Next Up in Apple’s line of announcements today are some minor updates to its iPod line. First we have the iPod Nano, which disappointingly didn’t receive the iPhone-accessory makeover we were all hoping for.

But it did get some cool new watch-face animations to compliment the popular watch-band accessories, and it now includes built-in fitness tracking (walk, run, etc.). But the real story here is the iPod touch…

While there wasn’t any mention of any hardware upgrades (yet) for Apple’s popular iPod touch line, there is going to be one major difference in this year’s model. As we expected, the media player is now going to be available in the color white.

That’s not really the upgrade everyone was hoping for, I know. But hey, look at the bright side — the device dropped $30. The new iPod touch, available in white, is now starting at $199.

  • Max

    i hate white

  • Ross

    Yess White IPod

  • David

    Love it

  • Nomi

    lol hahhahaha they should of had blue

  • FAIL! The iPod touch 4g was 230 euros here in the Netherlands. #FML

  • Antish

    and the back? still steel plated?

  • Ali Assoud

    i think this is a great marketing strategy with the ipod…its just like hitting the refresh button for the iPod when it is already quickly expanding

  • Doughnut hole

    Just as I stated before, the iPod touch would not have a better camera due to the slimness of it. Another yawn event.

    • Antish

      I have and iPod Touch 4G and even though the camera is not so good,i love it,especially the slimness of the iPod!
      And i’ve never cared for taking photos on a portable device, but on a digital camera instead which takes much better photos any portable device!

      • Doughnut hole

        Well your one of the few I know of that like the current slimness of the iPod touch. It’s a poor design, they chose aesthetics over function. Example is pressing the volume buttons with your left hand, your liable to fling your iPod out of your hand trying to press them. The previous iPod designs were far more comfortable to hold.

        As far as photos go I just upload my photos from my digital camera to Flickr and then download them though the Flickr app to my iPod to edit with the various photo apps.

        Don’t get me wrong I like my iPod and look forward to iOS 5 but I think Apple backed itself into a corner with the slim design.

  • Antish

    As far as I know, I never hold my iPod in my left hand since I’m right handed, so i don’t think that’s a big problem for me!

    I know many of you don’t like the slimness of the iPod touch, but that’s goes good for me! Don’t take me wrong too.

  • Steven

    I saw the keynote and appearently it doesnt have the A5 processor.So im wondering ,did apple even update its bootrom to prevent jailbreaks? if they didnt all I have to say is…..idiots.