I have to admit, I really didn’t see much of a need for LSMediaControls in my jailbreak repertoire…until I happened to use it while driving.

My experience using this tweak while on the road has opened my eyes to how incredibly useful it can be.

No longer do you need to glance at the iPhone to make sure you’re tapping the right button.

LSMediaControls makes it simple to play, pause, skip and listen to previous music, from virtually any music app. Check inside for the video details…

The LS in LSMediaControls, stands for lock screen. To use this tweak, you simply swipe backward or forward on your lock screen in order to skip or play previous tracks, and a double tap on the lock screen will play or pause the music.

Since the tweak allows you to swipe anywhere on the lock screen, there’s no need to actually look at the screen while controlling your tunes; hence, making it the perfect driving companion.

LSMediaControls is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know your thoughts on it below.

  • Jon stevens

    How do you unlock your phone to make use of these kind of things?
    Sorry – I know that’s a real novice question!

  • Jasper

    I have a question. I download a lot of music video’s from youtube with apps like aTube and MXTube. I want them to continue playing but when i put backgrounder on the music still stops. I have been struggeling with this problem for quite a while and i would really appriciate it if anyone would know a solution.

    • Random

      simple free way that works for me is to just lock the screen while the video is playing. Then double tap the home button to bring up the media controls and hit play. Instead of playing music it’ll play the video you locked the screen on.

    • Shannon

      There’s a tweak called Music Controls Pro. One feature it has is it continues to play the audio from YouTube videos in the background after leaving the YouTube app. Not sure if this answers your question.

  • Ugah2o

    I like using physical buttons better than swiping my screen. I use activator to map long press of volume buttons to skip or go back when playing songs.

    • ifonef0re

      Yes. I also use activator to control my music from lockscreen. Truth be told, it is the number one reason I jailbreak. I use volume up/down for next track, volume down/up for previous track, and short hold on standby button for pause/play.

  • Mike_B_001

    This sounds like a great gig for the Iphone owner on the go, i would like to see it available without the jailbreak though

  • None

    They copied from “music control Pro” made by Phoenix Dev

  • Dan

    There is a tweak perfect for you, called VideoLock, and whilst it does cost $0.99, it simply allows for the device to be locked whilst playing back video, and works with many music apps. I hope this was helpful.

  • ilhan

    tweak name changed.. LSMusicGestures is the new tweak name.

  • TrollinFiasco

    You could just download snow cover 4, comes with sick lock themes for album artwork and swiping has fluent animation, this tweak is nothing new….but whatever…

    • Silva

      Who cares? It’s a FREE tweak! That’s all that matters! but whatever.

  • XepptizZ

    Im loving the tweak to be honest, its free and enhances my music experience greatly. I don’t plan on shelling out 80 euros for the in ear apple earbuds and this tweak makes it easy to switch songs on the go without Pulling out my phone

  • FeO

    This works great for me because my home button on iPhone 4 doesn’t work so well always getting suck.

    • FeO


    • MrA

      Take it to an Apple Store. My lock/sleep button was stuck on an iPhone 4 I bought off craigslist and they replaced it for free.

      • FeO

        Never thought of that. And plus I don’t wanna loss my jb. And the new iPhone is around the corner. But yea thanks I’ma do that to sell it.

  • Shannon

    I use Music Controls Pro. It’s much better than this. It shows album artwork and has lots of other useful features. It’s $7 though, but I can’t live without it!

  • Mohammed Alamer

    Gooooooood I like it!!

  • Adel

    Has anyone tried it on iOS 5?? I installed it and it started causing problems, sliding to view notifications in the lockscreen doesn’t work anymore. Is there a fix for that?

  • Azerjaban

    This tweak is awesome. Control of my music in the car without having to look at the phone

    I would have gladly paid for this. Thanks to the makers!

  • Azerjaban

    This tweak is awesome. Control of my music in the car without having to look at the phone
    I would have gladly paid for this. Thanks to the makers!