Look at that piece of crap. The “iPhone 4S.” What was Apple thinking? I waited 16 months for this?

Look at it. Sitting there. Looking exactly like the iPhone 4. It’s glaring at me like I’m supposed to welcome it with open arms. I hate you, iPhone 4S! You suck.

Seriously, I can’t believe that I waited and read all of the rumors for… this. It’s like someone took an iPhone 4 and made it more awesome on the inside. I wanted it to be more awesome on the outside, too! There’s absolutely no reason that all of my iPhone wishes should not be fulfilled by Apple. I’m a loyal customer; Apple owes it to me. I didn’t ask for the iPhone 4S.

Never mind the fact that, had Apple called it the iPhone 5, I would have probably not been this upset.  Never mind the fact that the 4S actually delivers major advances in both hardware and software. I wanted a new physical design and I wanted LTE. My current iPhone has gotten so slow and ugly over the past year.

I’m so pissed right now! The iPhone 4S totally sucks. Did Apple think that adding the blazing fast dual-core A5 processor, incredible camera, intelligent antenna with HSDPA+ speeds, ability to run on both GSM and CDMA networks, 64GB option, and revolutionary voice recognition/dictation technology would be enough? How could Apple do a thing like that to me.

I wanted aluminum. I wanted my iPhone to be tapered like an expensive suit. I wanted it to make me breakfast and flush for me after I use the toilet. I just wanted the iPhone 5. Was that too much to ask?

But instead I get this: 4S. Apple had to go and stick to the same numbering system that it’s held to since the first iPhone. This year should have obviously been different. This year was supposed to be special. I’m on the verge of tears right now. Can I tell Siri to wipe my tears away? Apple probably forget that command.

There’s nothing special about the iPhone 4S. You wanna know why? Because it looks just like the iPhone 4. I don’t care about the fact that it’s got the most impressive internal specs, best build quality, and most competitive price point of any smartphone on the market. Apple didn’t call it the iPhone 5, and that’s all that matters.

Dear iPhone 4S, you suck.

Now when do pre-orders start again?

  • ray

    great article. i got your point . i said the same thing.

    • ray

      especially the end. lmfao.

    • francomur99

      You going to be one of the first person to buy th iPhone 4S….Yeah I ‘m sure, Hey guys you need a bit of comomille to calm down!!! I’m a bit disappointed too I was praying for a bigger screen, we can’t have it!! On the other end I’ m sure 100% the iPhone 4S is going to be a revolution from a sofware perspective, the iOS 5, iCloud and Siri + the Processor A5 cannot be overstimated, an 8 Mega pixel camera, video -recording at 1080 will be more then enough to crash once again all the Android and Windows Phone 7….Let me tell you something!! I work with phones, I use the phones Apple is at the TOP for tecnology ad the ecosystem is 5 years in front of everybody else. Take an LG for example: the graphics suck and all the customers are now craying to get the money back, the android market sucks! the ecosystem sucks! what is open source????? When you jailbreak the iphone 4S you are more then Open source….you are in the future!! I hope the jailbreak community will increase from 12% to 40% or even 50 this year…….No device in the market is advanced like the iPhone…ciao… and wait for the iPhone 5 on July 2012

      • wishes he was an android

        You have used Androids right? The market is amazing after v3, we have quint core processors on the way, and some damn big screens, jailbreaking is different than rooting. Jailbreaking is more than rooting. but they both achieve the same thing. a lot of the jail break communitie uses android like mods of ios, dude stop wineing.

      • j.johnson

        so i guess you didn’t actually read the article huh? smh

      • mike is right

        I’m guessing you failed English. Smh at ppl who don’t look at their post before submitting.

  • -duh-

    lol Most people wont get this…idiots

    • ray

      we will see

  • Russel Anderson

    Dude i totally agree, what was apple thinking? I mean i know that every time apple release an iphone with “s” version behind it only gets minor upgrade.
    But this?When I First saw the iphone 4s i thought it was a joke, Apple really started to piss me off just because of this iphone 4s

  • passe

    *facepalm* Their HSPA+ sucks…

  • Dan

    Hahah… There the Apple Fans go again, defending their brand til the very end. Did Apple stick to their naming system? Yes. Is it really an upgrade? Yes. Is it faster than the iPhone 4? Yes. Is it a performance upgrade? Yes. Is SIRI cool? Yes.

    Did Apple release a competitive device in an Android dominated market? No.

    • Josh

      Got that right. Apple has no leg to stand on. We gonna here them brag about how many apps they got but won’t be long until Android passes them in app # to.

    • Scottd

      I’d say many people will still get the iPhone 4s, even if you do not think its competitive. In terms of marketing and ease of use, and the Eco-system they built, it’s not hard to lure other people to iPhone.

    • Jax

      Android dominated..? Why, because there’s so many more android devices? Comparing Android to iPhone is stupid because its like comparing Windows 7 to a Dell computer.
      Also, the iPhone 4S is completely on par with even the best of the Android smart phones, so theres no argument there either. For some reason ‘Fandroids’ think that because new Android phones are being released every couple of weeks, that makes them better and more feature-rich than the iPhone. Firstly, it segments the market, secondly it all runs on the same software anyway, and thirdly people generally buy a phone on a 2-year contract, so once they purchase a phone, it doesn’t matter that there are better phones out the next day. It doesn’t matter because they’ve already got their phone. So the point is invalid.

      • matt

        Fandroid? How gay lmfao, fyi I upgrade early, who wants to be stuck with the same phone for 2 years? People who can’t afford it.. if iphone people could they would upgrade it a better iphone every year… but u can’t because apple puts out a lame upgrade not even every year. The fact there is a new android phone all the time does made it better, tech is constantly getting better soooo, so does the phones, that just common sense talking, so apple fan boy, be gone with you

      • mike is right

        GO TO AMNY.COM ITS A NY NEWSPAPER THAT FEATURED AN ARTICLE TODAY ABOUT APPLE..JUST TO GIVE AN IDEA…THE HEADLINE READS AND I QUOTE: “APPLE SHOCKS WALL ST. WITH SOUR IPHONE SALES”. Also indicates that shares for apple dives down 5% to 400. Now I don’t believe everything I read but…C’MON MAN!(ESPN coined phrase)

    • zionvinman

      …it’s not an android dominated market? iPhone owns over 70% of the phone market. And android runs on a ton of phones. Apple is unique.

      • mike is right

        Um…no! You are wrong about 70%. Android has 55% of market, believe it or not, blackberry is in 2nd and under 15% goes to Apple. Don’t mislead people with misinformation. Do some research before making erroneous statements.

    • zionvinman

      Lol. Android owned market. Biggest bullshit I have ever heard. Look up the stats dude. Just every phone company runs googles cheek OS doesn’t mean it’s better. iPhone =faster, cleaner, new

      • mike is right

        I don’t blame you for covering your face…I wouldn’t want anyone to know it was me making biased, fact lacking, incorrect comments. Look up stats u say….go to credible site and copy n paste Ur “facts” on a reply. We will wait.

  • Martin

    Apple can’t release device which is competitive to Android… Android is years behind, 2 classes below, not real competition for iPhone. The only iPhone 4 killer is iPhone 4S

    • matt

      That hold not truth, apple is behind android are you stupid, u really think a duel core phone is new???? Yet apple just made one, you think a 8mp camera is new? Umm no, these little software updates that give new features that android dosnt, does not make apple better, if android wanted the features they could easly add them. An HSPA+ iphone isn’t going to get any better speeds either.

      • Failblog

        Learn how to fix syntax, grammar, and spelling errors and then you can comment.

      • mike is right

        My msg below is intended for you Matt….not failblog…however I don’t disagree with failblog.

      • mike is right

        Sorry Matt. It’s early and I’m half asleep on train lol…my comment was for martin…the dude u replied to…I know some nit-picking asshole is gonna give me shit about it LOL

    • mike is right

      Was the first line of your comment a quote? I ask Because its contradicting to the rest of your comment. I’m just saying because that first line is the only statement I agree with. I mean Apple can compete but it must settle for 2nd or 3rd place.

  • Gadget626

    I understand that the inside is going to be nice and the new technology is awesome, but i did want it to look different and be called iphone 5. =(

    • Martin

      no you didn’t… you just got you brain washed by biggest media rumors massage ever… So I would recommend: go to bed have a good sleep and than think about it again. All those new features in still most beautiful device on the market! What’s wrong with that? Nothing

      • Josh

        It’s ugly….just like the iPhone 4…

      • mike is right

        I would never take advice from anyone wearing that sweater Martin…not surprised Ur style is outdated along with Ur phone…Lmao..seriously that is a gay sweater dude.

  • Chico

    Get fucked apple!
    You better come with something freaking awesome next year cause you got me really frustrated with this peace of shit you made.
    Even Siri will be ported to the iPhone 4 so what’s the point of buying the 4S? Better camera? No thanks I hardly use it anyway.
    Faster? Better graphics? What a big deal: I hardly use the phone to play games.

    Thanks apple but you didn’t sell it to me. I’ll stick to my iPhone 4

    • sam

      they “better come [UP] with something freaking awesome next year” or what? or what? you’re going to whine on a blog. STFU. if you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

      • Aimée

        LMAO! I think that this is the best response yet! And the total truth…

    • mike is right

      I did some research yesterday and read that iPhone 4 will not have siri…only iPad 2 can because of the “guts” being same as iPhone 4s. I could be wrong but it makes sense so i wouldnt bet on it.

  • Chico

    Get fcked apple!
    You better come with something freaking awesome next year cause you got me really frustrated with this peace of shit you made.
    Even Siri will be ported to the iPhone 4 so what’s the point of buying the 4S? Better camera? No thanks I hardly use it anyway.
    Faster? Better graphics? What a big deal: I hardly use the phone to play games.

    Thanks apple but you didn’t sell it to me. I’ll stick to my iPhone 4

  • Chico

    Get fcked apple!
    You better come with something freaking awesome next year cause you got me really frustrated with this peace of sht you made.
    Even Siri will be ported to the iPhone 4 so what’s the point of buying the 4S? Better camera? No thanks I hardly use it anyway.
    Faster? Better graphics? What a big deal: I hardly use the phone to play games.

    Thanks apple but you didn’t sell it to me. I’ll stick to my iPhone 4

  • Androidfanboy

    dude, get an android and a life.
    *COUGH* 5.3 inch screens are kind of awesome *cough*

  • zEz

    lol, good one Alex, you almost had me at the start… but great article… now i’ll be just waiting for Siri to be ported to my iPhone4… dispite the great “leap” of 4S, i’ll stick to my 4 for the time being… mainly due to $$$ constraints hahaha.

  • Randomtech01

    The design of the iPhone 4 is great. There is no need to change it right now. This is a nice upgrade from the 4 and everyone and their mothers will be upgrading. Especially considering you can trade in your iPhone 4 for way more then your gonna pay for the 4S. So quit your whining. Apple doesn’t release a new version of the iPhone every year think about it. 3G, next year the 3GS, the next year the 4, now the 4S. See a pattern? Also Siri will not be ported to the 4, unless you wanna crack open the case and add the Nuance chip somewhere. So stop all your bitching… if you don’t think its worth it. Dont upgrade and stop complaining. And all the android fans that posted.. I work for Verizon and I’ve dealt with SOOOO many bricked android devices and angry customers that its not even funny! Guess how many bricked iPhones I have had to deal with…. 0! So go be android fanboys elsewhere.

    • Josh

      Yeah, and I work for cpr. Guess what, about 90% of the phones we have to fix are iPhones. Apple only gives a 3 month warranty for a reason. You sell phones while I have to repair them. IPhones have a crappy build quality. I personally think they are ugly. Also HTC is probably the best company as far as build quality. But whether you like ios, android or whatever is a personal choice. I prefer android because its more customizable and I like my phone have lots of capabilities.

      • mike is right

        Well said

  • Chris

    @chico So if people don’t use their phones for games or the camera, what do they use it for – calls? So in essence, isn’t that what the phone does, make calls? So then what have got, a phone?

    Who cares if Android has more apps or a better marketshare? Why do you own the phone, so as to make Apple have more marketshare? You own it cause its what is specific to you, what you do and what you like. I couldn’t give 2 sh*ts how many apps Android will ever have because I have my iPhone and thats all I need. It doesn’t matter to me if they’ll have more handsets in the market – good on them. I have my phone and thats all I need and I have no care for the fact that 3 people next to me are using an Android handset – good for them.

    Some people need perspective.

    • Josh

      That’s true….and I’m an android fan but fact is the phone should be for what purposes you need it for

      • Neal

        Hear!! Hear!!

      • Aimée


  • Marcoarrossi

    The iphone 4s is faster and has a better camera, everything else is relly all in ios5, not te iphone itself

  • Raul Jr

    Shut up already.. Ithe iPhone 4 style is the best style for a phone… I bet if they would have changed the design you guys would be bitching about it..and say that the iphone 4 style was the best… Im glad its not bigger, Im glad it looks the same. iPhone 4 is the PERFECT design for a phone. The rumored Iphone 5 designs were all horrible.. Teardrop design was ugly.. Bigger screen would not fit in our pockets…. iPhone 4S is an amazing phone and I cant wait to get it

    • Josh

      You posted a shear fan response. Just saying

    • mike is right

      I honestly wouldve agreed with u until I bought my EVO 4G or EVO 3D, it fits in pocket and hand fine…stop wearing Ur skinny jeans and u might realize screen size on iPhone not competitive enough, if what u say is true…then u think apple has reached their maximum screen size preference….well I guess u won’t get iPhone5 if screen is bigger huh? Yeah ok guy..I travel a lot and cannot fathom watching a movie on anything smaller than 4.3 in and enjoying it as much.

      • mike is right

        Also Raul…based on Ur hate of big screens u must hate the iPad 1 and 2 cuz guess what…they won’t fit in Ur pocket either…maybe Ur vagina has enough room lol

  • js

    The phone is good inside, no questions here, but the world knowns there is a new iPhone 5 just after corner, I can’t buy it now and in the next few months they come with a new release, omg!

  • lei

    I totally support you ! iphone 4S suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Telejeesus

    Soon Siri is ported to iPhone 4 so my phone will be fine for another year.(but I buy Nokia’s first WP7 for sure. And that should come out soon.) 🙂

  • Andy

    I think it’s great. We don’t have to buy new accessories. We don’t have to wait for Apple to work out any new design bugs. This is a debugged design that’s been processed.

    • somedudeonhisthrive

      if you want to uze the volume buttons you have to get a new case

  • Chris

    I am so over all of this. Apple makes a decent phone. Has lots of apps. Does what it says it supposed to do. But in reality, Android can do much more. Apple has to realize that more and more of the apps on Iphones are being ported to Android. And then there is Windows Phone 7….CRAP! It is so far behind it really isn’t worth mentioning.

    Oh BTW, do you know why an Iphone doesn’t have widgets? If widgets were on and Iphone the battery would die a lot quicker. the batter has just enough power to run it and not much more. Widgets would kill their sales cause their battery life would suck.

    Get over it! Android phones rule the universe!

    • Daniel

      Totally agree!

  • farra


    “You can’t just ask the customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”

    ~steve jobs~

    • mike is right

      That’s why the job of the company is to find innovative ppl who can have foresight and think far enough ahead to avoid that…I mean there will always be room for improvement on anything…that’s what makes the human mind fascinating.

  • Leon

    If an existing Iphone 4 user upgrades his/her phone to 4S then its just plain stupid knowing very well that Iphone 5 is just round the corner. Don’t get fool by Apple. This sales tactics where invented by the Japanese. You were fooled once with 3GS don’t get fooled again.As they say..Once bitten twice shy…

    • Aaron

      The iPhone 4 was launched a year after the 3GS. Therefore your point is invalid. Go back to your bridge.

  • kokhean

    I want an upgrade from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4S 😀

  • android fanboy

    I hate Apple because of its closed environment.
    I loved android and google because their completely open.
    SJ did start many things.
    And to the people who say the iPhone 4s is on par with most Androids, your wrong.
    Dual cores can be worse than a single core.

    • Trev

      One of the fastest android phones is the samsung galaxy s 2 and a tests showed that the a5 chip is twice as fast as the duel core in the galaxy s 2 dont know what your talking about, but your wrong

  • francomur99

    How can you say that??????lots of android suck compare to iPhone(not all of them don’t get me wrong)Now… imagine comparing to the iPhone 4S….bring the best android devices…let’s go to try all , then you try my iPhone 4 with jailbreak…..ohhh mama you going to cry!!!! like everybody else….people lost money trying to compare with my handset.
    .Androidboys do you know what apps and tweaks you can install with a jailbreak?I had the best android devices in the market…and onestly I was an android lover, I still but the iPhone 4 with JB is much more superiour in all categories……It’s a fact! you cannot bit the iPhone !!!

    • Josh

      Hey iPhone fanboy do you know that an Android out of the box can do what the iPhone can do with a jailbreak…guess not…don’t argue I fix electronics for a living. I stay top of the line simply because I love the newest and best gadgets

  • tank

    Idiots if you were a real apple fan you would have known about the 4s. i mean after they came out with the 3g then the 3gs it makes perfect sense that apple would make a 4s. the make what theyve done entirely better. yes the iphone 5 will come soon maybe next year but you cant deny this phone is amazing and will send people to a stand still line in front of the apple store. plesae stop believe the hype of idiots out there who have no clue about apple but love there products!!!!! Apple keep doing you and steve rip ….

    • francomur99

      I knew the iPhone 4S was coming out, I was just praying for a bigger screen that’s all!! I was laughing at the rumours that the iPhone 5 was coming out this October and I said this to all my friends….and today they said to me ” You were right man” Ah ah! You see!!

  • 4Suck

    fanboi stfu man, your 4S SUCK

  • francomur99

    To the Android fanboy….Let’s meet and compare the devices but we gonna put 100 box on the table….and you going to cray too…..and it’s just an iPhone 4……So! my question is How on earth people can say that the iPhone 4S suck….People is mad !!!! first try it up then speak about it. Onestly I’m sure the iPhone 4S is going to be a revolution …remember what I’m saying now in 3 -4 months we going to see all the big company trying to copy SIRI and iCloud tecnology….watch! on the Top of the mountain there is Apple and that’s all…the others are far below…very far….think before you speak. It’s a FACT APPLE DOMiNATE

    • Josh

      Ok let’s compare the HTC Sensation and the iPhone 4s or the Samsung galaxy s 2…they both out-shine the iPhone 4s. Let’s argue facts and not opinion. Both of these android devices have a dual-core 1.2 ghz processor. Both of those processors actually work at 1.2 ghz. The iPhone 4s have a dual core a5 processor that can operate at 1 ghz. But Apple underclocks it at 800 mghz. IPhone was beaten here. All 3 devices have 1 gig of ram and an 8 megapixel camera. IPhone does have the best display being retina display. With super amoled being 2nd best. Android offers variety and quality…HTC wins in quality for Android. Apples devices do what they say it will do. Some Android devices fail here, but once again go with HTC and you will be good.

  • Fridgerack

    It is extremely hard to respect someone who has an obsession with a particular product simply because it is THAT particular product i.e classic HERD mentality!

    People should not be so infatuated with their gadgets as to be unable to see any flaw in them or be unable to see the difference when they are offered something better than them.

    Apple deserves credit for pioneering the Smart Phone concept. When the first iphone came, arguably most people had not seen anything like it. But we are in 2011 now. PLENTY of smart phones have either equaled or exceeded the iphone standard. 8MP cameras and dual core processors are old hack.

    In this era of competition and 16 months of waiting people expected Apple to come up with something radically different like maybe a built in projector, a 14 megapixel camera, a quad core processor or something like that.

    Instead Apple did not even meet the basic expectations like a 0.5 inch larger screen for crying out loud or a minor redesign.

    When your entire mission statement is raising the bar, you don’t just turn around and try to reach for it instead.

    The iphone 4s is a cruel joke which either shows extreme callousness or extreme arrogance on Apple’s part as if at some level they believe their customers will be stupid enough to settle for a minor upgrade and still sleep outside their stores (which I am sure many will).

    I hope Apple can learn from this and do what they have always done.. exceed expectations.

    • mike is right

      Great post Fridge. I’m not sure why Francomur99 agreed with u when all his other posts are defending Apple. What a fool. But the most dead on point u made whether its original or not…was don’t get known for pioneering…then lose Ur edge and become a follower.

  • francomur99

    I agree with you fridgerack…I was waiting for a bigger screen I think it’s the main Apple’s mistake, but we cannot say the iPhone 4S will suck….It’s not right to say that ! Bring me from the market one device that have the technology of iPhone. Every day I compare phones with friends. In a way Apple did show to much cruelty this time, just because there nothing out there they feel to secure….but things can change very quickly…..Windows Phone7.5 and Nokia are looking for revenge will see. They didn’t give to customers what they were waiting for a larger device….at list.

  • Jimmy

    If you didn’t ask for the iPhone 4S why are you crying like a kid then? And all you crying about is one thing, the appearance. Do you realize people have different taste? another good thing is that the form factor is the same so

    Some people are also rational, most rational would be to assume the release of an iPhone 4S like they did on earlier generations. Also I wonder how anyone here can say that it suck? Just because it looks like it on the paper? Even if some early android phones were better on the paper than iPhone 4 the iPhone 4 held much higher standard with photo quality same as some 8mpix cameras because android always better on the paper but in reality, they sucks.

    95% of the people that attacking iPhone are just jealous they couldn’t afford the BEST, so then they have to defend their stupid behaviour and convince themselves they made the right decision and that’s why we have so many loud android-kids screaming about their hate towards iPhone that are not comparable in some other area or product. Those people are just victim of their own stupidity they are trying to protect themselves from, because if they accept they picked wrong they would accept they are stupid and then its easier to attack the better in a desperate attempt to convince themselves they are not stupid….

    • Luke

      Dickhead galaxy sII is faster/better a 0.5″ screen difference wouldn’t be hard. If you read the blog android phones arn’t all cheap is a galaxy s II cheap ? Not to mention did you read the guy who fixes phones 90% are iPhones I’ve taken apart my iPhone n I do agree the quality is average ribbon cable jumpers/connectors break quite easily. Anyone can afford an iPhone they got plans for 3GS with the phone free for 29 a month FFS your a dickhead

    • Luke

      Dickhead galaxy sII is faster/better a 0.5″ screen difference wouldn’t be hard. If you read the blog android phones arn’t all cheap is a galaxy s II cheap ? Not to mention did you read the guy who fixes phones 90% are iPhones I’ve taken apart my iPhone n I do agree the quality is average ribbon cable jumpers/connectors break quite easily. Anyone can afford an iPhone they got plans for 3GS with the phone free for 29 a month FFS your a fk wit

    • Luke

      Dickhead galaxy sII is faster/better a 0.5″ screen difference wouldn’t be hard. If you read the blog android phones arn’t all cheap is a galaxy s II cheap ? Not to mention did you read the guy who fixes phones 90% are iPhones I’ve taken apart my iPhone n I do agree the quality is average ribbon cable jumpers/connectors break quite easily. Anyone can afford an iPhone they got plans for 3GS with the phone free for 29 a month

  • Jimmy

    And the short version of my comment for those that are too lazy to read it all. Cry me a river because iPhone didn’t made all your wishes come true, because you wont find any other phone that do so either.

    The iPhone 4S is what the most experts agreed it would be, and a very nice surprise which is Sirus.

  • Steve

    LOL iPhone 4S, funny thing is my Infuse did 80% of this out the door already, and I bought that thing months ago…

    8 MP Camera – Got it – but wait I only have 720p HD, oh noooo…gues sI go with the Galaxy S II for 1080p HD –

    Of course my 64 GB external SD Card plus the 16 internal gives me more storage….

    You win the processor war but loose at the same time as soon as the Galaxy S II has dual core..

    SO much more I just could go on and on…

    The point is that apple is playing catch up with the majority of their features. iCloud is a joke and alternatives have been out there for a good bit now.

    I am sure the loyalists will be out in droves to buy this, if not in homeage, to S. Jobs. I don’t blame the loyal fan base because he was revolutionary. No denying it. However, this marks a distinct stake in the ground for apple, lets see where they are in 3-5 years without his guideance.

  • technological

    iphone 4s is a peice of shit. woopey faster processor and higher resolution camera. it took you how long to think of adding them to the peice of shit iphone 4 the original 3g was good because it changed phones. im still useing my 3g with custom 4g firmware installed seen and tried the new ones.not that good.

    Apple your next phone better be fuckin waterproof with a optional slide/flip keyboard to protect the screen when not in use.

    Thank you Apple but I aint buying it.

  • technological

    jimmy is an idiot. steve and i have much to agree on

  • Luke

    Is this supposed to be a bad joke? Everywhere I look, people criticise the 4S because it’s different on the outside. Really? Look at the specs: incredible camera, 1080p video, increased harddrive size, better processor, etc..

    You would really waste your/my time writing this diabolical article because it doesn’t look different on the outside? The name of your article is ‘iPhone 4S sucks’. It should read, ‘I’m an overly critical slave to the technology market who doesn’t like things unless they have a new shell, even if the innards of the technology has been completely revamped; therefore, I suck’.

    Literally, is this genuine? At first I thought it was a sarcastic/ironic article, but now I’m not so sure.

    Apple set the rhythm for when to expect new devices: the fact you criticise this phone because it has a ‘4’ in it, rather than a ‘5’, is less a problem with the kit, more a problem with the shallow and spoilt writer.

    Awful article.

    • somedudeonhisthrive

      I dare you to crack open an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4s, then show me all these incredable differences.
      Btw the outside is different, the volume buttons are slightly higher, so your case for your 4 won’t work.

      • Josh

        I will. Considering that i work for cpr ill have an iPhone 4s to fix in about. 2 weeks from now…it launches on the 12th so……

    • mike is right

      Omg luke..I think Ur the only one who doesn’t realize the article was sarcasm..meaning that the author prefers apple and they are being condescending to those who differ…wow Ur dumb. Also nobody’s arguing about the specs of the iPhone 4s…they are ridiculing u for thinking that 1080p video recording is new…its like u havent paid attention to anything other than Apple. Apple is only out doing itself…not android. Read about the specs of EVO 3D which came out LAST JUNE.

  • That’s thing were all mad at apple but we still want everything they come up with.

  • say apple and hold your tongue

    Hahahah Sheep!!!

  • Chris

    The only thing that I can honestly say that Apple has done right with this phone is to offer it with different size memory storage in it. Other than that, most other phones have been able to do what apple is doing with the Iphone 4s for quite some time now.

  • Josh

    Anyone that has at&t should wait for the HTC Holiday…now that’s a beast


    First things first.
    I am writing this because I feel there is a lot of hate around the subject, and a lot of it is mis and dis-information. This is not going to be a bash, or a fanboy argument, just me putting forward a logical argument.

    0.5, Why do I notice really bad english coming from android users, I mean it’s not even funny, you guys are either 12 or your device is making very silly mistakes? Were talking about things like duel instead of dual, and words that don’t even exist. Thats not even touching on the grammar.

    To adress android users points;
    1, Screen size.

    Really? someone on here bragging about a 5.xx inch screen darling thats a tablet. A phone needs to be compact to be honest, a larger format would be a huge “turn off” for me. Samsung Galaxy S2 for example or the HTC HD xx, feels so damn awkward in a business meeting, almost as bad as walking into E&Y (huge accounting firm) and pulling out a netbook. You don’t use a portable device to share video.

    2, Notifications,

    Get over yourselves, yes you had it first, but i’ve used it on the SGS2 which if I’m not mistaken is faster on paper than the iPhone 4, and it is clunky. Please try to understand that the reason people like iOS is because its polished, these are not developers, they don’t want to root around in dos and terminal to add a feature they will use once a month. They want to pick up their phone and open maps and see where they are. Unfortunately I’ve not come across anything that is better than clunky and frustrating.

    3, 16 months and no redesign.

    Non issue, I was happily using my iPhone 4 during that time period, there was an option there for anyone who wanted it, it works and is a great design. To be utterly frank with you my personal opinion on the teardrop design was utter disdain bordering on the feeling of disgust, on that note I do find the iPod Touchs’ edges to be rather sharp.

    4, 8 Megapixels only!

    Coming from a hard core photography position I don’t want more megapixels, I want less with a greater pixel pitch, allowing for better dynamic range and thus low light photography, I am however pleased with the additional element and new f./2.4 aperture, thats only a 0.4 difference but ask any photographer and they will say to you faster aperture is always better and small numbers mean a lot here, anything above about 10 megapixels will actually degrade image via noise, for example, I currently shoot with an 18 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, do the math people.

    5, External Storage.

    For 90% of the people 16GB will be enough for us, with cloud computing more so. Another 8% can be satisfied with sizes up to 64GB. Why on earth would I want to expand this? for the 2% of you, great if you want that much storage and you hate phone so much, please go forth and buy an android or whatever, you have my blessing.

    6, The Specification Argument.

    Without being crude an old phrase comes to mind, “It’s not the size that counts but what you can do with it”. For example, a quad core processor running at 2.0ghz is utterly irrelevant if there are no applications to take advantage of it.
    Now i’m not saying I don’t like a bit of grunt, or an extra bit of pull when i’m driving… What i’m saying is I don’t need a Ferrari to pick the kids up from school. Its overkill.
    To provide a logical argument is easy, get an iPhone 4S and an whatever, and do a task, time it, do a different task, ie, taking a picture and posting it on Facebook. Better yet get your grannies to do it to test how intuitive the system is.

    7, A really easy one, A built in projector? Are you being serious? or is this some advance formulation of sarcasm and satire.

    8, My final point, LTE/4G.

    Now this is irrelevant to me as here in England we have no such network until at least the end of 2012 (realistically).
    From my understanding of the information I have been given, and please do feel free to correct me if I am wrong. In the US the advertised “4G” is running at severely reduced speeds, which is a speed the iPhone matches.

    I’d like to end by reminding people nothing is perfect, there are flaws all around us.
    RIP Steve Jobs.

    PS luke, I suggest you look up the definition of sarcasm, because if i’m not mistaken, the whole article is a humours approach to all of the nonsense out there.

    • somedudeonhisthrive

      this website is all about ios, duh we android fans arevgoing to be flaming.
      To destroy all our points we like option a, even if we don’t use them, we like to have them.

      • Josh


      • somedudeonhisthrive

        i hate myself….
        *are going
        *your points
        *options, even
        I always lag on ios fan sites…

      • Josh

        Um actually most androids don’t lag. Only the low end ones. Go be a good Apple fanboy some where else. I’ll argue facts not my opinion.

    • Fanqueers

      Seems to me that you are trying to discredit android claims in favor of the IPhone.

      You are correct in the fact that quad core, dual core really mean nothing unless the software is specifically encoded to untilize all cores. Most PC’s have processing power way beyond what software programs are capable of using at this time. Specs just make people think things are better simply because the number is higher. It’s a good marketing strategy because most people are sheep and fail miserably to actually understanding what they are buying.

      I will say that 99% of people that have smartphones really don’t need the 4S despite the hardware overhaul and the addition of Siris. The problem is that people always need the latest and greatest and that mentality makes other people VERY VERY rich. I guarentee the marketers, engineers at Apple are all laughing at the idiocy of people actually purchasing a repackaged product.

      The only Apple product I own is the IPhone so I am in no way, shape or form an advocate or fanboy. I tried using a Windows and Android based device and they just didnt work for me. Apple did very well designing the iPhone and I will continue to upgrade as necessary.

      At the end of the day, does it really matter? I use my phone for email and phone calls and an ocassional GPS if I am traveling. Other than that, I refuse to make this company rich by purchasing every new gadget to release. If more people had that mentality, there would not be 5 different revisions of the same device and they might actually have to work for their money.

  • scott


    The best part of that was when you said “nothing is perfect” very true. I may be an android guy but unlike others, I can look at positive and negative points in both devices.everything has its flaws, one of the big things I like about droid is the customization because im all about customizing things from stock. Oh and to the person who said widgets would drain battery life, thats only some and you can change the update frequencies of them like apps.

  • Josh

    Thank you. Im an android fan but I’m able to see the good and bad of both types of devices

  • somedudeonhisthrive

    @josh, I’m on my thrive.
    You know dual core terga?
    I love androids, hate apple.
    It doesn’t lag like this on my single core inspire, honeycomb is a bit glichy, that’s all

    • mike is right

      @somedudeonhisthrive: FYI its tegra, not terga but I kno Wut u meant..also I’m an electrician and a technology feind. I have had apple products along with many others..EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL CAN OR DOES GLITCH AT SOME POINT. Only thing I haven’t seen glitch is data systems for financial firms like MERRILL LYNCH for example, but they can. I monitor these systems at work because if they go offline for even an actual second…millions of dollars can be lost..and I will be fired lol…but that’s electronics for u. Only simple electronics like a basic calculator rarely glitches in my experience but I’m sure manufacturer quality plays a part in that.

  • scott

    Haha ya and no problem

  • some guy on his inspire

    Thank you Steve
    No sarcasm intended.

  • Steve

    LOL I love how inteligent responses are deleted. This is how Apple fans handle true competition. They simply hide it as best they can or sue those around them and claim foul.

    • Please make sure you know what you’re talking about before making false claims…
      You comment hasn’t been deleted. It’s here: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2011/10/05/iphone-4s-sucks/comment-page-2/#comment-137598
      There are only 50 comments per page. Your previous comment is just on another page, which you can easily access from here.

      • Steve

        That is not the comment I was referring to. I was referring to the one in response to LOLZY which is indeed gone.

        I know my age may fool into thinking my Internet saavy is somewhat diminished but I can assure you it is not.

        For a fact it was here as the post by “some guy on his inspire” was sent just a few minutes after mine appeared. For a fact it is now gone.

        Thanks for playing though.

      • My apologies then. I don’t know your age, so I definitely didn’t base my response on that.
        I searched for the comment you mentioned and I can’t find any track of it.
        We only moderate comments when they are rude or spammy. I definitely did not delete the comment you mentioned.

      • Steve

        Fair enough, it was lengthy as I included the original points from LOLZY so the system may have just decided it exceeded some limit.

        Thanks for clarifying and checking.

      • mike is right

        @steve and Sebastian. I really like the way u both handled yourselves. Very mature and respectful. This is not sarcasm. It always pleases me to see someone apologize and man up even though I thought same as Sebastian and was about to agree until i saw steves reply and boy was I glad I read on. Otherwise I would’ve apologized to Steve as well

    • some guy on his inspire

      Let’s sue this site for violating our right to free speech.
      The news that they deleted my comment put a downward note on my star trek tng marathon.

  • some guy on his inspire

    Anyone else see zioncinman’s comment about 70% of the phone market before it got deleted, the truth its android and IOS make up 70% together, android having about 42%

  • Fanqueers


    Does your life revolve around Apple hardware releases? Did you really wait 16 months to be wowed by Apple? Until they release a new concept, it will be the same old interface on the same old junk hardware. If consumers weren’t so stupid, they’d boycott the Iphone 4s and even the 5 until Apple releases something innovative. Oh wait….Jobs is dead….and so is the future of the company.

    • zionvinman

      Steve jobs was the CEO not a designer or manufacturer retard.