There’s no shortage of brightness adjusting tweaks available on Cydia. You’ve got tweaks like Light Bright, SBBrightness, LockGestures, and many others that are all capable of adjusting your iPhone’s brightness.

The latest addition to the fray is Brightness Icons — a tweak that places brightness adjusting app icons directly on your iPhone’s SpringBoard…

As you may expect, tapping on the “up” icon turns up the brightness, while tapping on the “down” icon, turns down the brightness.

Tapping and holding on the icon will adjust full or minimal brightness to its max setting. Because of this, in order to move the brightness icons, you’ll need to use another app icon to put the device into wiggle mode prior to moving the icons.

The only caveat I found with Brightness Icons is the fact that WinterBoard is a prerequisite. If you try to stay away from WinterBoard like the plague, then you may want to consider one of the aforementioned alternatives.

Brightness Icons is a free jailbreak tweak for jailbroken iPhones. Would you be willing to give it a shot?

  • A

    Y the heck doesn’t Cook just make this standard?

    • Taylor Harris

      Because Tim Cook doesn’t design Apple products. He oversees peripheral business relations, operations efficiency, and market domination.

      • Dylan

        Yeah the CEO can make changes if he wants to

  • Goofygreek

    Or sbsettings does a great job too. No extra icons needed. I’ll just stick with that.

  • Mike

    Still wish someone would make an ‘auto-brightness’ toggle for SBSettings!!

  • Taylor Harris

    I wouldn’t give it a try. It seems like a step backward from the built-in SBSettings slider since you can drag the slider to whatever brightness level you prefer instead of having to tap until you’re satisfied. It’s just not efficient. Plus I’m one of the anal

  • moob

    Standard? why the hell would anyone want this as standard, cluttering up the SB. it looks bloody awful. SBS ftw

  • B

    Ill just stick to AppSwitcherBrightness.

  • mallouk

    if it is compatible with activator ill go for it, ill love to change my brightness using my own custom gestures…

  • Craig

    These are the sort of tweaks that annoy me, SBSettings does this job far better .. Why do people keep trying to fix something that isn’t broken, wouldn’t it be better to come up with a tweak that isn’t already out there or something that is but is shit?? SBSetiings works perfectly.

  • Can these be moved to the Dock? Then they would be much more useful!

  • Nicaraguame

    Winterboard is crap, damn trouble , makes so unstable IOS.

    • francomur99

      Never Had problems with Winterboard…It is one of the best application on Cydia.

  • I have no problem. Great brightness icons