With Apple expected to hold its next iPhone announcement on October 4th, we’re all wondering when we’ll be able to get our hands on the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S. We can look back at history and guess, but 2011 has proved to be an entirely different roadmap for Apple. Anything could happen.

The first real hint at the next generation iPhone release date may have just been dropped, thanks to AT&T’s early upgrade policy…

GottaBeMobile reader Mat sent the site a tip about AT&T’s early upgrade date for the iPhone. When Mat logged into his AT&T account, he saw that he could get a “reduced discount on an iPhone on 10/13/2011.” His standard upgrade date is scheduled for November 17th.

Early upgrades for the iPhone are typically given by carriers to qualifying customers when a new iPhone is announced.

There were 17 days between the iPhone 4 announcement and launch, and only 11 days between the iPhone 3GS announcement and launch. A 9-day gap for the iPhone 5 is believable.

October 13th is a Thursday, and that date lines up with previous Apple launches. The iPhone 4 was launched on a Thursday.

Two dates to mark for the calendar: October 4th for Apple’s keynote, and October 13th for the next gen iPhone(s) launch. We’re calling it now.

Login to your AT&T account and let us know if you get a similar message about an early upgrade. We haven’t been able to independently confirm GottaBeMobile’s discovery, so we’re operating on guesswork.

  • October 14th would make more sense.

  • soccerkrzy

    Excellent…”Happy birthday wife, I’m going to get the new iPhone, later”.

  • mine says im ready now

  • ryan

    my birthdays the 13th haha!

  • Josh

    “The first real hint at the next generation iPhone release date”?! Oh, iDB, how dare you try to fool us? I think it’s more like the tenth “real” “hint” iDownloadBlog provides us with. I think you people should get your facts right, and if you’re gonna post such a pathetic release date theory like this, don’t do it with all the enthusiasm in the world.

  • Sunny

    my account shows i am eligible for reduced discount but for full discount on iphone, elegibility date is 11/18/2011. that means, i can get iphone on 11/18.earlier it shows 6/20/2012. so hint is on.

  • soccerkrzy

    You are not my wife, FYI.

  • Ryan

    Nah, I have an iPhone 4 and it says my ‘discounted price’ is in November and my full update is next year

  • Crush0685

    Yeah mine is ready for early upgrade

  • Zack

    My bday is the 13th too if any of you feel like getting me a present you know what to get

  • SteveE

    My wife was a couple weeks early in early summer, but they gave her an early upgrade for an iPhone at that time, as much as I hate to say it, I don’t think the early upgrade is that unusual.

  • Josh

    F*** you, spoiled brats. I’m keeping my iPhone 4.

    • djtothee

      Get a grip man! There is nothing wrong with the iPhone 4 if that’s what you want to do good luck

  • djtothee

    Can’t believe everyone who reads these blogs yes they are exited to find out but all it does is wind everyone up with bullshit romurs why don’t you cut the shit!

    Just wait for the truth i am fed up with this BOLLOCKS! Wait for the truth!!

    Who else agrees? People who agree reply to this message to see who is with me on this! Just reply +1 or something

    • Josh

      Do you REALLY need a reply?

      -1 to that.

  • Bunny

    I m in contract. My plan is finish this month. I’m waiting for next iPhone I have already use iPhone 4 but I m waiting