Rumors have been going wild lately about Sprint getting the iPhone sometime next month. From installing signal repeaters around Apple Stores, to saying its network is ready for iPhone traffic, it almost seems inevitable at this point that the company will indeed get the iPhone.

Today, at an investors conference, Sprint Chief Executive Dan Hesse said that in order to reach their financial targets for the fiscal year, the company would need to get “a very strong fourth quarter”…

What better way to get a strong quarter but to sell a high profile communication device, just around the holidays? I’m thinking about the iPhone of course. It does seem that this was yet another hint that Sprint will get the iPhone.

When asked about the iPhone on Sprint, Hesse declined to comment.

We’ll find out for sure next month, when Tim Cook unveils the iPhone 5 on October 4th.


  • Kenski

    This is a stupid premise. Because the guy says they ‘need’ a good 4th quarter to hit financial targets is in No way a Hint they will get it. I for one believe they will offer it with all the other evidence, but this is not evidence.

  • They could very well be waiting for the Nexus Prime or some other phone. Or perhaps they’re just optimistic about how the Galaxy S II will perform.

    Either way I doubt they have some hidden meaning about the iPhone 5 causing those sales. Not saying they won’t get the iPhone 5 (probably will) but this in no way adds to the evidence.