We knew China was the land of knockoffs and copycats. You can easily find an HiPhone 5, and the iPhone 5 hasn’t even come out yet. It now appears that you can also find lots of fake iPhone 4’s.

The Chinese police busted a gang responsible for a “sophisticated” counterfeit iPhone ring. They came across a group of individuals who purchased various parts in China, and assembled the fake iPhones in their apartment…

200 real fake iPhones were found there, and according to the police, the fake models were identical to the real ones, except they had a shorter battery life. Even for an iPhone connoisseur, it’s hard to make the difference between a good fake and the real thing.

The cost to make those fake iPhones was about $313. They were then sold online or to shops in China for twice the price.

Do you think that you could tell the difference between a real and fake iPhone?


  • Lameshiz

    OMG, someone teach me how to make an iphone !!!

  • wanazou

    The Funny Part is, that the Fake iPhones are often much better than the normal Apple iPhones…
    (I talk about the Hardware- They have often crappy Covers, but the inside hardware has often better Hardware specifikations…^^)

  • mmm

    Actually, these seem to be actual iOS phones with the original hardware specs, but just cobbled together from parts. I imagine some parts were OEM, but some were genuine (like motherboard).

    That in itself is not illegal, but then advertising them as genuine, original iPhones is.

  • sf

    The only reason they got busted is because they actually claimed to be the iPhone.