Chances are you probably heard about Siri coming with the iPhone 4S. Many current iPhone 4 users were bummed when Apple announced that it would be a iPhone 4S-only feature.

The jailbreak community is already working on porting Apple’s revolutionary Siri technology to the 4G iPod touch. Thanks to iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi, hackers have somewhat ported Siri to the previous generation iPod touch already…

As seen in the picture above, it is not fully functioning. According to iH8sn0w, it is a “work in progress.” This still has a long way to go, but it may be successfully ported once iOS 5 is officially released. According to iH8sn0w’s twitter, Apple might have left out crucial files for Siri in the iOS 5 GM.

It’s nowhere near perfect. But it’s getting there.

What do you think? Are you excited to potentially have Siri on your jailbroken 4G iPod touch? Here’s hoping that will see it on the iPhone 4, too!

Here’s a statement from iH8sn0w about the process, courtesy of Josh Tucker:

“It’s definitely not just a plist value that you have to change in order to get Siri. Thus far, it has required a lot of searching and digging. After sending all the known information to John, I’m beginning to find that it is much harder than expected. We’re using an iPod touch 4G now but our aim is to port it to all devices that Apple won’t support. At this point, we’re unsure of whether Siri requires certain hardware components or not. At this point, we can’t say but are still trying. After buying the iPhone 4S myself, I will be looking to see if there are any new files that are not available on the current iOS 5 version. This might be our stopping point.”

UPDATE: We were originally under the impression that iH8sn0w was working on the iPhone 4, but he reached out to us and said that he was testing the 4G iPod touch instead. We have removed all references to the iPhone 4 in the article. Sorry for the misleading information.

  • Breno

    Yes. Will it work in the iPod touch 4 too???

    • SimonOrJ

      uhh, that’s what they stated on the second paragraph:
      “The jailbreak community is already working on porting Apple’s revolutionary Siri technology to the 4G iPod touch.”
      where 4G iPod Touch is iPod Touch 4th generation…

  • TheAdobeFlash

    Wow sick i was wondering if they would do that as soon as i first saw SIRI

  • sylvan


  • Keelan

    Yes that would be amazing

  • Binary-Stalker

    Need to jailbreak again after this happens. It’ll be great, but I’m a bit worried about the lag. That’s why it was left out in the first place, no?

    • Ben

      Don’t be naive. It was to pull people to buy the 4S. I am pretty sure the iPhone 4 can handle it 100%. All the work is done at apples server and sent back…

      • Eric

        That’s what everyone said about multitasking on the 3G. It was unbearable after enabling with the jailbreak. Processors matter.

      • Chisss

        But Siri already works on the iphone… it’s a normal app that does the same exact thing as it does in the iphone 4S, it just doesn’t talk back to you…

    • Martyhew

      I think it’s a marketing plan. So that more people would buy the 4s my iPod touch 2g is jailbreaked with wallpaper and multitasking AND battery percentage. Hardly any noticeable lagg

  • SukiBum

    now that this is posted, apple will fix it so that this wont happen. hope they dont

  • Ipad2 users

    how bot ipad 2?? I think everyone has forgotten ipad2 users, everything is just for iphone and ipod. What’s wrong with you hacker…

    • Alex

      Are you serious?

    • Binary-Stalker

      @iPad 2 Users

      They’re currently working on a bootrom exploit.

  • D’Anthony

    Please get this working on the iPhone 4 then I won’t have to get a 4s

  • Nichesz

    Siri is really the only reason for current iphone4 users to upgrade besides some other physical defect lol. Of course i am excited then. I wouldn’t a mind faster phone sure but it was beyond good , better would just be spoiling myself.

    • QuarterSwede

      +1 My iP4 in no way feels slow and the camera is already great. Heck my MacBook doesn’t even play 1080p back that well and my HDTV is only 720p. Siri is the only thing I lust after from the new 4s.

      That said, I still think iPhone 4s is a solid update and I’m glad there is a 64GB option finally.

  • Josh

    There is no way this will make it to the 3GS, is there?

    • Jasper

      Don’t think the processor could handle it..

      • +1

      • Jeremiah


        As noted above, Siri was once an app store app, before the iPhone 4 was even released.

  • Ethan

    Shoudn’t have post it since the iOS5 is not officially released. I just hope that Apple not gonna patch/seal or do whatever to fix the hole on the SIRI feature. Sighhhhhh….

    • Fue

      agree!! 🙁 then more work to be done and the waiting ………..

  • :)

    Will it work on ipod touch 1g/2g/3g and iphone 2g/3g/3gs/4

    • Alex

      Are you being serious?

    • Alex

      Whoops, wrong comment!

      However, if this does work, it will only work with with devices with iOS5, 3Gs and up.

      • :)

        That sucks..I am running ios3 (I know it is super old…)

      • EthanBB

        I’m sure they will port it to all iOS5 devices … if you looked closely to keynote video … spinning data wheel was there wven when he was setting alarm clock .. that mean it is all server based and iDevice just sends request to apple servers and then display/do what it was asked for.

  • SMSwitzer

    I’ve had Siri on my iPhone for two years. 🙁 I’m mad as hell that it disappears off my iPhone 4 on October 14th so Apple can try and force me to upgrade. F***ing Apple. You suck!

    • inliferound

      What are you talking about? Please elaborate!

      • SMSwitzer

        Siri has been an app in the App Store for years now. I had it on my 3GS, and I have it now on my 4. It’s not as robust as it is on the 4S, but it’s pretty frickin’ amazing already. I use it constantly to keep reminders, my calendar, get movie times, the weather report, reports on stocks I’m watching, etc. Well, today when I opened the app I’ve had for years, it said that it will disappear off my phone on October 14th. Essentially, those of us who have been using the Siri application for years are being blackmailed into buying a new phone in order to keep it. Well, Apple can bite me. I’m getting a Droid, and getting rid of my iPhone 4, which is only 4 mos old…

    • Jon

      If you are jailbroken, just download sbsettings and disable the “Apple Killswitch.” Then you won’t have to worry about losing it. Just make sure it is transferred to iTunes as a precaution.

      • SMSwitzer

        I should send you a fruit basket or something… 🙂

      • Jon


      • Brian

        Sorry to inform you this, but disabling the “Apple Killswitch” won’t help. You see, Apple isn’t “terminating” the app it’s actually disabling the server which the app must connect to in order to translate the commands you give it. So your Siri application isn’t going to get erased. It will just stop functioning.

  • Wow, that certainly didn’t take long! I’m sure it won’t take long and the hack will be available for iPhone 4S soon enough.

  • Good Work Guys Keep it up we are going to need it because of many different issues….Looking forward to it……!!!

  • I was searching this in Cydia before myself. I need this on my 4G iPod!

  • Ahmad

    Yes , i was sure the jailbreak community will come to the rescue
    ,, when i first found out about ios 5 i left jailbreak and went official
    ,, but now for siri im going back to jailbreaking my iphone
    + i was also hoping for notification center widgets , like music player , but jailbreak to the resque there to

    I really dont think siri required the ( a5 chip ) , cause the siri app even worked on 3g and its just voice recognition , the a4 is more than capable, in fact i dint see how i can feel or notice if my iphone 4 where 2x faster

  • jack

    I really want this for my ipod nano!

  • Sean

    get voice actions this does the same thing and is still working

  • i found the assistant folder:
    Here it is folks try make this to work on iphone 4 😀

  • Why do people think the 4S is needed for this because of the processor. Sure, the 4 could do it just a bit slower if that was all. But the 4S also has 1GB of memory – that’s going to be the killer here. Record the request, analyse it, either do the voice recognition, or send the analysis to a server and get a response back, then work on the result? This is memory intensive as much as it is CPU-bound, and very possibly the 4 will just run out of memory, even for the simplest of requests. =O(

    • QuarterSwede

      We don’t know that it has 1GB. That’s just rumor so far. We won’t know until the iFixit teardown.

    • Rooser

      that’s like saying Shazam needs a ton of memory to analyze the music.
      same to the previous Siri app on App Store.

      you don’t store, analyze nor transmit the entire audio file.
      and even so, we have more than enough memory to deal with a few seconds of audio file.


  • Ben

    I’d be surprised to find out that the Siri files actually exist in the iOS 5 for iPhone 4 image.
    That would be dumb because it would bloat the image file for no reason.

    I’m guessing that this hack will have to include the missing files for it to succeed.

  • Just Me!

    If it uses an apple server to make sure you do have a Iphone 4S and I believe it does. Then it will be very difficult to make it work in other devices.

    Then again many apps can work fine when the server check is disabled as long as the app does not need to be checking with the server to get data to make the app work

    It sucks that this was an app in the app store though and now it’s a Iphone 4S exclusive feature

    • Brian

      Good news for you buddy. If Apple’s servers indeed do check to see if it is an iPhone 4S it will actually be easier that way. It is very easy to fake the data sent out about your phone, according to iH8sn0w.

  • Edson

    Eu quero

  • JohnnyPage

    Looks like speaktoit assistant to me, just without face


    Ill just wait for the iPhone 5 it will have all that and more probs

  • Karthik

    Do u guys think there will be this siri to download by cydia?????? To iPhone 4????? Very curious!!

  • Chris L

    Seems to me Apple have screwed up here. Most people would never consider jailbreaking their expensive phone but with a limited change to hardware in the new 4s and by crippling an app already used by many iphone 4 users Apple are actively encouraging people to jailbreak their iphone 4. It is madness since the vast majority of iphone 4 owners wouldnt upgrade to 4S anyway as their contract still has a year to run.

  • RooDog

    I can’t wait and hope they succeed at putting Siri on iPods.

  • Aidan

    Wait, So if It is Sever Based Could That Be Why Is Not Working?
    Apple Hasent Enabeled The Siri Severs?
    So With This It Could be Just When The 4S is Relesed it Just Starts Working?

  • osiris

    I wonder why can’t apple upgrade the ipod touch 4g to siri. Apple is losing respect especially since the apple itouch was not really upgraded only the extra option of white. Also, the IOS 5 was an upgrade, but not really much of an improvement like the iphone.

  • anthony

    seeing as how siri was an app on the ipod and iphone for years, i dont see any reason that it shouldnt be natively ported to the ipod 4g/3g and iphone 4/3gs. it couldnt possible take up that much more ram since there is already an integrated voice commads, an all the siri work is done through apples server. all in all, it just seems that apple is trying to get u to buy the 4s, and before you know it, once everyone buys it, theyll come out with ios 5.1 and say “oh look! weve come up with a way to make siri less processor demanding! now everyone can have it!”

  • Semper FI

    Can u download siri now on the apple store or installous?

  • inliferound

    If Siri used to be an app before, surely there are other apps out there that are comparable and can do something similar? Hopefully that can be a stopgap between now and when (if) they can port Siri to jailbroken iPhone 4

  • Manraj

    is siri currently avaialable on ipod 4 right now. i just updated and i was VERY DISAPPIONTED when siri was not an option

  • Hey guys if it happens it will be Perfect.Thanks u best hackers!:)please create this function to iphone 4 :'(

  • Orkhan

    Hey guys if it happens it will be Perfect.Thanks u best hackers!:)please create this function to iphone 4

  • Raghav

    will a siri jailbreak app be available for the iphone 3gs

  • Jake

    get it work on iPhone 4 🙂 than it will be my first jailbreak 😀

  • Ipodtouch4gwantsiri

    When will the ipod touch4g have siri? Will it work good? Cant wait to jailbreak mine? When will it be released the iso 5 jailbreak?

  • steve

    I wonder if apple will ever make siri with ipod touch 1st gen. lol Ya I know I still have my 1st gen.

  • John Appleseed

    Don’t you need internet connection for Siri? So on iPod touch it would only be at home and at the mcDonalds 😛

  • Mat

    Im sure a way you could get Siri on an IOS Device, is to firstly find someone with the new iPhone 4S, Jailbreak it, download Ifile, and Copy Siri’s information and Paste it into another IOS Device?

  • jonathan

    can i jailbreak an ipod 4th gen 4.3.5?

  • Thomas Torres

    This really needs to come out for the iPhone 4 cause I don’t want to upgrade to the 4S , I love my iPhone 4