It’s been a long time coming, but one of my favorite OS X utilities has made its way to iOS. Indeed, f.lux just appeared on the iPhone, but not via the conventional App Store method.

f.lux is a handy utility that automatically adjusts the color temperature of your screen, resulting in significantly reduced eye-strain.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of f.lux, it pretty much has no chance of ever appearing on the official App Store. Thankfully, the team behind this excellent tweak has found refuge on Cydia…

Upon installation, you’ll find four lighting settings that you can adjust according to your environment. Once it gets past a certain hour, the iPhone will progressively adjust the color temperature of your display to make it more comfortable in the reduced light.

Not only that, but the team also says that the color temperature has a direct bearing on a person’s quality of sleep after using a display. The more appropriate the temperature according to the time of day, the easier it will be to adjust when hitting the hay.

If you haven’t already tried f.lux on the Mac, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. It’ll rock your world. I’m still adjusting to the iPhone version, but I have a feeling I’m going to dig it just as much as I do its big brother.

Best of all, f.lux is free on both platforms. So, what are you waiting for? If your iPhone is jailbroken, head over to Cydia, check it out, and report back on how you liked it.

  • Dan

    Download this yesterday and really like it. I’ve already gotten used to the colour change, and feel that this tweak is yet another must-have, like SBSettings or AppSlide. Great review as well Jeff.

  • 37v

    yup. DLd it yesterday too… pretty awesome little tweak.
    although i am contemplating its accuracy with the incandecent and candle settings… they do look weird, but i can imagine it just takes getting used to and i can see this is very useful.
    originally didnt know it was on the mac so now im definitely trying it.

    now all this needs are SBSettings toggles…
    anyone 😕

  • almarro619

    i really like it. but the only problem is the in the timing on it cant be custom set specially since i work graveyard and sleep in all day.

  • Gato

    I cant find it. What source?

    • Cameron Carlyon

      No source

    • Britta

      It’s in Telesphoreo (saurik’s source), which is on every device with Cydia. It’s easier to find if you’re searching for “f.lux” with a period, not just “flux”.

      • Thanks for stopping by and helping out 🙂

  • Aux

    i LOVE IT!

  • T Dot

    I hate having to manually dim my phone and night. Hopefully this will serve as a good replacement.

    • me

      Or you could use the automatic brightness setting. It works really well!

  • XepptizZ

    I wonder, how well does this play with inverting colours, a feature i often use.

  • TimCook

    Please note that a word “tweak” does not exist in Apple’s vocabulary. Thank you.

  • wayne

    it keeps making me having to hard reset because the pixel get ruined when it switches over, but after the reboot its fine.. til morning when it switches back and the pixels are messed up again, have to reboot everytime

    • Britta

      Aw! What kind of device are you using? Try emailing the developers and letting them know the details so they can fix it – in Cydia, go to the f.lux page and tap “Author” at the top of the page to email them.

  • Wayne, Lorna of f.lux here. What device are you using? Please let us know what’s happening, we haven’t heard about this happening for everyone and we’d love to get you fixed.

  • Andy

    Hope you let us know when a SBSettings toggle has been made 🙂

    • YES! I want one so bad. I’m thinking about just making my own if it doesn’t come out in a month or so.

  • BabyLovesYou

    Does f.lux supports iOS 5?

  • We need an SBSettings toggle!

  • GoldenPearMCPE

    Your dream has finally come true!