Do you have what it takes to find exploits in iOS and create jailbreaks for millions of people to use around the world? Then you may be a perfect fit for the Chronic Dev Team.

The infamous group of hackers and security research consultants are looking for more talent, and all sights are set on the iPhone 5 and iOS 5 untethered jailbreak…

We’ve already told you about the Chronic Dev Team’s talk at JailbreakCon, formerly known as MyGreatFest. Chronic Dev frontman Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) also announced “Chronic-Dev LLC.” The team has become an official security research firm, and Joshua wants the Chronic Dev team to expand.

At JailbreakCon this past weekend, Joshua painted the scenario in which the Chronic Dev Team discovers “the next comex” that it can turn into “a hacking machine.”

Are you that hacking machine? If so, send your resume to

  • Eddie

    Better watch out for Apple trying to slip someone in there

    • Ben

      Lol. I was thinking exactly the same thing 😉

      • iamLuqman

        Me too…

      • iamLuqman

        Me tree, oh iMeant three

  • Jbravo

    Wish them the best. Btw, is shatter still work untethered on iOS 5? At least for i4? I remember shatter being unreleased due to limerain cover all iDevices, while shatter only for i4.

    • Bob

      SHAtter is a tethered exploit.

  • Djtothee

    APPLE staff are going to be applying for this to get on top of the jailbreaks so I do hope that the chronic dev team fall for that otherwise all of us jailbreak users will be screwed and have to stay on the old iOS because they are going to be closing them before the chronic dev team can release them, and everyone knows that this is what is going to happen apple are going to sly or get some outside people as spy’s in to it if they can


  • Haha I think that Chronic dev team is just going to be paying these people per exploit. The actual rxploits will just be being passed around by the original chronic dev team members.

  • John doe

    I’v hacked (for education purposes) many systems. Very well known in most of them. But if it doesent have an eeprom, smart card or crystals, I cant help you.