It’s official! Apple’s new iPhone 4S will be available on October 14th, although you can pre-order as of October 7th.

The iPhone 4S will first be available in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, and Japan…

By December, the iPhone 4S will be available in 70 countries, on 100+ carriers.

I don’t know about you guys, but I will be making sure to pre-order my iPhone 4S to avoid waiting in 12 hours at the store. The details of the pre-order process aren’t available yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

  • Andy

    No thanks. Pass til next model

    • Jose medina

      Danm right…. Galaxy s2 here i come!!!

      • Andy

        Hate to drop my iPhone 4 but I want something with a bigger screen. Personally I’m dissappointed that apple is just riding on last years success and no new hardware this year

      • goofygreek

        @ andy, huh? No new hardware? I hope you meant no new design. Unless you live under a rock and dont realize the 4s is upgraded internally.

      • Andy

        Sorry I meant the look and screen size r still the same. The internals Dbl iPhone 4

  • Vicky

    want to know da pricing plz update asap..

    • stfudvs

      it has huge hardware updates, did u read the reports lol

    • hbphoni

      $199 for 16GB
      $299 for 32GB
      $399 for 64GB

      Also, Iphone 4 (8GB) is $99, and Iphone 3GS is free.

      All with contract of course.

  • sean

    I getting it, need new iphone

  • Jason Masters

    New 8gb iPhone 4 too @99$

    • Selcuk


  • Dave

    Agreed – I’ll wait until the next one

    • FeO


  • neil

    I suppose for those of us still using a 3g or 3gs its an upgrade worth having but I can understand the disappointment of those folk with an iphone 4 hoping for a bigger design change

    • goofygreek

      yep. if i was on a 3gs right now, i would be super excited about the new one, but, since i am on a i4, i think ill skip this iphone.

  • Coach

    I can’t wait. I’ll have one for sure! This is too dope!

  • Nomi

    iphone 4s rules better graphics

  • Nomi

    iphone 4s rules better graphics.

  • memot70

    So dissapointed, Samsung realesed a 4,3 inches phone with dual processor months ago, and Apple comes now with this? come oN!! iphone 4 looks like a kids toy compare with the brilliant sgs ii screnn

    • Acolz

      Retina is nicer than SGSII screen. Get your facts straight and take a look at both phones side-by-side

  • Acolz

    What I love about the iPhone here – factory unlocked models mostly 🙂
    (Czech Republic)

  • just me

    oh common man u gotta be kidding me. the evil company has done it again, and people like you and blogs like this are responsible for apples bullshit. instead of demanding more, and not letting apple ripping you of by releasing one feature at a time, you promote it. i am done with apple
    time for android. and time to not ever visit this site again.

    • Fathermark

      Boom! Big thanks man im off too!

    • Boom! Big thanks man im off too! Had enough of apples bull getting tied into 18months of grief with the service providers at the same time

  • DebTym

    i’ll buy it. Siri blew my mind

  • topsy

    But why this Long wait when it’s just a copy of the old one. Very disappointed. A million times disappointed. Apple say shut up this is what we have for you. Menn, very angry.

  • shannon

    have to wait till I’m eligible for upgrade, but if the iphone 5 looks like all the cases I dont want it I’ll get the 4S

  • Ceylon

    Does the i4S have a removable sim card or is it built into the phone? Didn’t hear anything about that. Planing on using the wife’s upgrade and switching sims!

  • mike

    due for an upgrade next week! 5, 4S, whatever. i just want something that’s not a 3GS with three cracks on the screen!

  • Let us know about the preorder process whenever it is available. Thanks

  • Elizabeth

    I will be waiting with bells on my toes. I have the 3G…

  • sean

    I cant wait for my iphone 4s, i have the 3gs, but instead of skipping a generation again , ill get the iphone 5 next year too

  • Grifter

    definitely geeting it.. bypassed the 4 and white iphone 4. and my contract ended august of last year.. cvan’t wait no more..

    • Grifter

      and I’m still using the original iphone.. so definitely getting it..

    • Bob Barker

      same I NEED one now!!!!

  • andy

    Sure no major redesign and I am sure there are reasons for that but they have basically taken a mini cooper S and plugged a BMW M3 engine inside it. Its been totally changed internally. I am not bothered by the smaller screen size, it was a feature I would have been unphased by either way. I would have liked a rounder back but again not bothered. I most certainly will be getting the new one. The integration with my other devices are well worth it and we all know how slick the iOS experience is. Is the hardware ground breaking? No. Do other phones have a better spec? Some do. Does it matter? Not to me. Is it more expensive? Arguably nowadays … No its not. Looking forward to trying out my built in PA 🙂