solid product. I don’t see Apple getting rid of the iPod nano line any time soon. It fills its niche perfectly, and it’s fairly cheap to boot.

Are you an iPod nano user? What do you think about the latest firmware update?

  • Cool, Exept what really is the point of it ? Its only a firmware upgrade.

    • The clocks and the new personal trainer are big deals to some.

      • But that is built into the firmware not the hardware

      • Josh

        Then don’t read it and shut up.

      • I’m not going to say anything to that

  • James

    Couldn’t see most of what was going on tbh, your hand, manily knuckles blocked a lot of the iPod.

  • Neglefarot

    its a seller…the wrist band is the most important selling point and its again an accesory, its not cheap and the price cut is not effective all countries but ill think ill be seeing this a lot in teenagers in malls for the next six months maybe a year…there are cooler looking wrist bands whit extra protection for the display and better materials for about 50 to 80 dollars and ill think that is going to be the frontier for the people beyond 13 or maybe 16 to actually consider to use this feature but only time will tell…apple needs to design more formality to the wrist band and be versatile.

    i like it, i want one….the imwatch got too expensive and it will hit another category so this is an option for a multi function digital clock….

    apple got the “we where first” again…for less then a month

  • XepptizZ

    I cared for the ipod nano when it had a camera with videocapture and a sizeable screen, but i guess thats the ipod touch now. Apple still caters to every user, just different products I guess.

  • woojoo666

    can somebody please clarify something? If you go to the apple website, it says the ipod nano 7th gen is $129 for 8 gb, but a refurbished ipod nano 6th gen is ONLY $108. Now from what iv seen, theres no new hardware for the ipod nano 7th gen. Crosschecking between the 6th and 7th gens give me the same size, weight, pixels, battery life, and features. In addition, the new 7th gen software can be accessed from a 6th gen ipod nano with a quick software update.
    So why is the 7th gen more expensive? Why wouldn’t everybody just buy refurbished 6th gens, as they are the same thing. Or is there some new 7th gen feature that hasn’t been released, kinda like how the bluetooth was built into the iphone long before it was actually usable :O

  • Brandon

    I thought this site was for iPhones/iPads

  • Scooter

    Isn’t this really 7th Generation – albeit only a software update? Or, is the built in pedometer without need of the Nike+ receiver not new?

  • kenbo

    Hey Jeff,
    Thank you so much! I’m living in Japan. I was under the impression that this was a completely “new” Nano. So I tried to call the Apple store here in Nagoya to find out when they would be available. After over 10 minutes waiting finally got an Apple rep. Said I only need to download firmware. Now remember, this whole conversation is cruising along at a fast Japanese clip. So I came away with a “hunch” that all we need to do is, after buying the Nano, I just download the new “firmware”???

    So I decided to call Tokyo English support to get some confirmation on this. Hey! I’m on a roll here….all English support speakers were not available. Leave name and number and they’ll call you back.

    I really would like to just get some kind of confirmation on this “you-only-need-the-firmware-update”. So I cyber hop over to Apple USA and see what I could find in the Community of Nano’s. This proved to be a little daunting.

    Finally, I got the “Doh!” idea…take this to Google. Why didn’t I think of this earlier right? Anyhow, just for your info I typed the following: “ipod nano needs new firmware to update ipod nano”. Hit the search and a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom, 5th listing “New iPod Nano 6th Gen Unboxing (…

    Yeah! Watched the VDO got the confirmation I needed. As you read this I’m hoping on my bike and on my way to the Apple store. Thanks again Jeff… it’s custom to show thanks and appreciation with a bow …… m(_ _)m

  • Ae chalee

    how can I buy this ipod nano coz I have already iwatch band for nano ipod and how much it is.