Apple has been rumored to be working on a micro-USB cable for quite some time now. Last year, the Cupertino company agreed to comply with a European campaign to standardize cell phone chargers, but it has yet to ante up.

Well amongst the onslaught of announcements today, Apple made good on its promise. The company quietly rolled out a micro-USB adapter for its standard 30-pin dock connector, which enables the two interfaces to work together…

9to5Mac points to the new Apple-branded accessory that just popped up on Apple’s online store in the U.K.

“The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter allows you to use third-party micro USB cables and chargers to sync or charge your iPhone. Simply connect your iphone to the Micro USB Adapter, then connect a micro USB cable or charger to the Micro USB Adapter.”

With this adapter, Apple is able to fully comply with the European Union, without compromising its products’ designs. It’ll be interesting to see if they start offering it here in the states, where the micro-USB charger has also become quite common.

  • James

    Good, i have about 6 of the leads to fit into this attachment lol

  • AltF4

    I may seriously be buying multiple of these from the UK store, and pay the shipping!
    This is cooler than the iPhone 4s!

  • userellis

    Yes, this is a good thing : )

  • DebTym

    I WANT!

  • Burge

    I’ll have that..and it should be next week..ive been on the phone to my carrier and to cancel contrat is only £124 ..early upgrade here I come..

  • Dave

    DO WANT!! I hope they sell these in the US. If not I’ll be order a whole bunch from overseas. A few for myself, and the rest to sell.

  • Tom

    It’s crap cos you have to make sure you take it with you. In which case just take the normal lead. It should have been a micro socket built into the phone.

  • Tom

    It’s rubbish cos you have to make sure you take it with you. In which case just take the normal lead. It should have been a micro socket built into the phone.

  • Fjghg

    What the hell. These have been available at Radioshack/The Source for months. (not made by Apple, though)

  • Frank

    £20 pounds for this??? No fuckn way!

    • james016

      It’s actually £8

  • lebolay

    Yeah I live in Canada and I bought one of these adapters just recently from a company called They make a whole bunch of different cables with different colours and patterns etc. Plus it ended up being cheaper than £8 pounds. I ended up buying it through (just search for Mohzy Loop USB Cable and you should find it) because they do international shipping as well.

  • Lucky

    Dont worry guys, if this is not available in your country for now… Any chinese freak company will develop same thing and will sell it for cheaper… just wait for a while… lolz Bloody duplicators.!!

    • lebolay

      I’m not sure if you could call any company who comes out with an adapter a duplicator though, because the Mohzy Apple adapter I bought a few weeks ago is nearly the exact same form factor as this one that Apple just released. And the Mohzy adapter has been out for a while now. So it’s almost like Apple copied them or maybe bought their patent or something. You can see a picture of the Mohzy adapter here and it looks really similar:

      • SantosAdrian

        I agree, I actually heard about this cable awhile back and I didn’t pay much attention to it until now. My friend sent me the site and asked if I needed one since I use both HTC and iPhone. I’m absolutely convinced now as I really hate it when all my cables get tangled up…and I do travel a lot for my work so the Mohzy USB cable works for me. As for Mohzy copying Apple? Well…seems like Mohzy has had theirs out on the market for awhile now so I wouldn’t be so quick to point fingers at third party developers. Anyhow, great product from Mohzy nonetheless, glad I could get it outside UK.

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