A recent university study shows that the iPad helps students succeed in school. Unsurprisingly, the research found that iPad-equipped students not only excel in everyday learning of material, but that students with iPads also do better on tests.

Unfortunately, research has still not discovered how an iPad can write your term paper for you…

Results from Abilene Christian University show that the iPad helps students learn more effectively.

The results were shared with TUAW:

“In one study, students who annotated text on their iPads scored 25% higher on questions regarding information transfer than their paper-based peers. In a separate project covering iPad usage patterns, two researchers studying ACU’s first all-digital class discovered that the iPad promotes “learning moments” and helps students make more efficient use of their time. Grad students working in an online program reported a 95% satisfaction rate for online iPad-based coursework. As far as the ACU studies are concerned, the iPad in education is a success story.”

Apple has touted the iPad as a learning tool in commercials and promotion materials, with a vibrant section of the App Store dedicated to educational apps that help students and teachers alike. Apple’s iWork productivity for iOS has also been lauded as a huge draw for students to compose documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the iPad.

The iPad’s long battery life and plethora of helpful reference and productivity apps make it the optimal companion for the busy college student.

We’re curious to hear how you’re using the iPad in school. Do you rely on the device daily for creating documents and completing assignments for school, or do you mostly use it for content consumption? What apps do you use? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Patrick

    I got the iPad just in time for the new school year and I have to say that I am impressed by iWork. Pages and Keynote have helped me so much writing stuff for different classes and my teachers think that all my work looks great. Even tho it’s what i write that matters, I know the appearance of the work i’ve done matters. It looks great

  • Renier

    In some of my classes we get a lot of teacher notes. While some students print everything
    ( almost 100 pages ) , i load everything on the ipad. Very easy to scroll through everything. At least im saving a few trees this way.

  • I feel that in reality it would pay itself over several times being able to not use ink in the case of printing and lets you take less time. When most people say time is money. You have the potential of saving a lot. Especially with iOS5 coming it means that syncing between devices would let you save a lot more time!

  • H

    I use my ipad primarily for textbooks.
    Being able to search the full text is immensely useful. (I love goodreader.)

  • Alex

    Or is an iPad the independent vairable, and being smart = coming from a good family = $$ = iPad.

  • Monkeyboy23

    @alex, I concur

  • davedxc

    I use my iPad 2 for everything. The Coursesmart app handles all my text books at a fraction of the cost of physical books. My eHP printer combined with the Evernote app is where I scan and upload all my notes/handouts directly to my iPad. Evernote peek quizzes me before tests, and iHomework takes care of all my assignment/reading/test planning. I don’t own a computer…just this magical device that does everything for me…my iPad.

  • r0cket1000

    I never thought I’d be using my iPad 2 for school.  I always wanted to type up my class lectures, since of course I can type 5x faster than what I can write. Although the on-screen keyboard is convenient when laying down on your couch/bed, it would not suffice typing up long lectures in class. That is of course, until I bought the Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard. It has then changed the way I take notes and organize my homework. I use Pages to write out reports on the go, CourseNotes to take lecture notes during class, iThoughtsHD to do brainstorming/Mind-mapping and iStudiez Pro to manage and neatly organize all my classes. There are much more apps I use to keep me organized throughout the semester. 

    Here is a screenshot of my current apps I use for school