How do you plan on preparing for the next iPhone? Whether it’s the iPhone 5, or the iPhone 4S, a lot of folks have different gameplans when it comes to acquiring the next iPhone.

What will you do with your current iPhone? Will you downgrade the firmware, jailbreak and unlock it, and try to pull in a premium? Or will you do like me, and keep your old iPhone and use it as a testing device?

These, and many, many more questions are answered in this week’s episode of Ask Jeff

In this week’s episode, I cover the next iPhone, downgrading to iOS 4.3.3, and how I got into making YouTube videos in the first place.

If your question didn’t make this week’s agenda, I’m sorry, but why not shoot for next week? Be sure to submit your question or comment below.

What did you think about Episode 08?

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  • loooooooool, now that im thinking, there is nooooooooooooooooooooooo way, after one year and a half, that apple is going to produce just a iphone 4s, there is just no way that only that is whats going to happen.

    • Looks more and more unlikely. Apple has played their cards close, which is exciting. They have done an amazing job of keeping leaks to a minimum.

      • Roli


  • sean

    I muesum my iphones , i can never part from them

    • Hah. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  • Spencer

    Great vidio Jeff. Are we opening a sweep stake on which episode will feature your new iPhone 4s / 5

  • Hey Jeff I know it’s not YouTube but I have a question for you,

    How can I make YouTube videos about Cydia packages and become so popular?

  • Jay

    Jeff! I’m a new jailbreaker and was wondering if if i updated my iPhone 4 (i’m still running 4.1 yea I know old lol) to the latest version of iOS (i think its 4.3) will i lose my jailbreak/brick my phone? Thanks for the help!

  • Don

    What is the car adapter called?

  • Josh

    Hey Jeff! Was curious to know, I have HEAPS (that are useful) of tweaks on my iPhone 4 and they DO NOT slow me down or whatever but I was wondering, seeing how many tweaks u have (in settings atleast not many) is there a limit to how much my iPhone 4 can take? Thanks bro! Love ur stuff

  • Geno

    I see people always talking about how much data usage they have so far for the month. How do you check data usage.
    Great show, thanks for the help.

  • Aza

    Hi jeff… you’ve got me and my friends addicted to match panic… what is your high score??

  • Clear

    Hi Jeff. Nice videos. Is there any way to restore jailbroken iphone running 4.3.5 without using iTunes? Please reply. Thank You

  • Kruno

    Jeff, have you tried Lockinfo,Notified Pro or similar tool? You like it?

    p.s you are great! Thx 🙂

  • Gman

    Hey Jeff,

    Have you heard of the Siri alternative for iPhone 4 called Vlingo? Do you think it’s as good as Siri or at least a decent app for those of us who don’t have the 4S?