With the holidays quickly approaching, you might find yourself scrambling for gift ideas. But what do you get for the person that has everything? How about a jacket that will allow them to carry everything?

Enter AyeGear, the must-have overcoat for the technology-laden traveler. Not only does the jacket protect you from the elements, it also houses 18 pockets that will hold everything from your iPad to your iPod touch…

The pockets vary in size and features to accommodate a wide range of gadgets. Some of them can be zipped closed, and some of them have touch-friendly windows to allow you to access touch screen devices without needing to remove them.

Joe White of AppAdvice saw the AyeGear in action at this year’s MyGreatFest convention:

“I saw an AyeGear in person yesterday, at MyGreatFest, and it’s impressive. First, you wouldn’t think it’s packed out with pockets or is housing iOS devices, because when I saw the jacket’s creator, he looked just like he was wearing any normal body-warmer. “

The jacket’s storage capabilities don’t stop with iDevices either. The AyeGear has a pocket big enough to store your MacBook Air, and there is even smaller compartments for things like cables and adapters.

While I like the idea of being able to leave the laptop bag at home, I can’t imagine walking around with several gadgets hanging from my jacket. But if the AyeGear appeals to you, you can snag one from its website for just under $100.

What do you think of the AyeGear?

  • I can’t wait to see someone wearing one of these on the street, what an easy way to steal $3,000 worth of electronics at once!

    • Craig

      lol +1, what a stupid idea this is.

    • Sonia

      what’s the difference between putting your electronics in a shoulder bag vs this vest? people running past me can easily snatch the bag off my shoulder if i am not wearing it messenger style. I haven’t seen someone so sophisticated that they rip your jacket off while they are running. If someone is going to jack you it doesn’t matter what your gear is in- don’t be stupid, just give it up

  • Their slogan should be “A thieft’s only wish” I wonder who would buy these bags and put all that in there? Wtf genius

  • David

    Anybody else know that the guy behind this is a Scottish Apple enthusiast who also has a popular YouTube channel. Just me? Bet I sound like a twat, but I don’t mean to come off as that, I’m seriously only wondering.

    • Sonia

      Yes, I am subscribed to him and have been since 2008. You don’t sound like a twat, you sound like you researched some stuff before dumping on his vest.

  • Brains530

    Wow how many of you carry all those things in a laptop bag? I’ll put my laptop with cables and my iPod and sometimes my phone all in one bag. Carrying it in a jacket would be a lot less conspicuous. I think that’s a less likely way to be robbed. Would I get it? No

    • Except the jacket is full of windows that show anybody who walks by EXACTLY what you have stashed in it.

      • Brains530

        Read the article. The quote specifically says the creator was wearing one and it looked like a normal jacket.

    • Sonia

      I love mine from scottevest…www.scottevest.com/v3_store/New_Travel_Vest_Women.shtml”

  • Sonia

    I have one from Scottevest (which is where he designed his from sorta) and you can’t tell what I am wearing unless you know what a scottevest is. It looks like a normal vest as long as you don’t overload it and make the pockets bulge.