Good news if you’ve invested some of your hard earned (or not) money in Apple. The stock is currently skyrocketing. It reached its highest price in history today when it briefly traded at $411.50. At the time I am writing this, it is at $409.66 (a 2.3% increase from the last trading session) while the Nasdaq and Dow Jones are both down.

Is it too late to buy AAPL? I doubt it. With the iPhone 5 right around the corner, just in time for the holidays, something tells me that Apple’s stock is only going to get better…

Have you invested in Apple yet? If so, aren’t you glad you did?

  • Cool. I am going to buy some now

  • iPwn

    Payday!!!! Just netted a cool $25,000.00 for selling my APPL stock.

  • Ivan

    How do u buy apPle stocks?

  • Jasper

    Just bought 35 Apple Stocks, sell them next spring when the iPad 3 is out. Only hollydays and ipods and iPhones in between:)

  • AP

    I bought 150 shares @ $60 after its first split. I currently have 300 shares. Not a bad investment

  • simon

    Im only 13, and I made almost $1000 from Apple Stock alone! Pretty much all of my Bar Mitzvah money went into this investment, and it payed off. Best move I ever made.

    • kurt

      “Im only 13,… …Best move I ever made.” <—funny