Books are so pre-iPad era! Books are actually so passé that this Eau Claire, WI library decided to let its members check out iPads instead of books. Loaded with 1,000 eBooks and 10 audio books, you can check out one of the library’s 44 iPads to use for 4 hours, or for a full 7-day period.

Even though some libraries have already stepped into the digital age by offering eReaders to its members, this seems to be the first time a library develops such a wide program…

“While there are many devices competing for the attention of the library customer, no single device can fulfill every need. The iPad was chosen for this project because of its place as a tablet computer marketplace leader and its flexibility in providing more access to library-related content than an e-reader-only device,” the library said in a document outlining the program.”

This is one more victory for the iPad against other tablets. Because it’s proved to be a simple and reliable device, the iPad has been gaining considerable ground on competitors.


  • fdxgncgfn

    I don’t want my tax to be wasted on this trash

  • Azerjaban

    Yes because the library is the best at gettings things Back…

  • Matt

    The I-Pads were paid for by a grant, so your tax money wasn’t wasted on it. It will just be wasted on roads and bridges. And maybe it will even be wasted on picking up all the trash you produce.