A new survey by Nielsen shows that Android has been comforting its lead in smartphone market shares. According to the survey, within the last 3 months of the year, 56% of new smartphone buyers turned to Android, while only 28% chose an iOS device.

As the report notes, the preference of these new buyers are important because they often highlight a future trend in where the market is going…

The graph above also shows that during those 3 months, Apple still managed to acquire 3 times more new buyers than RIM did, and almost 5 times more than others, like Windows Phone.

So this is great news for Android, right? Well, yes, but not so fast.

What this report fails to highlight is that unlike Android, you can find iOS on only two smartphones: the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. In comparison, Android comes in dozens of different flavors, across several manufacturers. In that sense, it’s much easier to sell more devices when you have more of those to offer from the start.

Also not present in this report is that there is probably a huge anticipation for the iPhone 5 among first smartphone buyers. They know Apple is coming with a new device and might just be waiting for it.

This is in no way an excuse for iOS’ performance compared to Android’s. Android has been leading the pack for quite some time now, and I’m sure Apple is fine with it. After all, the company is still making more money than all manufacturers combined.

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  • Joe

    How many Android phones r there? Hmmm that might b y they sell more. just saying

    • Which is exactly what I described in paragraph 5 😉

      • Joe

        I agree. im just saying . I have this verbal fights with all my friends that have androids. I tell them no one every lines up for android phones. Its not breaking news when android has a new phone out. Also Apple is like the Mercedes Benz of smart phones. 1 brand is good. and Android is like Honda or Hyundai. so many models to choose from. Yes somethings Apple comes out with things kinda late. But when its out. Its like they perfect it.

      • I totally agree with you.

      • bob

        exactly apples iphones are special..

    • tho

      So you are saying Apple is only better than some of the Android phone? Because it shouldn’t matter. If the Mercedes and the Honda is the same price you can bet I will get myself a Mercedes. Which is the case with the phone. With a contract they are all the same price. Yet people still chose what they chosen. ” I’m just saying

  • iOS Cowboy

    What? The articles on this blog always contradict. A few days ago I remember seeing some article about how much iOS sold and how 89% of people will stick with it. Now this, the site has gone to shit.

    • Please refrain from leaving negative comments when you don’t fully understand the situation. The article we posted a few days ago said that 89% of EXISTING iPHONE OWNERS wouldn’t want to buy a different brand.

      This article published today says that 56% of NEW SMARTPHONE OWNERS choose Android over iOS. This means people that have never owned a smartphone before!

      So no, the information is not contradicting at all. It’s just 2 very different sets of data that demonstrates 2 very different information.

    • Mellonicoley

      This report is about NEW smartphone buyers, the other was about people who already have a smartphone.

  • Boki

    Android is on 60+ mobile phones,because is that popular.Who need android anyway?

    • BLTKOR

      Well for starters people that cannot pay alot on mobile phones and people that do not want a high end device. iphone is a high spec high end device but you can get low end htc , lg, samsung, and other devices. let be honest the not everyone can pay in total 7-800+ gbp on a 18month iphone contract or £550 on a pay go phone. we need android as there will allways be more low end users than high end over all worldwide.

  • This is because Apple keep trying to battle with jailbreak. damn you Apple, stop trying so hard and let us jailbreakers live in peace

  • Painman

    More spin than Alastair Campbell

  • Not to mention to date, iPhones are only really being sold with 2 carriers in the U.S.

    I had a jailbroken one on tmobile, but wouldn’t suggest my mom (a less than tech saavy user) deal with a jailbroken phone.

    I bet the # of iOS devices will rise as T-Mobile starts selling them.

  • Eddie

    iDB is to Apple what Fox news is to GOP

    • Eddie, I’ve got news for you. We are an Apple-focused blog. So yes, it’s very unlikely we’d be praising Android and spitting on Apple here.

      The news we share are definitely biased, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be realistic, which they are, as you can see in this post.

      • BLTKOR

        HMM…. you can be biased towards iphone but still keep some comments profesional i mean i have a iphone and will not upgrade unless apple mess up ios. but i prefer to read certain news without negative comments about the competition android does certain things better than the iphone like pricing, sometimes its better to have a honda civic type-r than a mercedes 🙂 . we need to respect android as they are the reason we get great feature on ios . apples vs google is the reason we have great games and updates so i think we owe them alot. peace IDB………

      • I understand. But did you see a negative comment about Android in my post? Nope.

      • BLTKOR

        no not in this post i was talking about in general tbh. alot of your readers hate apple or google or v-versa, i just think certain mocking comments should not be praised like the one below where you make fun of android (ERIC says This is because they give away android crap. Literally. Buy one get two free)
        (You say Haha, sometimes it’s even “buy 0, still get one free”)

  • Eric

    This is because they give away android crap. Literally. Buy one get two free

    • Haha, sometimes it’s even “buy 0, still get one free”.

    • Painman

      I got my son’s iPhone 4 for free. Does that detract from the quality?

  • Kathy Loyd

    I turned in my IPhone for the new Android Bionic when I recently switched over to Verizion from AT&T. I had 14 days to try it out but took it back after one week. It got soooo hot that it felt like my hand was still radiating from it after I used it. Also didn’t like the way it said “DROID” all the time (I am a 58 yr. old woman and that sounds to me like a burp or worse sound). Yes I know I could have changed the audio sound to something else but it I didn’t like anything else from audio sounds any better!

    Call me crazy but I got a dumb phone w/o the media pack that you have to pay extra for on smart phones – and I actually use it as – well, a dumb phone – plus texting.

    I bought a Verizion Hotspot for use with my IPad. Costs $58 per month and I have wifi access wherever I go – no media pack involved to pay for. It also runs my netbook too.

    I’m happy with this arrangement and have reduced my overall bill with phone company and completely let Comcast go.

    • I’m glad you found a solution that fits your needs. Obviously, smartphones aren’t for everyone. Besides, your iPad/MiWi set up seems to be working just fine for you 🙂

  • I actually think that jail breaking might put some people off buying an iPhone also the price is an issue for alot of people apple do charge alot for their phones
    Here in the uk you can get a galaxy ace for £15 a month and the phone is free
    However even the 3GS over here has an up front cost unless you have an expensive contract
    For me it’s about quality and aesthetics apple supply that in bucket loads
    However most of the android phones feel cheap to touch and look like they will break at first use
    If apple release a cheaper model as well as the new iPhone
    Well it’s a no brainer you might find the balance will swing towards apples os

    • bob

      ^^^dude jailbreaking has nothing to do with it cause all android phones can be rioted also same thing…lol

      • Rooting is still in it’s early stages it’s no where near the advanced as what they do for the iPhone
        Or as wide spread between the users
        And I said might put people off I know a few people who thought jailbreaking was your phone being hacked and all your info stolen
        If people don’t know they will only assume the worst

  • Richard

    Sebastien, once again your coments proove that you are just an apple fan and can not make a coment leaving your feelings on the side. Yes, the reason that android is selling more devices is because there are more manufactures using the open platform, but that is not androids fault, if apple were just as 1/2 as smart as they try to make you believe they are they would be letting others to use their os. And yes, apple makes more profit than all ANDROID manufactures combined because they are selling their crap very expensive to some dummies that belive the bitten apple logo and Mr. Jobs are god, leaving them a huge profit, on the other side ANDROID is giving much more hardware and software for the buck.

    • Speaking of not leaving your feelings on the side, it looks like you failed at that…

      All I said in this post were facts, which you even seem to agree to in your comment. Nowhere you can read me spilling negative words about Android.

    • Jorge

      I totally agree with buddy Richard. I used to have an Iphone4 and now have a Galaxy s2. I definitely miss the nice smoothie IPhone interface but as I am a technology lover I think Android is completely superior. Let’s see how IPhone 5 comes to have a better comparison but sincerely I don’t think apple will reach galaxy 2 technology this year. We will see

  • Kathy Loyd

    Hey, I might go for IPhone 5 when it comes out – we’ll see…. I enjoy your tweets! Thanks for your kind reply.

  • bob

    60% of android users dont even know or care what OS is on their phone.. and 40% of them want an iphone..lol

  • richard

    For the guy that said that apple is like Mecedez because they do not have many models let me tell you that Mercedez Benz offers more models (11) then Honda just in the states, if you go to europe the oferings will be greater. What this is telling me is that you do not own a mercedez or you would know this before talking, on the other hand when mercedez introduces a new model it will always have cutting edge tecnology that it will be very hard to find on another brand, that is why is so exclusive, but apple keeeps just copying other manufacturers and comes out with a new model that is allready behind the curve just like Huyndai.

    • Nabeel

      Yet Apple is still selling more and more and making more money then any other manufacture … How ironic !
      IDB rocks . Keep up the good fight guys , love your articles .

      • tho

        And that make you happy, knowing that Apple sold less phone but made more money.

      • tho

        And that make you happy, knowing that Apple sold less phone but made more money?

  • Eric

    Seb, please answer. I just sold my iPhone 4. Do you think did a stupid job? Do you think the iPhone 5 or 4S is coming this October??

    • I do believe the iPhone 5 will be coming next month. You’re fine 🙂

  • Spencer

    “The trouble with statistics on the Internet is that it is difficult to determine whether they are genuine or not” – Abraham Lincoln

  • albioni

    All i can say is that i used ti own an iphone 4 and now i have a galaxy s 2 and let me tell you iphone 4 is way way behind this beutifull phone that i have. Plus android system is way ahead and more fun than ios probably thats why alot of peole are switchin. Please please please do me a favor and give android a shot u wil never think and go back to apple ever again. Apple is like that song says so 2000 and late

  • 877

    Lots of people would like an iPhone but cannot afford them.

    Sent from my iPhone


  • babe

    as ipad users and non iphone users, android phone sounds interesting because the price and the serviceable like batt swap.
    Newwst bad ass Galaxy s2 unlocked is about 5/7 percentage to the old iphone4.

  • Ash

    if IOS was open for other phones, all wud have adapted it over android.

  • anon

    Unfortunately for Apple this is the future trend.

    We are not dealing with phones anymore people, don’t fool yourself, we are dealing with our future computers.

    On the one hand we have the close to perfect but slowly iterating IOS devices.

    On the other hand we have the rough around the edges but rapidly iterating Android devices.

    I predict that just like the rise of the IBM/PC clones in the 80s the rise of Android devices has already begun.

    Apple’s 12-18 month release cycle just won’t cut it. They will continue making great products but the mindshare will keep shifting to Android first, IOS second as IOS stalls around 25% of the worldwide market share and Android takes +60%

    You heard it here first from a currently very happy iPhone and iPad user.

    • richard

      I do agree with you, but I do not think Apple ios is close to perfect, in my opinion it is just a very simple platform but extremely polished.

  • Breno

    i don’t think they prefere android. actually, it seems like they moved from blackberry and other OS because the number of iOS users is steady.

  • Anthony Moton

    I actually PREFER Android and not because of the cheaper price. I am sure there are people who prefer the OS because of that but not me. Android, to me, is better because it’s not as strict with things like Apple is. They have a variety of phones to choose from so that was a smart move. Also, I don’t think we should blame the fact (or even take into consideration, for that matter) that iPhone is only sold through so many carries in so many differet styles. Apple CHOSE to be this way. Had they really wanted to, their phones could have been offered in other designs, on other networks- END OF STORY.

    Overall, Android is simply MORE FUN. For those that enjoy customization and creativity on a brilliant OS smart enough to handle things the iPhone CAN, I would reccomend Android. While Apple triumphs in some categories, Android blows them away in others, especially when it comes to price range- it really seems like they are thinking of their customers as PEOPLE and they actually want everyone to be able to experience the Android smartphone experience. And, HELLO, that’s a GOOD thing people!

    Go Android, you’ll ALWAYS have my vote!