You’ve heard about Starbucks and their weekly ‘Pick of the Week’ music offers right? Now everyone’s favorite (and most expensive!) coffee outlet is offering a free iOS app each and every week, and this week’s offering is the excellent Memento.

Memento, from D3i LTD, offers an excellent way to keep track of your online life, and it’s all locked safely behind a password protected app…

We told you all about Momento back in December, when our very own Alex Heath praised its ease of use and huge array of web services and apps that can be used with it:

“What makes Momento great is not only its functionality as a killer journal, but its elegant and responsive interface. Journaling and viewing past moments has never been easier on the iPhone.

Besides allowing you to enter journal entries, Momento collects feeds from your various social accounts on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,, Foursquare, Gowalla, Digg, Youtube, Vimeo and RSS/Atom feeds are currently supported in Momento. That means that most of your online life can be tracked and documented in a beautiful interface…”

Momento would usually set you back $2.99, but if you’re heading out to your local Starbucks for a tasty beverage anyway, why not pick up this little gem for the bargainous price of absolutely free?

Wonder what next week’s free app will be…


  • Jay R

    Just an FYI, I wasn’t too sure how exactly you pick up the free app but a quick google search let me know that they have some type of card (like a gift card) inside the store that you can just pick up and the code is on the back (although taking a look at some comments on some stores didn’t have them displayed?). Pretty slick deal it sounds like! Looks like they’re already had Shazam Encore for free too…I’ll have to keep an eye on this. Thanks for the heads up guys !!

    • Yes, they also offer free music and just started offering free ebooks. We wrote about that 😉

  • Jordan

    Would love to know how Canadians can jump on board. Starbucks here only does songs at this point.

  • Seamus

    I love when the name in the headline and the name in the article don’t match. Love it! Yay for no editor.