This morning, AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski reported that Apple was set to unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4th. Paczkowski has a long history of breaking Apple news. Some even believe that Apple feeds him breaking stories from time to time. I guess my point here is that we can trust the guy.

Now that we’re pretty sure that the iPhone 5 will be showed to the world on October 4th, the question on everybody’s mind now is this: “When will we be able to purchase the iPhone 5?”

In his article, John Paczkowski says that the iPhone 5 will go on sale “within a few weeks” of the announcement. Pretty vague, if you ask me. That’s why Fortune looked back at previous iPhone announcements to see if we could learn anything from the past.

“But in a note to clients Tuesday, Ticonderoga’s Brian White suggests that the lag time between unveiling and release is likely to be considerably shorter than that, especially given how late in the year the iPhone 5 event is occurring.

A look at previous lag-times suggests that he is right. As the chart at right shows, the wait between iPhone introduction and sale has steadily decreased from 201 days in 2007 to 17 days in 2010.

Likewise, the lag time for the iPad shrank from 32 days in 2010 to 9 days this year.

White also believes that the international ramp-up for Apple’s 228 carriers will be faster than it was for the iPhone 4, and that China will play a more important role than ever.”

In the view of historical data, it looks like the iPhone 5 could go on sale within 1-2 weeks of the announcement. Time will tell.

  • Jeff

    Just some more speculation….. Can’t wait for this stupid phone to launch so I never have to read another stupid rumor post about it.

    • Topsy

      It’s even Jeff that is saying this haha. Just joking. There is one saying, if you don’t like it, don’t touch it. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it Simple.

      • david

        As simple as that !

    • Sojo4x4

      AMEN!!!! You can only speculate a launch for so long…. Geeeze!!!!

  • zaba

    ^ nobody asking to read any of this things.. dumn ass ^

    • Craig

      Easier said than down these days, sifting through all the pointless posts about fake stories and rumours, since the iOS keynote was made all blogs have had nothing but constant rumours and very little actually worth reading.

    • Sojo4x4

      Hahahahah. That was funny

    • Sojo4x4

      Any takes on what the blog post focus on when apple releases a media date? Alot of people will go crazy with an actual authentic apple release date. Hahaha

    • Jeff

      dumbass is one word and there’s no “n” in it…. dumbass.

  • Jeff

    This is looking like an over hyped vaporware. I am moving to android and never looking back.

    I don’t want to hear about the iPhone 5 any more!!

    • Sojo4x4

      Jeff let’s go by a blackbery playbook in protest of apple making their own customers wait

      • Jeff

        I have plenty of iDevices, including a Galaxy S2, and the blackberry playbook (not to mention the xoom, but that was a mistake).

        I do want an iPhone 5, if for nothing more than aesthetics. The S2 works good, but is an embarrassment to show in public next to an iPhone 4. I just hate all the hype, and secrecy from Apple.

  • babe

    which you prefer?
    a. long days [for thorough testing eliminating failure and other similar antenna-gate]
    b. short days [maybe you got a kind of disturbing failure like bleed screen, antenna power, etc]