It was only five days ago that I predicted Sprint would have to put an end to its unlimited data plan, and it seems that I was right. Following Verizon and AT&T’s lead, a leaked internal document reveals that Sprint will start capping their unlimited tethering data plan to 5GB/month, starting October 2nd.

In views of all the recent hints that Sprint will get the iPhone, this move was most likely made to prevent future iPhone users from going over the top with data while using their device as a mobile hotspot…

All smartphones on Sprint will keep their unlimited data plans, though. The only difference is that they won’t be able to use the $30/month tethering add-on for more than 5GB/month. So technically, it’s still unlimited data, you’ll just be capped at 5GB. Once you reach those 5GB, Sprint will charge you an additional $0.05/MB.

Should Sprint get the iPhone next month, I assume that they will eventually drop their unlimited data plans all together within the next few months. But first, they’ll make sure to reel in as many new iPhone users as possible, just like Verizon did when they first got the iPhone.


  • ic0dex

    T-mobile will do the same. This is s great post now everyone can shut up about Sprint having better service. I bet it will not bet ATT and Verizon.

  • Eddie

    “It’s unclear what happens once you reach the 5GB” I’m going to guess the infograpghic that says overage means you’ll be charge extra if you go past 5gbs of tethering. And since I’m feeling really lucky today I would gamble that the overage charge will be $0.05 per MB since that is also listed right on image you provided

    • Thanks for your clever analysis. You should join the NCIS, lol 😉


    • Joe

      I agree. I think they need to look up the word UNLIMITED again. False advertising. U buy unlimited and now they not giving u what u pay 4. BS I think We or someone needs to take then to court. Thats like going to a all u can eat buffet and then the mngr tells u. U can’t eat anymore. U eating to much. BS. I look at like this. I had unlimited Data b4 all this FB,Myspace,Netflix, and much more. My ass was getting rip off from hardly using data to not. So now that all these smart phones coming out with all these things. Know that they r loosing money. They want to take it away. BS chit they made lots of money off us. Yrs ago. Feels kinda like entrapment to me. Advertises Unlimited plans then later take it away BS. Even tho there’s probably small print saying something about data usage. They can terminate your plan. I guess like me and thousands of others we mis Read the package we added to r phone. The 1 that reads UNLIMITED PLAN. BS sounds like court job to handle this.

  • idiot police

    Sounds like some of you need to use a freekin basic phone and turn in your smartphone. Stop whining!