Former FTC official and new Google employee Suzanne Michel testified today before the Senate Judiciary Committee that all three major search engines had to submit a bid to Apple for becoming the default search engine in iOS.

During her testimony, she confessed that two thirds of all Google mobile searches are made from iOS devices, be it an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch…

Quite an embarrassing moment, especially when you know how deeply integrated Google is in all Android devices.


  • Ibrahim Sait

    Lol. iOS!!!

    • Sean

      LMAO !!!! BOOM

  • Jacksparrow

    I hear android phones have come a long way.

  • i switched my default to Bing so I can earn xbox live points.

  • The irony….not really. It’s easier on a iOS I guess.

  • Chris

    Yes. Embarrassing to make all that money off of the competition’s device. They must be ashamed.

  • gp

    Not very surprising, I’ve see nandroid being successful with people don’t don’t use their smartphone all that much while iPhone users tend to use it a lot more.