Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the best things in life. Take cookies for example; they’re not complex, in fact, they’re just batter and chocolate chips; but for a cookie lover, they’re oh so delightful.

You can think of SwitcherPages in much of the same way. It’s not the most complex tweak in the world, but if you like the concept of gathering your bearings on the App Switcher menu, it’s a great thing to have…

SwitcherPages adds page dots to your App Switcher, so that you know exactly where you are in relation to the rest of the items on your App Switcher.

As you are already know, Home screen pages have the exact same feature; this just takes it to the next level by adding the navigation dots to your App Switcher.

If SwitcherPages has garnered your interest, and your iPhone is jailbroken, head on over to Cydia and download it for free today.

Are you willing to give it a shot?

  • Burge

    Y O Y ..if you open lots of apps you will soon loose track of where they are in the switcher…dots will not help you find them

    • damon

      very true ! what a useless tweak. @jeff you gotta choose which tweak to review dude !

  • I try to review every tweak. See: for reference.

    • Burge

      Like you put on the said post ..what others like others don’t…but this is just pleasing to the eye..that’s all..and if it’s a mobile substrate tweak it just helps in running down the battery..for what is just eye pleasing …(I don’t know if it is though). Mind you I do use parallax which is just eye pleasing and not useful for anything , just eye pleasing…

  • Steve

    Is it in fact a mobile substrate tweak?