While we’re all getting so uptight about whether the incoming iPhone will be of the 4S or 5 designation, and thus, whether it will receive a new design or not, MacRumors is there to bring us all back to reality.

The site’s founder, Arnold Kim, has sought to remind us all that, while all the glitz and glamor of possible redesign is tempting, we’re forgetting about the specs that will actually power the device.  lt’s obvious that the next iPhone will feature Apple’s impressive A5 chip architecture — the chip that currently powers the iPad 2.

That fact alone means we’ll have a significantly faster iPhone to buy. Check out the impressive benchmark breakdown inside…

Citing some existing research by Anandetech, Kim points to a graph which shows graphics performance for some of the most popular smartphones and tablets on the planet, including the iPhone 4. Sitting at the top of that pile is Apple’s iPad 2 which houses, you guessed it, the A5 processor – the very processor we all universally believe will be at the heart of whichever iPhone Apple sees fit to announce during tomorrow’s event.

A word of caution: just because the iPhone 4S/5 will receive the same CPU and GPU combination as the iPad 2, that doesn’t mean that performance will be entirely comparable. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if Apple has to underclock the whole shebang in order to make it play nicely with the iPhone’s smaller battery. Remember, that iPad 2 you’re using is mainly glass and battery. Lots of battery.

The most exciting thing now is that we don’t have long to wait until all the rumors come to an end. In a little over 24 hours we’ll know just what Apple’s next iPhone is and, fingers crossed, we’ll be hitting refresh on Apple’s online store trying to order one!

  • jo-macral

    I would still hit it, even if it was underclocked.

  • Hasan

    Tomorrow is the big day

  • sean

    Cant wait for tomorrow

  • Oliverf

    I’m hoping the one more thing is an even better battery. That would make upgrading a no brainer

  • jedooonat

    I hope that they don’t underclock much, if they do. At least be a good ratio to where the speed is as noticable as the iPad 2.

  • goofygreek

    As much as i love my iphone 4, i also have an ipad2. So i may not be upgrading to the next iphone. The iphone 4 has been great, and depending on ios5, will depend on if i keep it or move to the galaxy s2. im the kind of person that gets tired of the same thing over and over again. I need variety. So and andriod phone with an ipad2 sounds like a great mix.

    • Ben

      Same as me. I’ll return to apple but not now. For now, im experiencing android but still keeping my i4.

  • XepptizZ

    I want to know where the first ipad sits in the benchmark. The iphone 4 vs ipad one suddenly seems more interesting