In the interesting Korea Times article we mentioned earlier today, a Samsung executive was quoted in saying that the company was looking to ban all iPhone 5 sales in Korea once the new device launched.

He claimed that Samsung was going to take Apple to court over its violation of the company’s patents related to wireless technology. But thankfully, the senior level executive didn’t stop there with the information…

The source went on to say that Apple’s new smartphone will feature an LG display, an LG Innotek 8 megapixel camera, and an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip. The executive also confirmed it will make use of a Samsung-made A5 processor.

I’m pretty sure that violates some kind of non-disclosure or trade agreement, but we’re glad he did it. This is the second time in the last 5 days that NFC technology has been mentioned as an iPhone 5 feature.

Last week, The New York Times quoted an Apple employee as saying the upcoming smartphone would support the wireless payment platform. I don’t know about anyone else, but buying gas with my iTunes-connected iPhone sounds strange.

What do you think about NFC?

  • Dane

    I think people will be skeptical of using this at first. I mean how often do you ever see someone use the little flash credits cards that you just wave past the terminal.

    It makes a lot of sense being able to use your phone for payment though. If it could store your drivers license and health insurance card I would never need my wallet.

    • Tyler

      That’s very interesting… I never thought about a digital license but that would be pretty legit.

  • AppleBits

    Yea..just hope it’s never lost or stolen and you didn’t have some sort of security set up on it. With all the hacking going on these days….it’s troubling to me to consider doing any sort of banking via a mobile device. I’d like to hear other thoughts on that… ??

    • Owen

      Maybe thats why you can only spend a maximum of £15 per transaction using NFC?

      • AppleBits

        Oh, I did not know that it had limits. That would be a good move.

    • So, AppleBits, are you implying that my Driver’s License Credit Cards, and my Cash are safe and secure in my leather wallet??? Especially if it is either stolen or accidentally left behind?

      I think the convenience of having everything wrapped up in my iPhone would be very convenient. And of course I do have my password set, along with the 10 “wrong entry attempts to self-destruct”. This is much MORE secure than my cards and cash floating inside of my leather wallet.

      There is no “perfect” solution – because the iPhone could “crash” or the battery die, and I’d be stuck with no ability to make a payment (or even make an emergency call), whereas having my old fashioned credit cards or cash I’m pretty good if there is a power failure.

      There was the BookBook featured last month here on iDB, that was a fair compromise, since it held both your iPhone and also had room for your Driver’s License and a couple of credit cards.

      Will there ever be the all-in-one “perfect” solution???? Perhaps in Heaven (if you believe in it)…..

      – Eric

      • AppleBits

        @ Eric-lol no, not suggesting that at all!
        Wallets def get lost/stolen, too…and hacking is everywhere. No escaping any of that.
        I actually like the idea, I guess it’s just a new thing, takes some adjusting to…and some common sense. 😉
        I did see the Bookbook….almost bought one, still pondering it. I go to their website and want everything!! Haha
        Thanks for the reply. Like I said…just sort of a new concept to replace the routine.

      • Me

        If your password is set to only a 4 character PIN, I can crack it in under 20 minutes, even if you’ve enabled the setting where it wipes the phone after 10 wrong attempts.

        If you use the same PIN for your “Wallet” on the phone, it’s game over.

  • MALdito

    “Convenience” and “Innovation” is the guised advertisement given to potentially intrusive technology. I see that no good can come of this :-(.

    • David

      We have had NFC payments in Hong Kong for years. It’s called Octopus and works beautifully on public transport, in convenience stores and supermarkets, car parks, coffee shops (Inc. Starbucks) etc. It works beautifully and is very convenient. There’s a maximum amount you can keep on the card so losses are limited if you use it. It’s anonymous too, unless you choose to register for auto-replenish from your bank account, when of course you have to take more care.