Feeling eccentric? If so, then why not add some interesting brightness controlling functionality to your iPhone’s slide-to-unlock bar, by means of UnlockBright?

UnlockBright is an interesting jailbreak tweak, because it combines the slide-to-unlock bar with your iPhone’s brightness settings. The weird thing is, that these settings aren’t permanent, they only take effect as you’re unlocking your phone.

Confused? Take a look at the video demo just after the break…

I can already hear the shouts of “useless” from the iDB faithful, but seriously, hear me out.

UnlockBright could prove to be useful for those of you who like to check the time in the middle of the night, but often find the iPhone’s brightness settings to be utterly blinding.

With this tweak, you could theoretically set your iPhone’s brightness to absolute minimun, and crank up the brightness setting in UnlockBright.

That way, when you go to check the time during the night, a subtle slide of the unlock bar will provide you with enough light so you can see, but not enough where it makes your eyes hurt from the brightness.

I know, I’m kind of reaching for usage possibilities, but that’s just one that I thought of off the top of my head.

Head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo to snag UnlockBright for free. If you have any interesting usage ideas, by all means, share below!

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    i really do like and appreciate your videos. but honestly. it’s a little annoying when you keep putting up tweaks that you yourself know it’s not useful and you won’t use it. I’d really like you to consider putting up blog posts that are for useful tweaks. it just seems you put up whatever tweak you try, whether good or bad.

    • And to use another analogy, what if Rotten Tomatos (the movie review site) deleted all of the movies that contained bad/subpar reviews, and only kept the 90% + movies? True, you’d know that virtually every movie on the site would be worth a look, but a). you’d miss a ton of movies out that that you might *personally* enjoy, and b). the site wouldn’t be nearly as trusted or comprehensive as it is today.

      • Silva

        BURN!! Great counter dude!

      • Silva

        Well said!

    • Me

      Personally, now the iPhone5 rumours are getting less coverage, I’m liking the fact that new tweaks are getting their turn in the spotlight – much more deserving of the column inches.

      (I’m not knocking that the rumours were being reported – it’s a news site after all; and I know where the “Mark as read” feature is in my RSS reader. But less rumour stories means more writer time for tweaks and other cool news instead!)

  • And for the record, you are correct in your assumptions, I do post virtually every Cydia tweak I try, as brought out in the article linked above. If you don’t like it, skip it. Someone will like it, I 100% guarantee it. Plus, it makes our Cydia coverage the most comprehensive on the Internet. I’d rather cover something that a few may deem worthless, and more may find useful, than not cover it at all. It’s subjective, and while I respect your opinion, be rest assured that not everyone will agree with you.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      sorry to upset you. i really didn’t mean to. but i can see why you did. sorry about that. hope that you’ll still take my suggestion to heart though. thanks anyway

      • I’m not upset at all, you made a great point. I was just explaining. I’m sorry, I get a bit passionate about this stuff. 😉

  • Jay-G

    I say keep them coming n ur 100% right with rotten tomatoes, I say review the shit outta of any n every tweak you never know who needs what…

  • ReanimationXP


    Thank you so much for covering every tweak and creating videos for seemingly “useless” ones like this. Do NOT listen to the haters. You are the only place on the internet I can come for this information and count on seeing a demo video too.

    This does one of two things for me: (a) Lets me know how it will actually work. (as you mentioned in this one, checking the time at night actually fits my needs /perfectly/ while others might think this is worthless)

    ..or (b) prevents me from wasting my money on something just to try it. You are a great alternative for would-be pirates to be able to check out tweaks, even obscure ones, without purchasing first. The haters who say this is useless should be thanking you for SHOWING THEM THAT without them having to purchase it or possibly screw up their phone when trying it themselves.

    Haters, shut up!

  • Andy

    Hey jeff, have you changed the lighting angle in your studio (living room where u shoot ur videos)??? Or does it only seem to me like you BBQed your left index finger? I noticed it in your review of LSmediacontrols.

  • Bil

    Love these little videos wether they’re useless or not,

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Love the videos and as several comments stated it does help us find our own “person” Tweaks that we might find nice to have!

  • XepptizZ

    People should not look at the tweaks so narrowminded. I love the idea of the tweak, but every benifit i can see doesn’t outweight the disadvantages.

    • ReanimationXP

      The fact that you think everyone is the same is you is what’s actually narrow-minded. Funny how narrow-minded individuals always think they aren’t.

  • Frank

    very useful, as u said specially when checking the clock while sleeping… is not gonna hurt my eyes anymore!

  • Ethos

    u crazy