Gizmodo has done it again. The same site that got its hands on the iPhone 4 before it was released has also procured images of what is assumedly a new iPhone to be announced on Tuesday.

The device, codenamed ‘N90A’, is not the iPhone 4S (codenamed ‘N94). That device is still coming, but this photo is of the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 that will be launched next week, too.

Gizmodo reports:

“Our Brazilian brothers,, got their hot little hands on a few photos of one a new iPhone, to be announced next week. How? Well, there’s a Foxconn factory in Brazil, and Pedro & co got one of their men inside.

Inside, they found a new-SKU iPhone that looks just like the old iPhone 4.

Most of these photos don’t look like anything special—just snapshots of a familiar face. But when you get to the last one, a picture of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form, you’ll notice something strange: a different model number, N90A.”

Gizmodo notes that these specific devices in the picture above won’t be hitting shelves anytime soon, due to a problem with the camera lenses. The design itself is very real, and this is the closest thing to a confirmation that Apple will unveil a cheaper iPhone 4 alongside the 4S on Tuesday.

As you can see, this cheaper iPhone 4 features the exact same design as the current iPhone, but the device will have less onboard storage and reportedly rely heavily on iCloud. The iPhone 4S is rumored to come in a 64GB flavor and feature Apple’s secret “Assistant” feature in iOS 5. This cheaper iPhone 4 will probably replace the 3GS and serve as Apple’s entry-level device.

A more affordable iPhone will open the flood gates to many more potential customers for Apple. The device has been rumored to start at $50 once it’s made available to the public.

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  • Gizmodo, how Apple does loathe thee.

  • I agree with you Jeff…This does make for some interesting news.

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  • Allen

    Consider This: Three iPhone Models. W/ contract: Free- iPhone 4, $99 – The 4S, $199 & $299 – the IPhone 5. OR one model could be prepaid exclusive. OR they could use new pricing schemes such as $49, $149, $249 and have a phone at every price point

    • Steve Jobs

      Lmfao I agree with that guy up there simple because that was hiliarious.

  • Dylan

    Ok…. There will be a new iPhone and an iPhone 4 with 8GB. What’s so hard to understand about this?

  • Geezy

    Well, you would hope that the person that took these photos would do everything possible to not get caught. After all, living in Brazil and working for an apple manufacturer, I would have to imagine would be a dream job for some. But this person obviously had no care if he got caught since you can see the bright red hair of the individual in the reflections. So unless there are hundreds of red haired people running around the apple manufacturing plant, Its safe to assume we probably wont be getting too many more screenshots from this guy. LOL. Can you say “Fired”.

  • I don’t like this. It is so not Apple to produce lower quality products

  • Alan

    The iPhone 4 8GB won’t be lower quality at all! It will be a regular iPhone 4 with slightly fewer storage space, but at terms of quality top notch, as always Apple 🙂

  • Claire

    I’ll be glad when Tuesday comes because it’s just rumour after rumour with this blog, 3 months ago it was an interesting, factual site but since the iOS 5 unveiling you have gone downhill fast with rumours and pure fanboy posts .. What are you actually going to post when 1 or 2 or 10 fucking phones come out ?? Maybe you’ll start with iPhone 6 rumours for another 18 months !!

    • Jasper


    • idk about you, but im checking in every night and clicking them just to relax my nerves since the iphoneless june.

      btw for official info, theres a site called: . just saying.

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      • Joe

        +2 LOL

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  • mersim

    oh these haters :r cmon guys get a girl and live

  • fdxgncgfn

    If you go on Engagdet’s website, it has a post about radioshack inventory leaks iphone 5 and price is $50 for a TGT model (i don’t know what even means) and free for the regular model.

  • sean

    2 more days, 2… more..days

  • Nomi

    android still beats apple with dual core bigger screen more features iphone is getting old

  • Taba

    Hahahaha, oh wait…isn’t this idb? OMG! A fuckntroll!!

  • Alex

    Nope, Chuck Testa.