Earlier today, the Dev Team quietly updated the jailbreak tool RedSn0w to version 0.9.9b2. This update doesn’t bring much to the table but the usual bug fixes and enhancements.

Among those enhancements, RedSn0w 0.9.9b2 brings better firmware detection for the Verizon iPhone, and improves on recovery, stitching, and blob processing…

A couple weeks ago, the Dev Team gave RedSn0w a makeover. The tools is now more powerful than ever. I invite you to take a video tour of the new RedSn0w, and learn more about SHSH blobs stitching.

As usual, you can download RedSn0w from our downloads section. If you’re new to jailbreaking or would like to learn more, please make sure to visit our jailbreak page.

  • Jailbreakers lurking in the shadows ready to pounce and jailbreak the sh1t out of the new iPhone 🙂 grrr

  • Daniel

    when will I be able to stich my iPhone’s IPSW? it doesn’t work because you said it has somthing to do with baseband?

    • The ability has not been added in this update. Sometime in the future I presume.

  • Marco

    Will this redsn0w work on 4.3.5?

    • Soto

      Yes it does. I’m on it and jailbroken. I need my PDAnet 🙂

  • lol @ quietly

  • Sranjatt13

    Is dere any software unlock for iphone 4 baseband 1.59.00 jailbroken 4.3.5……..??????

  • Dzave

    I have a question related to this post, I have an iPhone 3GS running on 4.0.1 with base-band 5.13.04 and i have SHSH blobs for iOS 4.3.3 saved locally.
    now i want to upgrade the iOS to 4.3.3 using Redsnow stitch, yet the firmware is customized using Snowbreeze in order to preserve the base-band.
    have anyone tried if it works?