At Apple’s WWDC event back in June, Scott Forstall promised us that we would see a public release of iOS 5 “this Fall.” And seeing as how Fall officially starts tomorrow, we can’t be too far away from an announcement.

While we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new software, there still are a couple of unknowns. For example, we know Apple is working on a secret voice-to-text feature, but we haven’t seen it in action. Enter the new Target app…

The Next Web points to an interesting find by a DaringFireball reader. Apparently, in a recent update to Target’s iOS app, a voice-to-text option was added to the Shopping List screen. And who provides the dictation technology? Nuance, of course.

Nuance is the company behind Apple’s secret voice-to-text feature, so you can see why the reader was convinced the two things were linked. And we must admit, Target’s Nuance-flavored dictation option operates exactly like what we’re expecting in iOS 5.

The feature adds a microphone to the iOS keyboard. When pressed, a pop-up message appears to signal the user to start talking. And oh yeah, it’s extremely accurate. I don’t think anyone would be upset if iOS 5’s voice-to-text option was of this caliber.

It’s important to note that Nuance has produced several iOS apps, and has many partnerships, so there’s no hard evidence that this is related in anyway to Apple’s secret project. But as The Next Web points out, it does give us a good idea of what to expect.

Have you tried it out yet?

  • Interesting. Going to try this out now.

  • Burge

    Link for the app ?

    • Joe

      What, to lazy to type Target in the search field? Lol.

      • Burge

        No…it’s just that its normal to have a link…have you typed in target…? There is a list of target apps…but you’ll know this if you did…that’s why I type link for the app… I went to app store first before I left my comment …so i’am lazy ? I think not…lol…

  • Shaz

    JEFF! I donno how else to get this message out to you. so im doing it here. OK since your ideas have already produced a cool tweek i figured i’d share and idea and see if you could make it happen. SO if you have ever noticed when you type in a long contact name..and that contact calls you.. the name scrolls back and forth on the call screen. make an app that does that regardless if the name is too long to display on the screen! do it!! 🙂

    • Justin

      Interesting…I guess you can really make a tweak for anything, but why on this topic? Sounds cool though, it’ll probably make it in.

  • QuarterSwede

    This has nothing to do with iOS 5. It’s just a feature of the Target app. Anyone who is using good speech-to-text is using Naunce. Total non story.

    • Anon

      I know. Another pointless article -.-

      • It’s a good real world demonstration of what to expect, it’s not pointless at all.

  • Josh

    Agree. It doesn’t at all hint any chance of native iOS 5 Speech-to-text.

    • Kok Hean