Apple announced the 8GB iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 4S yesterday, and the company is clearing out current iPhone 4 inventory while supplies last.

Customers that are content with purchasing the iPhone 4 can buy the device from Apple for a reduced $149 price point for the 16GB capacity, and $199 for the 32GB capacity. The iPhone 4S retails for the same $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB) price points that the iPhone 4 was previously priced at…

Like usual, you will have to buy the iPhone 4 with a two-year contract to get the $50/$100 discount. After supplies of the regular capacity iPhone 4 models are gone, Apple will only sell the 8GB iPhone 4 capacity for $99 moving forward.

The iPhone 4S packs a faster processor, better camera, and Siri voice technology features that differentiate it from the iPhone 4. Pre-orders for the 4S start on Friday.

  • Sam

    so, iPhone 4S is a world phone!
    does that mean it is factory unlocked on GSM?

    • mallouk

      since there is a contract, i am afraid no! a factory unlocked iPhone 4S should cost more than 700$

      • Sam

        yes, but, they say World Phone. it should be unlocked. Apple has started selling Unlocked iphone4s before. Let’s see how it will be.

    • Ken

      You can buy factory unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple Canada website.

      • Mallouk

        Well but not for 199$ I’m sure it will cost more than 700$

  • r0cket1000

    Do you guys think the iPhone 4S will sell out the first day or week? Do you think people will be lining up for hours outside an Apple Store? I was thinking if I should pre-order or just wait for them to release it on the 14th. I really dont want to pre-order it so hopefully they dont sell out the first week.

    • Sam

      I agree, i do not think it will be like crazy before.

  • Anonymous

    Where are they selling these reduced price iphones? I can’t find them on thier website or AT&Ts website at all.

  • Bobby

    I think Best Buy is selling the reduced price iphones but you have to either get a new cell plan or upgrade/renew your current plan.