Remember the lost iPhone prototype? No, not the lost iPhone 4 that infamously went missing in a San Francisco bar, but the other one.

The iPhone 5 prototype that apparently took a walkabout in the Cava 22 bar in San Francisco has caused a bit of a stir. First, the San Francisco Police Department said that it didn’t know anything about the situation, and then the SFPD came back with a statement that there was police involvement.

Then came reports that Apple’s own security personell may have been impersonating police officers, and now it appears the real SFPD has asked for surveillance footage from the aforementioned bar…

Jose Valle, who’s family owns the Cava 22 bar, says he has been asked by SFPD to provide the surveillance footage that was taken between July 22st and 22nd.. Cava 22’s cameras take still photographs every three minutes according to the proprietor, and given the often low-light conditions inside, it is debatable just how much use the shots will be.

It is becoming clear that this is a story that just isn’t going to go away, and Apple obviously wants its hardware back. Just how big of a roll the SFPD is playing in the whole thing is unclear, but many believe that it is Apple’s own team that is pulling the strings.

We’re not sure we’d want to get on the wrong side of either of them, to be honest!


  • Eddie

    Why don’t they spend their money time and resources on something important. I’ve never been to SF but I’m sure they have bigger issues than a missing cell phone.

  • Howard

    I suspect the missing phone has been sold to either Samsung or HTC for a considerable sum.

    • PPDeluXe

      Which is probably how Samsung knows about the NFC

  • north

    I wonder who’s messing with the GPS tracking that led them to an random house apparently

  • God

    When’s July 22st?

  • jg

    “but many believe that it is Apple’s own team that is pulling the strings”

    This is not journalism, hire some new writers IDB.