Today Apple put up the banner for the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. The banner shows the same exact icons that were on the invitations sent out a couple of days ago.

The banner was put up outside of Apple’s campus auditorium in Cupertino, California. Apple’s event is scheduled to take place this Tuesday.

Who’s excited? We sure are!


  • eastsiderozay


  • jo-macral


  • Greg

    Let’s do it! iOS 5 baby!

  • ic0dex

    Oct. 4th at 10am… location and the telephone icon shows 1 missed call, so that means they’re only going to show one device. It’s going to be the iPhone 4S and I bet it’s going to be a buffet up version of the iPhone 4. They did the same thing to The iPhone 3G (3GS). I think the iPhone 5 will be out sometime next year. Sorry everyone don’t get bummed out :(…

    • Smtp25

      I will not be amused If it’s just a 4s, less amused again if it doesn’t have z bigger screen on top! You’d think apple would have been nice enough to squash iphone5 rumors earlier otherwise ppl will just be disappointed enough to make the switch

    • Saleh

      or…… the “1” could mean that GSM and CDMA will be in 1 phone

    • Josh

      The last thing most people would do is base their hopes and predictions on just one more guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      • goofygreek

        In the computer worlds, the value 1 means the second device. Example, if you have 2 hard drives in your computer, your first hard drive is labeled 0, the second hard drive is labeled 1. So, maybe if they use that logic, then 1 actually means 2. Talk about grasping at straws.

      • ic0dex

        That’s my prediction and I’m not giving hope to anyone.

  • I wanna be that security guard…Just saying.

    • Greg

      He doesn’t get to go inside and if he tries LOOKING inside, he’s immediately evaporated by a satellite laser.

      • kadz

        iv seen it happen to the other 2 guards

      • Darth Vader Has Tried The Same Technique!

        Cameron Carlyon

  • Lol. I thought that the website on the sign was actually part of it.

  • Henrik Hadberg

    Let’s talk – see – feel – hear and not least playing with the new iphone and its new software

  • Hasan

    They will release the iphone 5 , not the iphone 4s

    • Josh

      Shut up.

  • XepptizZ

    If they were to go the 4s way then the phonemarket will kep on passing by apple. Apple needs the iphone 5 to keep the momentum going.

  • Me

    Wait….that building is 4 Infinite Loop? Their roads are programming phenomena?! I have new respect for the geekiness of Apple.

  • Josh

    TOMORROW BITCHEES! Tomorrow I will be one step closer from leaving this stupid 05.15.04 BASEBAND.

    (I hope)

  • Josh

    wat?!!1! theyre banner design waz made by 9to5mac??????!!!

    (I’m kidding)

  • Patrick

    maybe the 1 icon will b the “one more thing” after they announce the 4s, because if it really was just 1 iPhone, then don’t u think they would have just put up the phone icon?