A few days ago, we received a question about SBSettings; specifically, how do you enable swiping for the toggle buttons in SBSettings?

By default, SBSettings will enable more than two rows if you have more than eight buttons in your list of toggles. Because of this, there’s no need to have separate pages for toggles, due to everything fitting on a single page.

Ah, but there is a simple way to force a maximum of two rows of toggles, as this video tutorial shows you inside…

How to limit SBSettings Toggle Rows to Two:

1: Open SBSettings
2: Select ‘More’
3: Select ‘SBSettings Options’
4: Enable ‘Max Of 2 Rows’ under the SBSettings Window Options

After following these steps, you will now be able to swipe your SBSettings toggles if you have more than eight toggles enabled.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns in the comments section below.

  • Yup I knew about swiping not too long, maybe before a month

    I always was limiting my icons on sbsetting, but then I swiped and found out ^^

  • Bobo

    the name of the SBSettings theme please?

  • Which theme is that for SB Settings :)?

    • Tobbe

      Oh saw the comment above me now, sorry ;P

  • Try iRetina, best sbs theme

    Thanks Jeff

  • Jay


    how can i enable the dropdown? in settings it is not disabled, but when i go into activatin methods, it is empty, i can send a screen shot of this and i have activator installed…..have they turned off settings for ios 5 because its not compatible?


  • Alexandru HUSARU

    OK, and if I don’t want to swipe, just to have all my toggles on two rows? I’m having difficulties in performing that on my iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1. Maybe it’s that Serious theme that doesn’t allow it.