With the internet taking over traditional methods of communication, like actually talking to someone on the phone, VoIP and data services are becoming the way that we consumers choose to communicate.

People love to text, and apps like Facebook Messenger simulate that style of communication via the web. Facebook is allegedly working on a project called “Orca” that will merge SMS and Facebook chat. Once Orca is implemented into Facebook Messenger, users will be able to text anyone in the world for free…

iPhoneItalia is reporting from an “inside source” that Facebook plans to expand its messaging platform by allowing users to text within Facebook chat.

Loosely translated via Google:

“Orca” was the code name used in the project environments Facebook will soon be integrated into Messenger and Facebook allow users to social networks known to the world of free text messages to any telephone number (for now, we Reportedly, the service seems to be unsupported by the operator H3G) and also to friends, relatives or colleagues who are not registered on Facebook. The number will be used to send its own number of Facebook, not the phone number of the sender.”

If you visit fb.me/sms right now there’s already a page set up for receiving texts.

Facebook is clearly getting ready to implement SMS into its chat system. iPhoneItalia notes that the feature should also be available for Android devices.

With iMessage coming, is it too late for SMS? Do you think it’s smart for Facebook to add SMS support to its chat apps?

  • Eddie

    Can’t ever see getting rid of texting. It’s universal. Doesn’t matter what phone, what carrier, or has a facebook google or w/e else account. You don’t even need data on your phone. Plus on AT&T its only $30 a month for everybody on a share plan and that includes text pictures and unlimited mobile to any mobile minutes

    • Justin

      Yes, but eventually EVERYONE will have some sort of “smartphone” whether it be the dumbest of smart phones, it will still be able to have these capabilities. Like Netflix is doing now with future proofing their business, Facebook is jumping the curb and trying to get ahead of the game. Text will be gone soon, there is no question, just a matter of when.

    • Your Auntie

      That “unlimited” Texting on AT&T is unlimited within the U.S. only and does NOT include any international texts. I know, since I subscribe to the very same plan and pay for EVERY SMS and EVERY MMS sent internationally.
      AT&T do offer an international text add-on, and it’s for a paltry and limited number of international messages.
      Don’t kid yourself, AT&T are gouging us and laughing at us all … all the way to the bank.

      • Eddie

        I live in US and don’t send international texts so it’s good for me.
        I’m happy w my Att plan. 5 of us minutes are never an issue all have unlimited texts and pics. 4 of us w smart phone pay a total of $55 a month each w 2gbs of data the fourth just 30 because regular phone no data. Bill never changes and that includes tax

      • Telejeesus

        In Finland every SMS messages(If you pay per SMS 6,9c or have different plans like 5000 SMS + 50h talk + 5000 MMS=39,90€, If I remember right) go to ANY country with no extra fee.
        If I remember right Finland is #1 or #2 cheapest country in world when it comes to GSM calls/SMS/data (at least one point we were nro.1 for sure)
        Down side is that we pay always full price for our phones, but I think when that phone “price” is not in call/SMS/data prices we still are “winner”.
        Most of our phones are factory unlocked and sold like 2%-10% profit(EXEPT iPhones 🙁 .. Greedy Apple)
        So it VERY cheap here 🙂

  • Wolf

    Yes, its US.. But, for example here, in Hungary the largest plan includes only 400 SMS for 84 $…
    Thats much more expensive..

    • ic0dex

      Move to the US.

      • ic0dex

        and you wont be Hungary… haha get it….

  • moob

    Facebook need to sort out their own damn app first before wasting time on other projects, besides nothing in this world is free, they’ll demand your soul in return for a text to your mom! 😛

  • Spencer

    Sounds good but can’t help but feel that it will become a spam fest for marketing activity. Make it free to all like email and all pf a sudden your inbox will become full of unsolicited crap.

  • Anonymous

    That is true. Texting throughout most of Europe is much cheaper, which is why texting has been more popular there for some time. However, talk time is much cheaper here. So, you gotta’ wight the pros and cons. I think people are more and more texting (in some manner) more than actually talking on their phone these days for more reasons than price, so I suspect it to become a more even playing field for both fairly soon. But, for now, yes, your texts are cheaper, but our voice time is much, much, much, much cheaper.