Even though it looks identical to the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is a whole different beast on the inside. With its A5 dual core processor, dual core graphics, improved battery life, a new antenna, and an incredible new camera, the iPhone 4S is without a doubt the best smartphone out there.

But how does it compare to its predecessor, the iPhone 4, and to another world class smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II?

Update: For an even better comparison, check out Apple’s website where the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS are compared side by side.

This is My Next breaks it down for us:

Impressed much?

  • Frank
  • maderfarker

    this is just to counter attack samsung sgs2 with a dual core processor, to bad they should have upgraded the battery capacity as well since dual core A9 processor and A5 chipset drains 100hrs of usage..this is crap because you need to keep on abusing your standard battery by charging it more often even for a standard usage.

  • Dusean

    Aww yea, just read up on galaxy s, that battery is 6-7 hrs, piece of shit

  • Dusean

    Aww yea, just read up on galaxy s 2, that battery is 6-7 hrs, piece of shit

  • Dan Novachek

    Wow the only benefit is longer battery life for iphone4? Is this a stupidity test? What should I pick a phone that is $200 more with way less options or one that is superior in every way, except for a battery and costs way less??

    iphone 4s = 1Ghz A5 (dual)
    Sams S2 = 1.2 Ghz (dual)

    iphone 4s = 3.5″ screen (wow that is sad, but it saves battery life)
    Sams S2 = 4.3″ screen (very nice)

    iphone 4s = Front Camera VGA (just say it, 0.3 MP) don’t sugar coat the suckiness
    Sams S2 = Front Camera 2.0 MP

    iphone 4s = 3G only!! (that is also sad)
    Sams S2 = 4G!! (22 Mb/s)

  • Bismarck131

    HSPA+ does not equal 4G…

  • Makabra

    iphone 4S has the fame, Sams Galaxy S2 has the power.

  • shadow

    Also sgs2 has voice control. Not called siri, but essentially the same thing.

  • Garth Cox

    Biased. the galaxy 2 had voice to text and voice activation before the 4s came our so flawed. I’ve also had an i phone 4 and will never buy apple again

  • i have to buy a phone…. should i get the iPhone 4 or 4s?????

  • kajak rastak

    i have been using iphone since 2007 but i just switched to android cuz my iphone was getting slower everyday and the home button wouldnt work. plus iphone has very limited options which is terrible. and remember, its over priced too. it costs apple 49 bucks to make a 16gb 4s in china and they sell it for over 700 which is sad