Apple’s iPhone event is just a few days away, and after months of rumors, we’re still unsure of what to expect. Since March, there has been speculation that the Cupertino company would be unveiling multiple handsets this year.

Over the last few weeks, the two-phone theory has largely dropped out of the conversation. A majority of the tech world now seems to think that we’ll only see one iPhone model next week: the 4S. But what about all of these iPhone 5 cases still floating around?

Since July, we’ve seen an onslaught of cases that appeared to be designed for a remodeled iPhone. In conjunction with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 was rumored to be a teardrop-shaped device that was expected to be Apple’s next flagship handset.

But so far we haven’t seen any leaked components that point to a redesigned iPhone, and pundits and analysts are starting to “confirm” that there won’t be one. But apparently no one has told any of the case makers about the 4S.

Sure, we’ve seen purported iPhone 5 cases pop up in China, but now they are starting to turn up stateside. Yesterday, BGR published a photo of what they believe to be AT&T’s inventory system showing cases marked for the iPhone 5.

While the name “iPhone 5” could easily be a generic description, we’ve already seen the iPhone 4S moniker appear on cases. So, this would make it seem like there are two different models floating around. Then, there’s MacRumors.

The Apple news site also published images yesterday of third party cases that match the ones we’ve been seeing for months. They are also marked iPhone 5, and the photos are believed to have been taken from inside an AT&T retail store.

What’s the deal? Something strange is going on here. Either case makers are completely confused, or Apple really is releasing a redesigned smartphone next week. And if that’s the case, it’s one of the best kept tech secrets of all time.

What do you think? iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or both?

  • Alan

    I think iPhone 5 will be “one more thing” πŸ™‚

  • rdqronos

    Apple doesn’t release their devices for case makers… this is why the iPad didn’t have any REAL cases before it was released, case makers thought it was gonna be called the iSlate or iTablet. Why can’t rumor starters just wait THREE MORE DAYS until the phone is announced?

  • Joe

    Yeah Alan is probobally right it can also be that apple has upgraded security even more that made the 5 parts stay unleaked

  • Omar

    Case makers probably took a gamble on the rumored design and started producing cases.

    • John doe

      Thats exactly what they do. Usually the first Available casses get sold by the tons. Wouldnt you take the chance in selling millions of cases in the first week.

  • Wait a minute :O
    baseband 04.10.01 for iphone 4.
    Look the numbers again think a little πŸ˜€
    04 of October(10th month) of 2001 XD release of iphone -5

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Just fuckin wait.

  • Bob

    If there is no iPhone 5 and only the 4S, it better be a lot more than; a faster processor, better camera and the mute button on the opposite side… Steve is sick, iPhone 5 is only a 4S and not enough “wow,” I call it the end of an era. There are too many competitors with a lot of wow right now…

  • Maybe its the iPhone 4s masquerading under the name of the iPhone 5, while the cases are really for a bigger screened iPod Touch?

  • fdxgncgfn

    what happened to the “one” symbol on the invitation? Did everyone forget?

  • Kiefer

    Let’s look at it this way. In 2007 apple reinvented the phone. Look back at other smartphones of that time period and you will quickly see that nothing compared to iPhone. Now look back a year at iPhone 4 when it was released. It still made other phones look like crap. Now look at 2011. iPhone 4 is so 2010. What was cool in 2010 is not cool in 2011. Apple knows that. As awesome as iPhone 4 is, it is time for apple to release something revolutionary and not evolutionary like a 4S. Plus, look at all the leaked iPad 2 cases floating around! There were tons of them by all sorts of manufacturers! Were they not dead on? This is why I think these iPhone 5 cases are legit and we will see something revolutionary this Tuesday!

  • Bob

    “…it is time for apple to release something revolutionary and not evolutionary like a 4S.” great line.

    • Kiefer

      Thanks bob… Not completely original but thanks!

  • Craig

    Remember that aapl had an extra 6 months with this last product cycle, no way they’ll do just a 4S, especially with this being the 1st true product announcement for tim cook, I just bought a lot of aapl options, so the 5 better be ‘chocolatey-delicious revolutionary’, pleasez

    • Kiefer

      That’s what I’m thinking πŸ™‚

  • Andy

    Just a thought but if they were only releasing a 4s then why would the new iOS be called iOS 5? If 4s was the only one coming out then they should continue 4.? updates. iOS 5 = iPhone 5 in my opinion

  • Yeah, it’s gonna be iphone 5

  • Wow, only 2days more. The wait is ending…;)

  • Wow, only 2days more.
    The wait is ending…