iDevice accessory maker Mophie has released a new line of external batteries for your favorite Apple gadgets. The second generation Juice Pack Universal line features three external batteries that charge the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Juice Pack Reserve, Juice Pack Boost and Juice Pack Powerstation all come in different sizes and offer different types of charges…

The Juice Pack Reserve features a 700 mAh battery and is shaped like a Zippo lighter. The battery plugs directly into the bottom of the iPhone and iPod touch with no extra cables. The Reserve is available for $34.95.

The Juice Pack Boost sports a 2,000 mAh battery that gives the iPhone a complete recharge. The battery also doubles as a stand and features an LED indicator. The device is super thin and portable for users on the go. The Boost is available for $49.95.

The Juice Pack Powerstation boasts a 4,000 mAh battery that’s the size of an iPhone. The Powerstation can charge all iDevices, including the iPad, and other USB-powered devices. (The full list of compatible devices is available on Mophie’s website.) The Powerstation is available for $79.95.

These three external batteries from Mophie will be available for shipping on September 30. Mophie’s products are available on Apple’s online store and


  • Jim

    To make it simple-if my phone is at 10% left…how much does each battery pack add in percentage?

    • Metsu

      Im using the mophie external battery cum casing.if left at 10% and you charge it without running any apps at all you can go up to 80% max.however if you are running say ssf iv volt while charging,it will go max 50%.hope that helps.all in all its a great product.cant wait for it to come out.

  • Andrius

    Still, it’s not better than Just Mobiles Gum Pro or Gum Plus

  • Brent

    How long does it take to charge your idevice?

  • Any1 else notice that in te last photo the ipa has no status bar? Dont know why i thoight i should point that out. If i had to choose between one of thesse and an actuall case id choose the case.