After several months of rumors and speculation, Apple’s long-awaited iPhone event has finally arrived. As expected, Tim Cook has taken the stage to kick off the highly anticipated keynote.

The newly-appointed CEO has started things off by talking about Apple’s major milestones over the last several months. As you may know, it’s been a good year for Apple, so Tim has plenty to brag about…

  • 357 Apple Retail Stores now stand in 11 countries
  • Over 6 million copies of Mac OS X Leopard have been downloaded
  • The MacBook Pro and iMac are the #1 selling laptop and desktop in the U.S.
  • Apple has 78% of the mp3 player market, more than 300 million iPods have been sold
  • More than 16 Billion songs have been downloaded from the iTunes store
  • The iPhone 4 now makes up half of the iPhone market
  • 125% increase in year-over-year iPhone sales
  • iPhone is #1 in customer satisfaction, 70% of its users are very satisfied (next in line is HTC with 49%)
  • Apple now controls 5% of the mobile phone market (not just smartphones, all handsets)
  • Every state in America has an iPad program either deployed, or in pilot
  • Over 1000 schools have 1 iPad for every student

Now Mr. Cook has turned the stage over to Apple’s iOS man Scott Forstall, stay tuned.

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    Who do they sample to get the numbers for the study?

    • whtlime

      ComScore, companies themselves, indexes, their data, think tanks, and other companies who make it their career to srudy these things.

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    Most like Apple stock advertising…

  • Alex

    Most like Apple stock advertising