It appears that any hope left of Apple unveiling a totally redesigned handset next week just floated out the window. As it has done several times, 9to5Mac just uncovered some juicy information hidden within Apple’s software.

The find comes from the latest version of iTunes beta, which Apple seeded to developers yesterday afternoon. The music software references two new models of Apple’s smartphone, the black iPhone 4S and the white iPhone 4S…

The fact that only two iPhone 4S handsets are mentioned, compared to four iPhone 4 models, suggests that the 4S is indeed dual-band. There won’t be separate CDMA and GSM iPhones, because both technologies will be supported in one handset.

9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman has more on the device’s appearance:

“Along with the new iPhone name of “iPhone 4S” comes an image, and it is of a CDMA iPhone 4. Unless Apple still has the CDMA iPhone 4 as a placeholder image until the new iPhone is announced, we’re fairly confident that the iPhone 4S will pack the CDMA iPhone design.”

If you remember correctly, Apple gave select developers “iPhone 4S” devices back in April of this year. The handsets reportedly looked like the iPhone 4, but with A5 processors. I find it hard to believe that the device hasn’t changed in nearly 6 months.

Regardless, it certainly looks like we are only going to see one smartphone unveiled on Tuesday. And it’s not going to be the awesomely redesigned handset we’ve all been dreaming about, iPhone 5 cases or not.

  • Josh

    Ok, now this are some SOLID news. Finally

  • i think its a manipulation from Apple !! they that iTunes will be explored by hackers so why they keep information like this visible on the .plist file 🙂

    • QuarterSwede

      That would be a first for them. They’ve never misled in code before.

      • stfudvs

        +1 correct

  • sean

    Well maybe it reads 4s cause thats the devices the developers are still using, therfore its attentiond are reading those tested devices

  • La Cucaracha

    Look at you peeps, hoping this is not reality. I also feel disappointed, since I just wanted to see a brand new iPhone “innovating” once again.

  • sk@tta

    Stop Dreaming and keep hoping when the proof is right infront of u. No iPhone 5 on Tuesday just the iPhone 4S

  • I my self would not be highly disappointed if the iphone4s looks like the iphone4. I didn’t like what the rumored iphone5 was supposed 2 look like. As long as it has better cameras and all the goodies promised in iOs 5. I would be in line 2 buy one on launch day!

    • Brad


  • Dino

    An iPhone 4S is just a lazy and cheap way to rip off apple fans, it will fail, I have the money but if is not an iPhone 5 I am spending my money on a decent Android handset

    • Ian

      Haha, first of all, it won’t fail, apple could announce any decent iPhone on Tuesday and it’ll sell millions. Second of all, If the phone doesn’t meet your needs, dont buy it, apple appeals to the masses and it doesn’t matter if you buy it or not.

      • @Max_Kas


    • Brad

      Good job man, android with time is gonna kill ios.

  • ic0dex

    I personally still think that there will be an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5 because they’re going to stop production on the iPhone 3GS soon. So if we do see iPhone 4S then say goodbye to the iPhone 3GS.

    • iJuly4TH

      I agree

    • Josh

      I love my 3GS. It’s just as fast as the iPhone 4 and will get a smooth iOS 5 update. I can’t afford the “5th” anyway 🙂

      • Tomb198269

        Sell your 3GS for 200$ easy right now before the new IPhone is released!

  • veda

    whatever its going to be…still so called APPLE freak….will dump my current att contract..and get the new one…

  • iJuly4TH

    wow, I don’t believe that.

  • Lucas K.

    Well my guess is similar to above the 4s could be a code name of developer phones to use and the latest iTunes us just that – a beta – and not final. They probably wouldn’t be stupid enough to include the final product in the beta software. Has it not appeared in previous betas. If not then maybe it is what the new phone is called. I’ll be fairly disappointed if it’s not a new design on Tuesday and I only expect one model will be announced as well. The iOS 5 updates may be enough to keep me on the iPhone for now though depending on the upgrades. 16 months seems like plenty if time to have made a redesigned phone and tested it for the kinks a la antennagate. We shall see in 3 short days.

  • Spats

    What’s the big deal? The iPhone 4’s design is wonderful… I could definitely keep my iPhone 4 for 2 more years. Not in any hurry; I actually WANTED them to keep the design.

  • Steve

    i still like my 3GS, cuz it unlocked

  • Now I really want to be a developer to get the iPhones early lol

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I trust Apple’s own code WAY more than I trust whoever some random carrier hired to create SKUs.

  • fdxgncgfn

    Maybe Apple didn’t update iTunes yet to support iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 GSM because they wanted to trick us. By the way, I am not looking forward to iOS 5.1, it is just some enhancements and improvements to Mail.

  • Nick

    What I think Apple is not going to have a iPhone 5. It’s going to be iPhone 4S. The iPhone is going to be just faster and better than the iPhone 4. Same design outside but better hardware inside. Why I say that. From 1984 Apple always upgrade their products design every 2 years. Look at their iMac and MacBooks line. They do the same. So all those rumors goodbye iPhone 5 and hello iPhone 4S.

  • From the looks of it I’m pretty sure there will be two versions, mainly because since we don’t have CDMA in the UK (and most of the world) so a just 4S looks pretty rubbish and pretty much non news to have a dual mode antenna

  • Deathstar

    Galaxy S II…HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ic0dex

    The iPhone 4S is going to replace the 3GS. They will probably have a 8Gb and a better camera. I don’t think Apple will put any major upgrades to the iPhone 4S. They will save all the good stuff for the iPhone 5. I really don’t care anymore, what’s the point all the iOS run the same and the phone might look a bit different.

  • Brett

    It’s obviously going to be the iphone 4s! Why would Apple bring out the iphone 5 when there is so much to gain by bring out the 4s? Look at the success and profit they made from the 3gs. They now have a marketing scheme to release the new iphone every two years and do an upgrade in the year between, saving them money and allowing time for a complete makeover the iphone 5! Common sense really

  • Kieran

    Nothing’s certain until tomorrow! It will be a bit disappointing if it is just a 4 re-hash!