As many of you know, I’ve been an avid jailbreaker of my iPhone ever since it was announced that jailbreaking was officially legal.

True, I never really thought the whole “illegal” aspect had a leg to stand on in the first place, but I do my best to play within the rules.

Now that jailbreaking has become a part of my life, a viewer inquires about the possibility of it going away as time moves forward. I consider this prospect, and many other questions in Episode 07 of Ask Jeff

As always, if you want your question considered on next week’s episode, leave a comment below, or on the video’s comments.

I wholeheartedly look forward to answering as many of your questions as I can! Got one?

  • pppp

    So you jailbreak your iPhone just because it became legal…a typical american who believes just “because is illegal is wrong”
    Do you feel good? Did you got a moral nobel prize?

    • Yes, It’s sitting on my shelf. In fact, that reminds me, I need to dust it. Did you even read what I said before you started blabbering about? I said “True, I never really thought the whole “illegal” aspect had a leg to stand on in the first place, but I do my best to play within the rules.” Hence, no, just because it was deemed illegal, doesn’t mean I think it was wrong. That’s my whole point.

      • Jon, I’m assuming you’re referring to Android? I don’t really like Android. That’s not a knock against the platform, I just prefer the iOS + iPhone hardware setup. It’s a personal preference. I’m not voiding any warranty by jailbreaking. I can easily restore it to factory in a matter of minutes. It’s also far from buggy/unusable if one knows what they’re doing.

  • Doylebl

    Actually I believe that he was jailbreaking way before it was considered legal.

    • pppp

      he said he jailbreak ever since jailbreak started it was officially legal. i don’t understand why people blindly accept any law just because it’s illegal, and don’t understand that legality and morality are not the same thing; and believe law makers are angels and just doing thing to protect us.

      • Exactly!!!!!

      • akabeen

        its my phone i can do what ever kool things i want with it

  • ic0dex

    I’ve been jailbreaking ever since the first iPhone and iTouch and on to my iPhone 4. I resently installed iOS 5 beta 8 and I’ve been using it without a jailbreak for a week now. The first two days were kinda wired but I got over it. To tell you the truth I now feel like iOS 5 is a limeted jailbroken iOS. But again noting beats a jail token idevice.

  • albert

    Hey Jeff, just a simple question. Do you have any scratches on your iPhone? especialy on the front.. is the glass scratching like others say?

  • Craig

    Maybe you’re 1 of the gays who finds it in the least bit interesting how old he is or if he’s married, pathetic, this is an iDevice blog, not date line or sum forum for meeting new friends, grow up .. oh and you actually sound like a douchebag aswell.

    • Binary-Stalker

      Gay is not an insult, rather a term. You do not bother me.

      Also, this is on YouTube as well, and if Jeff actually was bothered by those questions, he can ignore them.

  • Josh

    Jeff. I think it’s kind of unfair what you do, answering stupid questions like “How old r u?”, instead of focusing on interesting or more important questions. Questions that I believe will provide people with help (that’s why they ask in the first place). I am aware of the fact that you have lots of questions asked, but you should learn to choose them by relevance, and not by which one is easier to answer.

    • ic0dex

      I’m with you on this one. I did not see a point of the video. We found out he has a wife and he’s 30 years old and this is his full time gig. (Shaking my head in disbelief.)

    • I answered the question, because apparently, that’s what the majority of people wanted to hear. Notice the little “65” next to the question. If there’s one thing you’ll learn in life, it’s that you can never please 100% of the people 100% of the time, and frankly, I don’t even try to.

      There are more complaints littering the comments than questions anyway, so perhaps that could have something to do with my selection of questions I answered.

      In fact, I might just discontinue posting this on the blog, and keep it in our YouTube channel. At the outset of this series, I said I would try to keep a balance of personal/technical questions. I believe I’ve lived up to this claim, but apparently most of you here do not.

      You act as if I desire to make this post as personal as I can, when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The only reason I have given in to answering personal questions, is so that I can do it once and for all and be done with it. By far, I receive more “how old are you”, “can I see your face”, “are you married” questions than anything else. /By far./ So I think I’ve been pretty conservative on addressing those.

      So, what do you guys want? I have no problem keeping this entire post off of iDB, and keeping it on our YouTube channel exclusively. It’s up to you; after all you guys are/were the reason I decided to do this series in the first place.

      • DAS

        No! Keep it on iDB! Thank you so much Jeff!!!

  • Topsy

    After the first episode of ask Jeff, which was a Wao, then it’s been personal love life and what you do for a living and so on. So many jailbreak question which need some answers. No, Jeff is carried away like Gaga. Please focus on technology and not celebrity Gaga.

  • liviu

    How I can mirror games or apps from iphone (jailbroken) on laptop (Windows 7) ?

  • Anand Kagal

    He-yo Jeff, It maybe a little strange, but I want to know why my FACTORY UNLOCKED iPhone shows a baseband version of 04.10.01 which is one of three impossible to unlock (soft) basebands? I have about a half a dozen friends who were all duped into buying carrier locked iPhones with the same baseband but can only unlock by Gevey SIM, which I reckon is actually illegal??

    Lu-huv your YouCast. I follow it through iDownloadBlog.

    • ic0dex

      Just because your factory unlocked it does not mean you have a different baseband. All basebands match to a iOS version. It’s your iPhones serial or UDID that’s submitted to Apple white list for unlocks.

  • Essence

    You people kill me. Your complaining for what reason now, smh? I actually enjoy all of Jeff’s videos and since it is HIS videos, he’s free to answer whatever question he wants. If you dont like it, don’t watch them. Simple as that!! Jeff, just be Ray Charles to the bull.

  • People complaining about Jeff’s videos reminds me of people complaining about Facebook changes. You people realize you are complaining about something that is provided to you for FREE don’t you? If you don’t want to listen to his vlog, then simply don’t press play, it’s that easy. Personally, I appreciate that he answers personal questions along with technical questions, it gives us a sense of the man behind the camera.

    Keep up these great vlogs Jeff! Haters gonna hate!

  • Topsy

    We are not asking you to stop. We just want you to focus on things that matters. Iphone, iPad, jailbreaking etc. If I want to read Jeff’s encyclopaedia, I’ll go to the right place. This place is for technical stuffs. We love you Jeff.

    • Fair enough, the next episode will be all technical questions. Just for you Topsy!

      • Topsy

        Jeff, why is that at times when I sync my iphone with iTunes, after all the back up and synchronisation process, my iphone automatically re-boots It has happened many times. What could be wrong. Thanks Jeff.

      • Samuel

        Jeff,keep posting at iDownload,and I like your videos and I think there is no problem with it and saying stuff about your life.That’s actually really awesome! Thanks Jeff for making a series and I’m the one who commented on the first episode “Whoo! Jeff has his own TV Show!” 😀

  • 1c0nX

    The picture at the top of this page fits for a lot of these people writing comments. Keep up the good work, I love your videos and articles.


    Hi jeff what do u like better white iphone 4 or black iphone 4 ?

  • F u

    How much you bench Jeff?

  • Hey jeff. I love your videos and channel.
    Don’t worry about those smart asses saying bs. You make good and interesting videos, we really enjoy your effort and time. Keep up the really good work, it’s people like you that make watching videos of a specific subject so interesting.

    Regards from brazil.

  • appleofficial
  • DomPerignon

    Please Jeff keep this blog relevant just to Apple devices. Disregard all personal questions.

  • Michael

    What’s your favorite jailbreak tweak excluding BiteSMS and SBSettings.

  • Steve

    My guess, their question was not answered so now they are all butt hurt. I say answer whatever question you want Jeff.

    Man there seems to be a lot of fucking bitches on iDB any more!

  • Charlie

    Were I live the coverage stinks. I have edge with two bars of signal. How is the cloud going to effect me when I want to stream my music and I am near my home with this coverage? I do have wifi in my house but that will not help when I am at the kids soccer game.
    Thanks for all the good info,

  • So Jeff here is a tricky one… How to make iOS4 4.2.1 look like iOS5 as much as it can… Simply all tweeks and little stuff from cydia just to have that ios5 feel…lockinfo with slide ,camera buton,notifiction centar,Todo… and everything else… Can it be done and done right? Hope to hear from you!

  • Richard

    Hey Jeff Have You Ever Had To Restore A Jailbroken iPhone Because A Cydia App You Installed Cuased It To Mess Up?