For many iDevice owners, the ability to use custom themes has been more of a secondary benefit to jailbreaking, than an outright reason to jailbreak, but that’s beginning to change.

With the rise in popularity of theme platforms such as DreamBoard, and the WinterBoard enhancing theme stores such as ThemeIt, there’s little doubt that many are seeing this as the reason to jailbreak their iDevices.

CodeThemed takes the premise of theming to the next level, allowing users to easily and quickly create their own custom themes; rate, share, and download from a community of users. Be sure to check out the full in-depth video walkthrough after the break…

I’ve always hated creating my own themes, because doing so can be arduous and time consuming; not so with CodeThemed. Creating themes using CodeThemed is so easy that anyone could do it.

Creating a theme literally involves tapping an icon, and either selecting its replacement icon from predefined list, or creating your own icon by uploading a photo from your camera roll. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

What really makes CodeThemed shine, though, are its social aspects. You can easily comment, like, and share any of the themes that other users have created, and you also have the ability to make your own themes ready for public scrutiny.

I’m really impressed by how polished this app is; you can tell a lot of work went into making it a fun, easy to use, and social experience.

If I had to find one major downside thus far, I’d say it’s the outdated WinterBoard backbone that it relies on to accomplish the actual themeing. When you boil it all down, it’s basically WinterBoard wrapped up in a sleek package. If you can’t tolerate WinterBoard, then you may have a hard time being convinced to use CodeThemed.

Secondly, while the app itself is free, you’ll have to pay $0.99 to use the Theme Builder — the portion of the app that actually allows you to create custom themes. If you don’t want to pay, you can still download and rate themes until your heart is content, you just won’t have much to add to the pot.

Lastly, being that this is a new release, you’re bound to find a few hiccups here and there. The only issue I found was with using my own photos for an app icon. It doesn’t seem to like that quite yet, at least on my phone. I’m very sure that if that indeed turns out to be a problem outside of my particular device, it’ll be squashed in short fashion.

Again, CodeThemed is a free jailbreak app that allows you to get your Van Gogh on. Are you interested? Let me know in the comments section below.

  • Oh YES!
    I sure am interested! :)))

  • Dave

    Meh, I’d rather use DiskAid to manage my themes manually through my iMac.

  • It can be a great app- but Winterboard makes the whole thing sh*t.

  • Burge

    Don’t use winterboard..just go and find where the icons are on you idevice and change them with your icons…it’s a bit of a job and slow but you don’t need to use winterboard just use ifile or another device browser…just make a backup of the files you change..

  • Alvysyngr

    When I load the app it asks for username and pass and nothing else – is this specific for a certain FW only? I am running 4.3.1 on a 3gs….

  • We at CodeThemed are super thrilled that you took the time to write/review our newest app, and we are actually happy to inform everyone that we are currently in the process of fixing the long overdue WinterBoard bugs ourselves. Because unfortunately any issues as far as once the theme is actually created fall on WinterBoard’s far outdated firmware support.

    • Cameron Carlyon

      You are EVIL for making us pay for a theme creator! 😀

  • Steve

    i installed the app but i cant get it to work it just chrashes every time i try opening it

    i have an iPhone 4 running iOS4.2

  • Jonesy44

    Dreamboard takes over too much. Winterboard themes (most) don’t scratch the surface. Most are plain ugly.

    Everyone’s taste is different but theme-ing doesn’t seem to be worth the processing power right now.. Not sure what anyone else thinks? I use to love one called Bluebird ( years ago on the old iPhone 2G, but AppStore icons just look plain ugly in the middle of it all.

  • I have ran across a few themes that I like, but they are definitely not good overall. Creating my own themes seems like a grand idea, definitely will give Codethemed a try