iPhone owners are the most loyal smartphone users around, according to a new survey by UBS Research. Apple’s iPhone boasts a 89% retention rate, indicating that nearly 9 out 10 iPhone owners will never buy another brand of smartphone.

Surprisingly, the company with the second highest retention rate is actually HTC, with 39% of its customers sticking around for the long haul. Apple claims a 50% retention rate lead over all other smartphone makers in terms of customer loyalty…

“In general, retention rates appear to be falling for most of the OEMs. Relatively, Apple’s retention rates have held up incredibly well even as its market share has risen. Interestingly, when we look at all consumers who are considering changing handset OEM provider, Apple remains a significant net beneficiary. Alongside Apple, only Samsung and HTC also appear as net beneficiaries (more users won than users lost). Interestingly, of our respondents who are current Apple subscribers, only 6% indicated that they intended to move to a different OEM, with 4% saying they were undecided. This suggests that the retention rate for Apple could end up being as high as 93%.”

The Blackberry isn’t doing too well, with RIM seeing a retention rate drop from 62% to 33% in the last 18 months. As a whole, about half (55%) of Android OS users stick around. USB believes that Apple is not only continuing to do well for its own profit, but that the iPhone’s success is seriously affecting competitors like Samsung and Motorola. It’s worth noting that UBS’s research had a strong focus on international customers.

31% of current Android phone owners are likely to buy an iPhone as their next device, according to USB. iPhone owners are not so willing to jump ship.

Apple’s next generation iPhone has been met with unprecedented demand, so expect these numbers to only get better for Apple in the coming months.

[GigaOM, image via flickr]

  • Peter

    “Apple’s iPhone boasts a 89% retention rate, indicating that nearly 9 out 10 iPhone owners will never buy another brand of smartphone.”

    Lol. That is *not* what they mean by retention rate. I’m not sure what it *does* mean (I’d guess year on year), but I guarantee you it doesn’t mean that 9 out of 10 iPhone users will never, ever, ever buy anything other than another iPhone.

    • bigdadddy

      Im right there with u have a ip4 and thunderbolt! I use the thunderbolt daily and ip4 for pleasure.

    • mjg

      I am moving on to GSII dumping my iphone4 on ebaye

  • Almost 99% of statistics are made up on the spot lol
    I would take an statistic with a pinch of salt 🙂

    • Manuel

      Stats are made up and I completely agree with you, however, I really can’t see myself with another phone as well unless Apple completely kills off jailbreakers. If they do, back to Android for me.

  • Burge

    I’ve just read the title and said to myself …DAMN RIGHT…I can not see myself with any other phone…and at the mo there is only about 3-4 phones from other makers that I could name..

    • how you get the avatar?

      • Burge

        Go to gravatar.com and away you go..

    • Steve

      Damn right is right! Couldn’t have said it better!

  • Me with something that isn’t an iPhone. I can’t picture that!

  • BoardDWorld

    This is likely true. I know several iPhone owners other than myself & they would’t buy anything else. 2 were originally Android users.

    I am considering purchasing a cheap Android along with an iPad 2 as a fill in after I sell my iPhone 4 until the iPhone 5 is actually available.

    • shadow

      Don’t do it. You’ll just get a bad taste in your mouth for Android. Just keep your 4 until you get the next one. I do think Android is better, but only if you compare high end with high end. And if you like the iPhone, then why not keep your old one. You know, in case you drop your new one in water or something.

  • Mezz

    Before the iPhone I would get a different phone when my contract is up now that I got an iPhone I haven’t switch to another phone in about three years.

  • Painman

    I’ve had every iPhone from 3G to iP4. If the iPhone 5 isn’t a 1000% better than this piece of junk iP4 then I am off to HTC for the Sensation. I suppose that makes me a 1 in 10 😀

  • Al

    I will never ever buy another phone that its not called an “iphone”.

  • TDW

    I’m part of the 1of10. I may be replacing my iPhone 4 with an Android. After 3 different version of the iPhone, I’m tired of the “Apple’s way or no way” attitude.

    • Coach


  • Chadwick

    Ofc iPhones retain their customers iOS is only available on Apple iPhones..BOGUS stat

  • Scaredy Shroom

    I wonder why this is. I mean surely people get bored of their current phones right? Honestly I’m a little bored of the iOS platform at this point. Same thing applies to Android users, they get bored and switch to iOS…

    • shadow

      Nope, I’ve had a 3g and 3gs, only left because of the enforced limitations and bugs (I do not own a Mac but I hear iTunes is much less buggy on a Mac). I now have an Evo 4g, and love it. If I get bored, I may move on to a nexus device, but I will never buy another iPhone. Though I will occasionally recommend it to some people. Also, I know more people who have switched from apple to Android than the other way around.

  • F u

    Two phones? That’s stupid.

  • Telejeesus

    I bought my first non Nokia phone 11months ago, that was iPhone 4. And 99% certainty it is last Apple product I ever buy.
    I LOVE my iPhone. But I hate Apple the company or what it has become. I would hate it even more If I would live in US. Apple makes tons of profit but not pay taxex to US. And your economy is from ass ATM.
    + all other gay things that Apple has done lately. It things it can do anything(and seems it can coz nobody does anything about it)
    I vote with my feet.
    Just wait few years…almost 50% Apples market comes from iPhones and many analyst have predict that Nokia makes comeback to the top. 🙂