As noted by Reddit user skelatwork, AT&T has already begun throttling data speeds for its wireless customers. We told you months ago that AT&T was going to implement data throttling this October, and it seems that the first messages have already been sent.

AT&T is only throttling the top 5% of data customers, but what qualifies for reaching such a threshold has still not been clarified.

AT&T’s press release from July:

“Starting October 1, smartphone customers with unlimited data plans may experience reduced speeds once their usage in a billing cycle reaches the level that puts them among the top 5 percent of heaviest data users.  These customers can still use unlimited data and their speeds will be restored with the start of the next billing cycle.  Before you are affected, we will provide multiple notices, including a grace period.”

In this particular instance, skelatwork had gone over 11GB for his monthly allowance. That’s quite a lot of data.

Not to be left out, Verizon iPhone customers have also started receiving messages like this one for excessive usage on the unlimited data plan. Verizon starts throttling at the 2GB threshold. Sprint is promising to place nice and not throttle iPhone users, should it get Apple’s smartphone next week.

Let us know if you’re a victim of AT&T’s throttling policy. How much data did you use before you got the message?

Are any of you worried about data throttling, or do you not use enough data to care either way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  • soccerkrzy

    Sweet, I’m at 3GB right now. I have no idea when they start since everyone’s billing cycle is at a different time. Fuck AT&T and Verizon.

    • soccerkrzy

      Also, I would like to know to what speeds they throttle…

  • Old Tom

    not a huge fan of sprint, but as a long time att customer, they instant they throttle me, they’ll get dropped like a bad habit and off to sprint i’ll go.
    Speak with your wallet is about the only thing we little mortals can do these days.
    Ive already switched banks due to the ludacrious $5 monthly charge they are implementing to use a debit card. Screw em!! congress put legislation in place to limit certain areas banks can charge, so they come up with new ways and stick us with the bill. F that.
    Same with telecoms. In ATT’s case, their network has been woefully inadequate and in an interest to not have to spend funds to upgrade faster and to make money at same time, they throttle us with unlimited plans. Unlimited is NOT unlimited when the stream is dammed up and not flowing as usual.
    So if any ATT troll reps are reading . . . . . . I’ll take my $206.45 monthly funds and spend it elsewhere the 1st time i get a message like that.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Mi billing cycle restarted the 20th and I am currently at 3gb. Last month I went over 6 times. Dammit.

  • Cojendo

    I uses consistent 4-6 gb a month and haven’t had an issue. I even called up when first announced and the rep said I should have to worry but couldn’t guarantee anything since it changes monthly. She said the heaviest users were up to 50-60GB a month!

  • Wow lol. How do you guys manage to use so much data?

    • soccerkrzy

      Stream Pandora all day at work, watch Netflix while I workout, that puts me around 8-10GB every month.

  • MrBig

    You guys don’t need to worry, in germany we get throttled @ about 200 MB to 64kbit/s, if you pay more you can get it up to 1 GB or 5 GB, but that’s not cheap!

  • ic0dex

    I got to 1.5Gb this month and I noticed that my data speeds slowed down. I started to use MyWi 5.0 at school to get internet access and I think they see the spike in data usage, like on a regular day I only avg. 5-10Mb and all of a sudden it jumps up to 50-100Mb. So they can see all this and thats how they determine if your abusing your DATA.

    • Joe

      So if u use MYWI 5.0 they can still see your data usage?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think wifi counts in data usage since it may not even be at&t wifi

  • Diznigg

    I’ve used about 8.5gigs and still no text from att

  • Diznigg

    I’ve used about 8.5gigs and still no text from att btw I stream alot of netflix

  • Juan

    wow. i thought i was a heavy user at just under 1GB usage per month, on average… haha. I guess I’m totally safe from throttling… in theory. =)

  • sean

    I know i use easlisy more than 11gb, i stream alot (movie head), with all my iphone movie sites i know their going to throttle me

  • Joe

    I agree with everyone. I think they need to look up the word UNLIMITED again. False advertising. U buy unlimited and now they not giving u what u pay 4. BS I think We or someone needs to take them to court. Thats like going to a all u can eat buffet and then the mngr tells u. U can’t eat anymore. U eating to much. BS. I look at it like this. I had unlimited Data b4 all this FB,Myspace,Netflix, and much more things like apps ever came out. My ass was getting rip off from hardly using data to not using it back in the day. So now that all these smart phones coming out with all these things. Know that they r loosing money. They want to take it away. BS they made lots of money off us. Yrs ago. Feels kinda like entrapment to me. Advertises Unlimited plans then later take it away BS. Even tho there’s probably small print saying something about data usage. They can terminate your plan. I guess like me and thousands of others we mis Read the DATA PACKAGE we added to r phone. The 1 that reads UNLIMITED PLAN. BS sounds like court case to handle this.

  • Geno

    How do you find your usage?

  • prplaya420

    we should sue att

  • Jaredd floydd

    Unlimited data plan 😀 except Verizon is a little slower

  • whiskeyDelta6

    If 20% of all data customers don’t use any type of data for one day, and then suddenly turn it on at a certain time 24hours later. What would that do to ATT’s network? If it caused havoc to their network, that would teach’em to mess with their customers. “We the people……”

  • karen

    ATT execs listen up!!
    You should get a BIG class action law suit because this is completely and utterly illegal!!
    You tell people that they have unlimited data plans and then send them a message that you
    are going to be at reduced speeds just because they are telling you that you are using too much data??
    Then why the heck are you charging me the same amount of money every month? If you reduce my speed, then you should reduce the over $240.00 dollars a month I am spending for your service!
    Does anyone know how to report this to the FCC and report this DISCRIMINATION from ATT??
    I know I use a lot of data- but we’re a family of five, do the math!! Plus, how about the fact that we use it when we try to skype overseas to loved ones that are in harms way that are serving this great country- yes I know that uses a lot of data- but that’s why I am willing to pay all that $$$..But definitely not to be given the shaft!

  • SmartPhone Unlimited

    I can help you get a smartphone unlimited plan for at&t for your smartphone. Even if youre a new customer. Text me @ 716-771-2545
    Lets get you unlimited!!!
    (Text only please)

    • Anonymous

      Fuck AT&T

  • Just got my text message warning and notice at just 3.5 GB!!!!! WTF? I’m well over half way through my billing cycle as well.
    Plus I’m suspicious of the average user only using 2gb. Are they counting customers that don’t have smart phones?
    Someone tell me what legal action can be taken. This doesn’t seem right.

  • Lisa Kay Lockwood

    I use between 30 to 80 GB/month already. Just bought an HDMI cable to stream Netflix hi def over my huge flat screen…we’ll see what it jumps to then!!! Muahahahah!!!

    By the way, before anyone criticizes me for the amt of data I pull: when I first signed up I asked what the safe route was as I’m not a tech-y and not likely to be keeping an eye on “data usage.” so they recommended “unlimited” I took THEIR advice and never gave it another thought. The sold ME on THEIR unlimited plan, now it’s their responsibility to meet it and not mine to count GBs… Just sayin…

  • Gary Hall

    I was warned last month after my wifi was accedently turned off and I got to 4.2 gigs
    I was throttle down this month after just 2.1 gigs.
    I signed a two year contract for unlimited data, now they limit how I use my phone and they won’t let me out of my contract.

    This is illegal!

    I will gladly join a class action law suit!

  • info

    I use 10gb in two weeks so AT&T reduce my data speed it feel like its 50% slower. I will move my service to Sprint if I have to. Sprint data is even faster then AT&T data FUCK AT&T I say!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been getting messages every month, and most the time the speed never comes back up till I call and complain. When my speed drops, my Netflix speed 10 sec on 10 sec rebuffer. Clearly this is not unlimited data. They are limiting our data!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been getting messages every month, and most the time the speed never comes back up till I call and complain. When my speed drops, my Netflix speed 10 sec on 10 sec rebuffer. Clearly this is not unlimited data. They are limiting our data!!!

  • Lisa Kay Lockwood

    Using “too much” data on an “unlimited data” plan? Is AT&T the only entity in this space-time continuim that gets to operate within a paradox?

  • Anonymous

    AT&T is operating in a vacuum and they really don’t care if you complain. I was throttled this month after reaching 1.8 Gig. Imagine I am paying for the equivalent of 3 Gig for $30 by their standard but yet I can not even use that amount in peace. There is now a “special” complaint unit which basically is a guy who shows no emotion and tells you to leave if you want. In fact, he offers to help you. He says the plan is still unlimited and will even concede at throttled .03 mbps speeds you could never reach even 3 Gig if you left your phone downloading all month in theory. I say its class action time.

  • Anonymous

    i was told by a att representative your % of usage is determined by your location so in low market area u get cut faster. how do u spell discrimination???? I know i was,and i have wi-fi at home and at at work where 90% my time is spent.

  • This is their bullshit way of making us unlimited data plan users turn to a 4GB data plan user. Fuck you AT&T! Why have apps like Netflix and Pandora if I can’t even use it due to too much data use? I might as well not even have a fuckin’ iPhone. If everything is on Wifi, then I’m better off with a Ghettro phone and a iPod Touch for app shit. They prolly just say you are 5% but really, you aren’t. All these companies are doing this now. Even Comcast. What’s the point of having fast speeds if I can’t download shit? I download and my bandwidth goes to shit. Ok, that makes sense, what the fuck am I paying for again? All these companies has us by the balls and they know they can do whatever they want because there isn’t another “good” company that offers all that without some dumbass data cap.

  • Sergey Ivanyuk

    I used 1979.2 and got that massage.. We should sue att&t

  • I have four people on a family unlimited plan. My son recieved the message yesterday about throttling down his speed. My problem with that is the other three phones are no where near his 2.3GB usage. A family plan or any plan that includes more than one phone should be averaged across all phones on that account Just like rollover minuets. There is going to be a class action law suite coming.

  • Anonymous

    I had 5.5G in December and 3.6 in January. I have 2.6G and been throttled most of February. I don’t believe I am in the top 5% of users. I would like to see their evidence. I am willing to participate in any a class action lawsuit that is filed.They haven’t throttled how much they charge me for the service; Just the service, that is supposed to be unlimited.