It looks like the next iPhone could very well be called the iPhone 4S, according to a finding in Apple’s internal inventory database. 9to5Mac reports that a 8GB iPhone 4 and the infamous ‘N94’ iPhone 4S have both been added to Apple’s inventory system.

Besides the two iPhone models, findings also indicate that the three iPod touch capacities will be seeing international price drops. The N94 iPhone is assumedly the flagship device that Apple will unveil on Tuesday

9to5Mac’s report comes after an alleged ‘iPhone 4S’ packaging label from a Chinese forum yesterday. We did not report on the label because it could have easily been faked. However, 9to5Mac’s discoveries help affirm its authenticity:

“The model number from the label is MD239 (a 16GB unit), while the model number for the “better” (likely 32GB unit) is MD234. According to Mr. X, this sequence is sensible, but could just be a coincidence. If legitimate, the next-generation iPhone will be marketed as the iPhone 4S, but we definitely would not call that anywhere near confirmed. Another tidbit: IMEI and MEID being together on the label would indicate this new iPhone to be GSM+CDMA.”

The ‘N94’ prototype has been the subject of dozens of parts leaks over the last few months, and everything is pointing to a re-tooled iPhone 4 this Fall. 9to5Mac has been the main proponent of the iPhone ‘4S’ since April, so it’s important to keep that in mind. In fact, this specific report is actually a follow-up post with more details after new devices were already uncovered in Apple’s database yesterday.

Matching this leaked label and the leaked numbers in Apple’s database, it can be determined that the next iPhone may very well be the 4S. There has yet to be any sufficient sign of a redesigned iPhone 5, so for now we can only expect an evolutionary refresh of the iPhone 4. It’s unclear as to whether the device will have a tapered design with an aluminum build.

The main feature of the next iPhone is supposedly going to be Assistant, the top secret iOS 5 feature that Apple is rumored to unveil for new hardware this Tuesday. If Apple ends up touting Assistant as the new iPhone’s main draw, a new hardware design may not even be missed.

Additionally, 9to5Mac’s source “Mr. X” also says that the iPod touch will be seeing a price drop internationally, possibly to $199. Coincidentally, Apple is rumored to kill off the iPod Classic and Shuffle soon. With the 8GB iPhone and a cheaper iPod touch, Apple could be creating a new class of entry-level iDevices for the holiday season.

  • kadz

    wdf …. ” 4s ” … tha doesnt even sound apple like .. iphone 4s, seriously… i say this is bull crap lol … let’s just wait till tuesday ( 3gs sounds goods ) ..

  • The Same image from a brazillian website with more quality!

  • Night

    I really, really, really want the iphone 5 to be announce and release in October that is way I really now that it will be a gut bump of the iphone 4….

    The only hope for my left is that the 4S is because it has 4G capability or the size of the screen, but hope is all we have 🙁

  • nick

    the image is clearly fake

  • MisterExx

    If they think Assistant is gonna be the big seller of the iPhone, they might as well hand their customers over to Android on a silver platter. At this point, with all the speculations and rumors, if the new phone doesn’t contain AT LEAST a bigger screen, faster processor, and 8mp camera, then they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Assistant is software, and people are demanding hardware.

    • Tom

      Agreed, I’m currently a Droid user planning on switching, but if Apple does nothing spectacular I’ll be getting a Bionic!

  • fdxgncgfn

    if the ipod touch price goes down to $199, I am definitely NOT going to buy it (at 8 GB). I don’t want want to get cheated again like with the ipod touch 3rd gen 8GB. They give it a price drop, for a device that actually ends up being the older device with the newer bootroom. If it is not $229+ I suggest you stay away from the 8GB model.

  • I am pretty sure the “Mr.X is Will Strafatch @Chronic. He sent out a pic like this yestereday when he was having a descussion with another “Trusted Source”. How these guys get insider information is pretty suprising.

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I predict iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s for all carriers. Final. End of topic

  • Penezote

    4s and t-mobile its gonna have it.. My friend who works at at&t confirmed to me!!!!

  • Ash

    look at 4S closely in the photo. S has been added using a touch up tool

  • Tony

    I dont think apple could be so stupid. If they release a 4S version, their sells will go down cuz everyone is specting for an iPhone 5 not a 4S