BiteSMS is without a doubt my favorite jailbreak app. I use it several times a day to write and read text messages. Up until now, you couldn’t run BiteSMS on a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 5 beta. But due to the overwhelming demand, the BiteSMS team has decided to release an iOS-compatible version of the app.

Because it is in its early beta development, you can expect BiteSMS to have quite a few bugs. However, the die hard BiteSMS fan that you are will most likely see past those issues and focus on the exciting new features…

In iOS 5, there is deep BiteSMS integration with Notification Center and iMessages. The Quick Compose and Quick Reply popups got a nice facelift, as you can see in the image above.

From the BiteSMS forums:

“Due to the overwhelming number of emails from users wanting to be private beta testers, we have decided to release this iOS 5 compliant version via a public beta repos.

This is a very early beta release, so at this stage please don’t email us bug reports as we most likely know about them. This is not a normal beta, it’s more that users running iOS 5 would no doubt prefer something as opposed to nothing!!!

Saying that, it’s a pretty stable release and we hope you like the new look Quick Compose and Quick Reply plus the deep integration with the Apple Notification Centre. Also iMessage works seamlessly inside biteSMS.”

To install this beta version of BiteSMS, you must be on iOS 5 beta and add the following source: Tools like RedSn0w can jailbreak the latest versions of the iOS 5 beta.

Note that you must do a tethered reboot after installing the app.

It sure is looking good, isn’t it?

  • Queo

    :wo0t: looks amazing. Damn you apple. Release the official iOS 5 already :p

  • keith

    when ios5 is finally realeased..will i be able to run the “official” firmware on my iphone 4??? with all the new features as if it were an phone 5???

    • Hendo27

      Yes you will. Seeing as how there is no iPhone 5 right now all of the features have been tested on the iPhone 4.

  • Woody dog

    Don’t have to do a tethered reboot on 3GS old boot with snowbreeze. Thank you bite. Bite and sbsettings are the main reason I jailbreak. The month with out bite was a long one.

  • Jay

    i have this installed but cant get it working right, im sure it needs the toggle turning on through SBSettings but SBSettings isnt compatible with iOS5 Beta 7 as far as i know 🙁

  • Usersean

    Why does it look nothing like the screenshot on my 3Gs..?

  • Huzz

    I’ve installed but doesn’t integrate with notification center.. New MSG Pops out in middle of t screen !

  • Adel

    Hey guys, is it me or have they removed the delivery reports from the settings of the application? :/

  • Cameron MacGregor

    anyone know where i can get it, the repo seams to be non existent? :S

  • please put back the HIDE CONTACT on the bitesms

  • activate HIDE CONTACTS feature

  • This is good for spam messages … return the HIDE CONTACTS feature