As we previously reported, RedSn0w received a massive update with its 0.9.9b1 iteration, released a few days ago.

This latest version of RedSn0w is a huge step in the right direction for the iPhone Dev Team, as it includes features like firmware fetching and caching, auto-detection from DFU mode, and SHSH blob management.

We’re very excited about the future of RedSn0w, but admittedly, all of the new fangled features can be a bit confusing. For this reason, we’ve created a brief video walkthrough that touches on some of the new areas of RedSnow…

New features aside, if you’re just looking to jailbreak your iOS device, it’s even easier to do so with RedSn0w 0.9.9b1.

No longer do you have to specify an IPSW firmware file, no longer do you have to concern yourself with downloading the right version of RedSn0w that’s compatible with the specific firmware running on your device — including the iOS 5 betas.

As if that wasn’t enough, RedSn0w 0.9.9b1 also includes features from TinyUmbrella, such as the ability to manage SHSH blobs, and to kick your device out of recovery mode.

It seems to me that since Apple is simplifying many features with iOS 5, e.g. delta firmware updates, the Dev Team felt they needed to work on simplifying their flagship jailbreak tool as well.

The result is a much needed upgrade to previous versions of RedSn0w, which will only get better as time goes on. I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to what the Dev Team has in store for us with future upgrades.

Have you tried the RedSn0w 0.9.9b1? If not, you can find it on our downloads page.

Note: This is an untethered jailbreak for all firmwares with untethered jailbreaks available before (4.3.3 and below). Everything else, including iOS 5 betas are tethered only. This version of RedSn0w doesn’t introduce any new untethered jailbreaks, just new features.

  • fdxgncgfn

    Did you notice that the leaked prototype photo with the 1430 mah battery and A5 processor was running on tmobile?

  • goofygreek

    Sweet. I hate having 5 different versions of redsnow on my comp, now i can just have one. Thanks Guys.

  • Coach

    This is a tethered jailbreak correct?

    • It’s both. Untethered for iOS 4.3.3 and below. Tethered for others.

  • Tbv

    Works OK. Crashed om me several times however. I did run it in Compatibility mode with Windows XP service pack 3 and as administrator. I am using a Windows 7 Pc. Sure beats saving all those firmwares on my computer. Go DEV team.

  • Antish

    Is it an for an unthetered jailbreak ?

  • Fabio

    REDSNOW 0.9.9b1 works with what DEVICES and what FIRMWARE?

  • I’ve added a note that clarified the tethered/untethered question. In a nutshell, there are no new untether exploits available with this version of RedSn0w. This just adds new features.

  • Ejm

    To use this with iOS 5 beta you still need to point it to the firmware.

    • Yes, and that was brought out in the walkthrough video.

  • dhanuka

    IF I walkthrough the video will i be able to unlock my iphone 4 ios 4.3.3 using ultrasn0w?

    • dhanuka

      my BB is 1.59.00

      • Burge

        If your already jailbroke on 4.3.3 with a unlockable baseband with is what you have ..there is no need for you to use this tool at the doesn’t do anything that you iPhone hasn’t got already..

      • dhanuka

        wt i ment was im still on JB ios 4.0. will i be able to update to ios 4.3.3 and still unlock?

      • Mayank

        no u cannot update to 4.3.3 as apple has stopped signing that firmware, the only update u can do is 4.3.5.
        But i think u can update to 4.3.3 provided that u have saved ur 4.3.3 blobs..
        Ami i right JEFF???

      • Burge

        The above is correct …you can update to 4.3.3 only if you did save those SHSH’s for 4.3.3…if you do not know how to do this go over to the forums on this site …there you will find the help you need…

  • Skiridr

    Will this work on the iPad2 wifi on 4.3.5

    • Tbv

      No. Nothing currently will jailbreak iPad 2 on 4.3.4 or 4.3.5.

  • I really appreciate what the dev team is doing so I donated 300 dollars to them, and I encourage you to donate as well 🙂

  • Soto

    Works great on 4.3.5, it’s tether but its not as bad as I thought. Got all my essentials from Cydia and booted with redsn0w once. I just won’t try tweaks if I’m away from my computer.

  • A.Magdy

    Does it affect the firmware ??

  • Mayank

    Jeff could u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how to use BLOBS.
    I mean can i save 4.3.3 blobs now(if my current firmware is 4.3.3) ? or is it possible only at the time of apple signing it..
    and is it necessary to save the SHSH BLOBS on ur hard drive or is it automatically done by cydia on saurik’s server…
    Please either answer the question here or please in ur next video…

    • Binary-Stalker

      iFaith allows you to do so.

    • djtothee

      +1 JEFF or SEB please answer the question

    • Search for “shsh blobs” in the search box. We wrote a few articles about that before. It should answer all your questions.

  • One version of redsn0w does it all, great video tutorial. Definitely gonna share it with iPad jailbreakers!

  • lanzanie

    Great! it work at My iphone 4 IOS 4.3.5


    I just found out from iH8snow that MuscleNerd redsnow doesn’t really support iFaith Restored IOS and there’s a compartibilities issue here.
    – isuue1 : Fetching SHSH blogs from iFaith restored Idevices is not possible. Error fetching blogs!
    – issue 2 : Redsnow can’t install cydia well in iFaith restored IDevices (white cydia and can’t open )
    – If issue 1 is resolved then you can sent partial blogs to Cydia and this new version of Redsnow will be a perfect universal JB and restore tool for everyone else.

    I hope MuscleNerd rectify these problems.

  • Brad

    How can I backdate my firmware from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3, please help

  • Fabio

    It works with all devices beside ipad 2 and all firmware?

  • Joel

    When I tried it says ios 5 was not compatible. help please

  • I am a total novice at this and the entire iPhone world. I did everything and I think it worked, except when I try to open Cydia on my phone, it just flashes and it doesn’t open. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?